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AGW Smoking Gun? NYT gets AGW marketing strategy memo: Stop using 'global warming'!

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posted on May, 10 2009 @ 08:29 PM

Originally posted by Long Lance
reply to post by jdub297

it's all about wagging the dog.

Funny, I'd watched a Dustin Hoffman movie recently and was just discussing "Wag the Dog" in the same context!

So many issues are driven by hype that they become the hype for another agenda and the issue becomes secondary.


posted on May, 16 2009 @ 11:57 PM
reply to post by jimmyx

Originally posted by jimmyx
the reason they want to change it is because...people think when you say global warming...THAT THE WHOLE WORLD GETS HOTTER!!!...WRONG!!! global warming refers to an increase in temperture because of the amount of CO2 increase in the atmosphere, which raises the temperture slightly, but affects the SEVERITY OF WEATHER OVER TIME!!! if people would actually read the reports (obviously not done), it spells it out for you.

if you have no snow on top of mt kiliminjaro in africa, and have inches of snow in florida, that's the result of global warming...if you have the melting of the artic ocean at the north pole while you have more snow at the south pole, that's global warming.

So natural climate variation and small scale weather variation, is now termed "Global Warming"?
The IPCC Synthesis reports state that there is no clear trend in the number of tropical cyclones. Yet they say there is "observational evidence" and "suggestions" of increased intense cyclone activity. To the uneducated observer, they might think "wow, global warming is actually making weather more severe. OMG".

But think about this. For a cyclone to be considered severe, it need's to do more damage to property. Now what happens when more and more people decide to move to coastal sections with a nice view of the beach, that just so happens to be in an area prone to cyclone activity? There you go, the cyclones are now more intense.
What happens when you get better storm detection systems and tracking equipment? More severe storms and tornadoes.
No snow on Mt Kilamanjaro due to CO2? Did you know that deforestation reduces precipitation (less snow)?
As for increased heat waves. What do you expect when every year, more and more people flock to city "heat islands"? More people effected by heat waves.
Some people seem to blame more intense forest fires on global warming. What about the fact that the smaller natural burns now get extinguished, leaving the dry undergrowth to build up over time and dry further, giving more fuel to a more severe fire?

Basically, the evidence of increased severity of weather due to CO2 is unsubstantial at best. The climate is not constant. Never has been. Especially, localised weather variations have always occured. But certain people and organizations see this as a grand opportunity to profit and gain power. NWO advocates will be pleased to have the world unite under the religion of "global war... climate change", with preachers such as Al Gore and James Hansen. They'll be happy to collect your taxes and impose their legislation (even if it doesn't actually reduce emissions). And the sheeple will happily accept it, due to good marketing and emotional blackmail... unless more people see through the propaganda of AGW alarmists and decide to interpret all the information at hand.

Good Luck

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