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The Jesse Long abductions

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posted on May, 2 2009 @ 06:34 PM
Hi all,

I read about a repeated abduction case I'd never heard about on a thread here today and having done a pretty reasonable search I can't really find a central point of information or area to discuss it hence this thread.

As it currently stands the only threads here that even mentioning any part of the Jesse Long case are the My problem with Alien Implants thread, the Five of The Most Solid Abduction Accounts thread and the Forum Topic List and now I'm sure this one.

The only 'real' evidence I've found is a 10 minute YouTube clip from the NBC documentary 'Confirmation' originally broadcast February 17, 1999.

To reiterate the story of the video (without the drama) he lived in Rogersville Tennesse and when he was 5 years old in 1957 he and his brother John were playing on the hill behind their house when they came across a 'round house' being built. They hid in some bushes when a tall figure with a handheld light stick flashed it at them and they were paralysed. After that he remembers nothing more of the event.

Then years later during some hypnosis sessions (one of which was supposedly filmed on February 23rd 1991) he recalls that he and his brother were separated and he was placed flat on a table. Some sort of operation was performed on his legs. He recalls that an alien implant was inserted into his left shin. It was in his body for 34 years causing him some sort of pain until 1991 when he had it removed from his leg.

The object to the naked eye looked like a shard of glass. During initial tests it snapped into 2 pieces. Research from the South West Research Institute supposedly revealed that the object "...revealed a very remarkable composition..." and exhibited "...unique surfaces characteristics that cannot be explained..." and that "The questions outnumbered the answers".

Jesse then goes on to tell how he was further abducted over the years. He recalls that a 'sperm extraction' was performed on him and some sort of forced 'cross breeding' with what he supposes was a female being.

Some childlike 'aliens' also touched him on the hand on their way out of the room and gave him the message of "We're Okay, thank you".

And that's all I can find by way of 'evidence' for this case.

Below I'll put some conjecture out there but if anyone has any factual information they'd like to add to this case I'd appreciate it.

Theories are always welcome too, but let's keep what's provable separate from what's not.


posted on May, 2 2009 @ 06:34 PM
I found a webpage (with another YouTube video which has since been removed due to a violation of terms and conditions). On that page there are comments, most notably someone claiming to be Jesse Long (4th comment) and someone who claims to have worked with Jesse Long in the past (6th comment). Here they are below.

Hello, I'm Jesse Long mentioned in the video on this site. I think this is a great opportunity for people to openly discuss the strange phenomenom known as alien abductions. My only comment would be that the only person on this video who ever PERSONALLY talked to me was Whitley and I find it interesting that others can "diagnose" me without ever having spoken to me. Perhaps they "know" what I feel through telepathy? Go figure. Thanks.

JesseLong 6/25/2008 5:22:03 PM

Hello, I recently stumbled across information concerning Jesse Long's abductions. I have worked as a stuntman in the entertainment business most of my adult life. Jesse was one of the people that I had worked with on a regular basis, he worked as a script supervisor. Anyone that will suggest that he is mentally unstable is terribly mistaken. Mr. Long was never a person that would boast about things or look for attention. He got along well with everyone and was always respectful towards others. In my opinion, Jesse was a great conversationist and well liked. If I was to believe any story of abduction - it will be his, because I knew the man, and his carachter. Jesse never spoke of his abduction to me until the implant was removed from his leg, only then did he speak of his abduction experiences. Something is happening out there - Who are we to make judgements about someone else's sanity? Tell me that you have never experienced something that is not "normal", at least as we are made to believe by the society that we are part of. I would have a tendancy to believe Jesse, before I would believe our government, or another man's opinion. Kind regards Jesse!

Anonymous 11/22/2008 4:41:25 PM

Now if the Jessie Long in the video is indeed a script supervisor then this would be his IMdb page, which is filled with, in my opinion, B-movies.

Suppressed memories guiding him into a world of fantasy or an idea that sprung up from noticing how much money could be made?

L. Ron Hubbard II?

If this is the same Jesse Long from the 'Confirmation' documentary then he would have been around 25 when he got his first job in Incoming Freshmen (released 1979, but shot at least a year earlier and probably scripted before that
). So it does tie in with his being 5 in 1957

Again if anyone has any further knowledge on this I'd greatly appreciate it.


posted on May, 5 2009 @ 11:17 AM
wrong thread

[edit on 5-5-2009 by platosallegory]

posted on May, 12 2009 @ 05:49 PM
Well thanks to the newly released Google search Options I've managed to uncover a tiny bit more from this 'case'.

There was a bit of banter about this 10 years ago due to Jesse's appearing on Rosanne Barr's 10:00 a.m, February 24 1999 show from Brother Blue aka: Donald Waldrop. I wouldn't mind it if anyone has a copy of this as seeing Jesse and those involved around him out of 'serious documentary interview' mode might help me form a better opinion.

There was a odd stink kicked up 12 years ago during an episode of a program called "Strange Universe". Just after the January 12th 1997 showing a Don Robertson, who has some standing in the UFO community, sent an email off to newsgroup subscribers stating how unhappy he was with how the show presented their argument. To quote just a little

The edited, final short segment completely misrepresented the facts, omitting pertainent pictures and data included in the original taping.

This show had nothing to do with the Jesse Long case, but during his email he describes how they'd treated Hypnotherapist Yvonne Smith and her cases, including Jesse Long, poorly the week before.

On April 14th of 1997 they had Jesse Long and a few other close encounter witnesses view the now infamous tape of an alien interview at Area 51 with poor reviews by newsgroup subscribers.

This really is everything I can find on the case that could be perceived as 'evidence'. Does anyone have anything else they could bring to the table in order to substantiate or debunk this case?

Thanks in advance.


posted on May, 12 2009 @ 05:57 PM
I was abducted and implanted in the same leg as Jesse and there are other similarities,why are you so interested,do you also have commonalities?

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