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synchronicity / coincidense - driving me to insanity

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posted on May, 6 2009 @ 10:39 PM

Originally posted by SoulOrb

Originally posted by JustMy2Cents
these "gods" in lab coats. Or maybe none of this is even real, a sick nitemare, a really bad dream. DAMN! Are my children even real?

Some people the concept of God and the bible is just what they need. For some people it is not what they need. When I was 14 my friend jumped off a bridge onto a road so he could meet God. I am so tired of this debate over God in people lives, and what it means. You cannot add the letter A to the number 10. They are not compatible, and are different systems.

Not trying to be smart A##, but you could write A10, it is called Alphanumeric, Base 36.

Hey Justmy2cents

When I was having my big thing with heavy Sinchronicity, I was in to this God thing, everything I did I was thinking of God, seem to help.
There is more to all this, but we are not give all the parts to puzzle, in straight foward manor.
But you had better believe in the higher power of Creator, you should be in total awe.
But if you have problem with this first you can try and denie that you exist, if that doesn't work you will probabliy need to go back to original plan.

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posted on May, 6 2009 @ 11:17 PM
reply to post by JustMy2Cents

Hello again JustMy2Cents, I'm pleased to see you are hanging in there.

You are really getting some good support and advice.

I am a new member, and although I have stumbled here to ATS on more than a few occasions when I've googled in my personal search for answers and deeper understanding of the phenomena that I have increasingly experienced over the last 4 - 5 years, it is only now that I seem to have grasped the message of what I feel I've been shown that I feel comfortable enough to interact with others.

I admire your honesty and your genuine struggle to get to the root of your experience.

Mine hasn't been based on numbers, just as well, as I'm not great at math in that way. However the stuff I've experienced is similar to yours nonetheless. You seeem to have dates that match mine.

Why did you dismiss Venus and 8th June, 04? And why are you so sure that it didn't happen? Have you looked at the possibility that you are being too literal in your percieved outcome?

I look forward to hearing more and am hoping that by opening things up for discussion, that you gain some positive insights as how to best proceed on your journey.

I understand how much of a grip this phenomena you are experiencing is having on your life. I think stepping back from it from time to time helps you to see things more clearly. Also, I eventually learned to "ask" for info from the communications i was experiencing in dreamstates.

And before anyone suggests that its just my subconcious mind, nope. I questioned my own imagination, but when I did, on one occasion I was shown a plane crash, quite destinctive details which I then mentioned to my family members, 12 days before it happened, also, The other stuff wasn't based on numbers but it is stuff that you can't make up. My family members were as baffled as I was. I've always had precognitive dreams, people who are close to me are used to it by now. I spent most of my life trying to ignore it, but things have gotten a lot stronger over the last few years, for loads of people, I suspect.

If I remember correctly, it was ATS where I was reading topics on dreams etc, that it first dawned on me that it might be astral/interdimensional travel. I was horrified. LOL

There, I feel as though I've just "come out"!

posted on May, 7 2009 @ 11:09 AM
reply to post by JustMy2Cents

I have had so many synchronicities in my life. But none of them were in dreams, some numbers, like the same numbers coming up all day 777, is one of them.
Most seem banal and trival, but when there is a big one it is really big. For instance my significant other and I worked near each other on the same corner, we never knew each other, then we both changed jobs..... across the street from each other. This is only a small part of our synchronicites, put it all together it is mind blowing.
I married a guy once because we had the same birthday(not the only reason lol) so I "thought" we were supposed to be together, if we were, it was hell for me.
I have tried to understand what synchronicities mean, I speculate that because we cannot see the puzzle they are pieces of that puzzle of our existence.
Together maybe we can solve the puzzle.

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posted on May, 7 2009 @ 01:02 PM
It's just a bunch of numbers.

I'm hearing other people and it's driven me insane.

Why do you think that some numbers have any kind of significance?

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posted on May, 7 2009 @ 01:19 PM

Originally posted by metta
But none of them were in dreams, some numbers, like the same numbers coming up all day 777, is one of them.

I once ran out of gas on a back road, in front of a house numbered 777. There were a bunch of friendly Christian people that lived inside, they came out and offered help but I told them they didn't need to bother, I had help on the way and I would be back on my way soon enough.

