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Hardcore backpacking: traveling from London to New Zealand/Fiji by land!

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posted on May, 3 2009 @ 07:10 AM
I been in that part of the world many times, ALWAYS flying.

Right now i am at a level where i am having difficulties with visas, and a fact tha you have to cash out nearly a 1000 pounds on a return ticket with Quantas.

FLying is obsolet, its old, its expensive, its dangerous (who knows what you want to be carrying with you and how can you be sure it wont be discovered by customs?
) And there bunch of other things which make ravelling by land more appealing than 747.

There are couple of other ways in which u can travel by land/sea.

Perhaps the best way is on board of a commerical freightship. It takes about a month to get there from europe, its fun - just load you bag with whatever you can find in A'dam
and live for a month in turbulent seas like a pirate! The only problem with this method is its going to cost you over 3000 pounds for a freight ship voyage! Even if i max out my blooming credit card i still wont have enough to pay for this #!! So, a more appropriate option would be to ask the crew if they need a extra pair of hands on board, like cooking, which i can do easily, or cleaning, cleaning # out of the toilet which is aint fun but what a man gotta do a man gotta do?

But the real CHALLANGE here is if you go to NZ all the way by LAND!

The problem with this method is that you have to cross one too many borders on nthe way there. And getting visas for all the countries to transit is just not do-able

So, you have to be cunning and think of a way around it.

I sincerely doubt you can hitch hike all the way to NZ. So under my estimates you have 4 choices:
1. Walk/run/hitch
2. Bycicle
3. Motor bike
4. Car

bycicle is seems also out of the question, you cant pedal your way down to opposite side of the world! Even cross country bike ride is a challanging, it would take about at least 6 month to a year i think to get there on a bike.

My personalk favourite is a Motor bike, buy a bike and ride it. It would be also easy to dodge border guards! Eaiser than in a car!

I am not sure how far i would get tho... i hear there some countries in the far east where white people are not even allowed!!!
ANd visas are still a problem. But, where there is a will there is a way, and travelling on a bike might be the greatest challange you ever do but it will be worth it because of all tyhe things you will experience in the months that you spend on the road.

ps. if anyone got any ideas on how to obtain visas quiclky post it here

posted on Jun, 30 2009 @ 03:49 AM
You can obtain Visa's fast and directly via the countries Embassy.

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