When my friend showed up and helped me, I took him out and bought him a hot dog at a little store I haven't been to since, and our combined total was $7.77, which I paid.

777 is a number that already had special significance to me as an "occult" number (an especially symbolic number, for example see Crowley's "Liber 777"), and in this context the meaning I associate with it came to life. It's a "less offensive" symbol of a deeper understanding of the world than 666, almost like the Jesus to 666's Satan. At least that's how I categorize the connotations of the number. And in my troubles I neither received the help that was offered me by the strangers, and I paid back my friend for his trouble in helping me (he lived right up the road anyway). The fact that the number 777 was also present twice during this experience carries meaning for me personally, a "meaningful coincidence" like Carl Jung always talked about when he coined the term "synchronicity."

posted on May, 7 2009 @ 07:47 PM

Originally posted by CrygSol
It's just a bunch of numbers.

I'm hearing other people and it's driven me insane.

Why do you think that some numbers have any kind of significance?

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This is just A STORY, but maybe it will express my point.

A little girl, on her 9th birthday, has a dream where she HEARS a cat talking to her; the cat SAYS something really cryptic to her, "tell mommy to beware the day of 9 ponds".
20 years passes, the little girl is a woman of 29 years of age, it's September 9th, 2009, and she's in the delivery room; the room number is 99, she gives birth to a 9 pound little girl, time of birth, 9am. She and her husband are happy as can be in the hospital with their first born child. The husband notices the coincidences of the 9's, they talk about it, but chalk it up to "weird but MEANINGLESS coincidense". The mom calls her daughter at the hospital, she's getting ready to end her work day, she tells her daughter she has to take BUS # 9 to get to the hospital, and she should be there in about a half hour. THE MOM NEVER MAKES IT TO THE HOSPITAL; THE BUS CRASHES !!!


Consider, you tell some one, "the SECRET KNOCK IS 3 hard knocks, pause, 3 soft knocks, pause, 3 more hard knocks". There's NOTHING significant about the number 3, but a person who knows the secret, will get through the door.

IMHO, numbers are not symbolic for anything. They have no MEANING. They only quantify something. However, used in the context of a COMMUNIQUE, paying attention to them MIGHT GET YOU THROUGH A DOOR

posted on May, 7 2009 @ 07:56 PM

Originally posted by maya27
I am a new member, and although I have stumbled here to ATS on more than a few occasions when I've googled in my personal search for answers and deeper understanding of the phenomena that I have increasingly experienced over the last 4 - 5 years

When I created the OP, I thought if I shared anything at all I would just be ridiculed. I had NO IDEA so many people were experiencing this, but more than that, EVERYONE that has replied, saying it is happening to them, whether they've replied here, or by U2U (and there have been quite a few), it seems EVERYONE of them/us has claimed that these experiences started bewteen 4 to 5 years ago. I FIND THAT VERY INTERESTING !!!

Perhaps the different experiences themselves are not as important as what we apparently have in common, THE TIME FRAME. If something is up, it seems the beginning of it was 4 to 5 years ago.

Note: I have not come by anyone that has said, "well, it was happening to me 10 years ago, but it stopped about 5 years ago".

posted on May, 7 2009 @ 09:51 PM
reply to post by JustMy2Cents

EXACTLY! Thats why I asked you why you had dismissed the Venus Transit. It has got a lot to do with it. Definately in my case. I say this from MY OWN findings/experiences, not from any lightworker stuff that I've come across recently while trying to find answers.

I was interested in your recounting the time when you were making love to your wife, when you are convinced your daughter was concieved?

I would like to chat privately with you, but you've probably got a lot of people communicating with you right now. Also, I need to make more posts before I earn the privelage to u2u cos I'm a newbie here.

posted on May, 7 2009 @ 09:54 PM
reply to post by JustMy2Cents

When i examined the sequence of events , i noticed that a very traumatic experience begun this whole process for you. . .....

Originally posted by JustMy2Cents

When my daughter was born, no life after death became a huge problem for me to live with.


I spent MANY showers crying uncontrollably at the vision of my daughter's unescapable end. I couldn't bare it ...

Then it happened ...

June 2002, it seemed "God", and more specifically, the "christian God", responded to little-ol me.

I EASILY spent over 8 hours per day studying prophecy and history.

This all begins with you, a loving father, unable to bear the thought , that death will eventually overtake your daughter .

I get a lump in my throat at the thought of losing those close to me also ........ but it will happen.

You cannot control it .......

an OUTSIDE manipulator CAUSED the events.

specifically, the "christian God"

........ eternal life & resurrection .


I EASILY spent over 8 hours per day studying prophecy and history.

Math is EVERYTHING. It is simply impossible to like MATH too much !

Your long hours and mathematical prowess are what set you apart from the casual observer of this phenomenon . The patterns are there , but the meanings you ascribed to them are in hindsight.

Whilst you pursue this trail of breadcrumbs , your daughter is missing out on experiencing life with her dad. Instead of watching you grow more & more anxious pouring over the data, looking for meaning ..... find meaning in what you hold within your grasp ,what you can exercise control over.

IMHO your quest for an elusive all encompassing truth ...... will lead you even further into despair .


I realise these words run contrary to pretty much every other contribution , but i`m willing to risk the flaming .
Its all well and good to chime in with personal anecdotes but i honestly think this is having an adverse effect on your mental health and subsequent family life.
The advice you should seek, in my humble opinion, is not that of a conspiratorial website , but someone in the medical profession.

Please forgive me if i have seemed blunt .
I sincerely wish you well.


posted on May, 7 2009 @ 10:39 PM
I have dreams, almost everynight. some are very abstract at the time. abstract enough that I will tell someone i know. but since its just a dream story they forget about it.


it pisses me off because the dream will come true about 3-5 months later and i'll be all excited, "REMEMBER THAT DREAM I HAD?! The one I told you about?!" ""


most of the time the dreams are places Ive never been, or moments in time that could only happen once. Like one ive had recently, was me getting rejected by this woman, through e-mail, although she never uses her e-mail. so im going to say a text msg.

its not so much a full dream, well it was at the time. but all i remember is snapshots - like if you were watching a movie and took snapshots of a 5-10 minute period in the movie at 25 second intervals.

they are usually 100% correct, but that could be - because I dont remember the dreams passed 1 month but come to realization when it happens. so maybe hte ones that dont come true, i just dont happen to remember, but if i do remember them -----oh no ive gone cross eye'd

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posted on May, 8 2009 @ 06:30 AM

Originally posted by maya27

EXACTLY! Thats why I asked you why you had dismissed the Venus Transit.

Because 1335 days have passed.
June 20th of this year will mark the 1335th day from the 2005 Jupiter transit. I'm NOT expecting anything to happen, and I've told myself that after THAT day, I will forever be FREE of all of this, knowing, WITHOUT ANY DOUBT, that it is ALL falsehoods !

Originally posted by maya27
I was interested in your recounting the time when you were making love to your wife, when you are convinced your daughter was concieved?

Prior to my first child, I did NOT want children. Meaning, up until the very moment of her birth, I had no attachment to "a lump" in my wife's stomach; so I did not think of 11/12/1997 as the date of my daughter's conception until AFTER she was born; because that is when I realized that the MYSTERIOUSLY POWERFUL AND OVERWHELMING FEELING OF LOVE felt that day HAD TO BE my princess coming into existence. Also, my dughter was born 8/11/1998, I did the math, 39 weeks exactly. It just makes sense to me that THAT UNDESCRIBEABLE EXPERIENCE simply had to be what I believe it to be

Originally posted by maya27
I would like to chat privately with you, but you've probably got a lot of people communicating with you right now. Also, I need to make more posts before I earn the privelage to u2u cos I'm a newbie here.

I'll be waiting for your U2U.

posted on May, 8 2009 @ 08:35 AM
reply to post by UmbraSumus

Good reply Umbra...

Trauma often causes a person to step into a higher awareness.

I believe that during a traumatic event such as war or a very violent act toward you or toward one you love will often "light" up your awareness toward levals that the individual has never used or "awakened"

The thing is once you awaken those other areas of consciousness you will end up teaching it to your children. Some of your kids will catch on and they will teach abd befriend others who are aware of the same things.

Just like those monkeys over in Japan who all wash thier food before they eat it in the ocean.

The alpha female began washing the sand off of her food in the ocean and she has taught the whole tribe.

Also very good point concerning spending time with ones you love as time is short.

posted on May, 8 2009 @ 11:32 AM
714 is number I have been seeing alot of lately.
Saw it one day told friends it was coming on lotto that night, most did not believe the ones that did were winners.
Binary base 2=1011001010
octal base 8= 1312
hexadecimal base 16=2CA
Alphanumeric base 36=JU


Makes no sence to me

In base 1 777=11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 1111111111111111 and so on till you have 777 ones would be hard to do math that way, must of been way cave man did it.

posted on May, 8 2009 @ 04:41 PM
reply to post by UmbraSumus

We are certainly in transitional times, that is surely undeniable. And, outside of the whole debate about whether mankind is on the verge of extinction, or our DNA is being activated by cosmic forces, or both.

What seems obvious is that finally there's a coming together of academic/scientific and the more esoteric/spiritual (left & right brain )thought processes. Much of the alienation has been due to the extremes of polarity of how people have been percieving their human experience and "reality" as separate.

We are , all living beings, human, animal and plant, all inter-depentant. Fact!

Yes there are people suffering from varying degrees of delusions and mental health conditions (including many of our "world leaders"). I'm not sugesting that is not a consideration in many instances. And we could write a book on different societies perceptions of what the norms or devient behaviour are within individual cultures.

However, instantly dismissing every experience that falls outside of the peramiters of "conventional Western Societies" particular set of NORMS will, IMHO, do nothing to bridge the gap and afford us the opportunity to finally grasp a healthier understanding of the possibilities and true experience of our being.

Although I am a fairly open-minded, in the past, I will admit to occasionally making "judgement calls and shrugging others experiences off as over active imagination, or delusional. Even though I have had some precognitive ability from early childhood. I supressed and ignored it.
I also tried to intelectualize my own and others experiences. (my subjects are/were (psychology, Philosophy, Anthropology & Sociology).

In retrospect, maybe I would have been better to have picked Quantum Physics instead!

posted on May, 8 2009 @ 04:44 PM
reply to post by JustMy2Cents

Look forward to chatting with you, hopefully soon.

posted on May, 8 2009 @ 07:20 PM
reply to post by maya27

You raise some very good points.

I was just weighing up the cost to family-life, work and to (my2cents) himself ,in his quest for meaning.
It is a severe price to pay, but hey,what do i know it might pay off ........only my2cents can answer whether its worth the risk .
And it wasn`t by playing it safe that our species advanced out of Africa , crossed uncharted oceans or walked the moon .

Perhaps over time, my mind has become a lot more protective of my particular "narrative " ...... but as you say, these are interesting times ... i`m sure the plot will thicken.

See you around maya27

posted on May, 8 2009 @ 08:18 PM
reply to post by UmbraSumus

Hi there, Yes it is true that anyone should try to keep some balance between family and all other aspects of their lives. I agree with you there.

I have a few friends who are artists and very dedicated too, sometimes they become so caught up in their work and withdraw so deeply that when you do see them socially, all they want to do is talk about their work or get back to their work. And their personal hygene slips too! LOL

Before I experienced similar stuff, I would have possible said something along the same lines.

At first I was double checking stuff and pointing things out to my kids, cos I seriously thought I was imagining things.

Fortunately for me, these "coincidences" are based on stuff I couldn't make up and my family know to be true. Regarding the "dreams & Info" I recieve, It usually turns up on the news, or transpires in our lives within a few weeks to months. Otherwise I would be really sick with it by now.

posted on Aug, 8 2009 @ 05:25 AM
Today seemed to be a decent day of synchronicity for myself. What about others?

Things today: digital clock numbers, doubles and triples. ie: 1:01, 1:33, that sort of thing. And my 'favorite' 1:37 showed up too. I made it a point to not pay attention to the time until felt I had to look, not being even able to guess approx what time it was. (8:55 on the time dial, and 5.00 on the taxi meter, outside of 777 kings blvd. ect.)

13, 11, 9, 6, 3 have been common, but doubles and triples of normal numbers (ie: 11:44)

Of course, the one that makes me smile the most, having intense thoughts and conversations in my head, to find conclusions to questions being spoken by others.

And one of my favorite games, the 'guess the song' on the radio game. As well as 'ask a question' tune in game.

Anybody else?

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