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Ufo in Rome - 6-7 April 2009

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posted on May, 2 2009 @ 05:08 PM
hello guys. This is a recent video about a series of sigthings happened between 6 and 7 april in Rome.

1st one in Saxa Rubra (Rome) on 6 april (the photo shown at the start).

After reporting about it another group of guys contacted "L'Unico" to tell they shooted a video with some ufos appreared the day after, on 7 April in another place, in Rome called "La Balduina". (very close to saxa rubra aroun 8km)

The guy said there were almost 50 lights in the sky, flying in formation. then they formed a line and disappeared. Also at the end of the video there is an inverted version of it showing the light's sources.

Do not know if somebody already posted. Just in case you can delete the thread.

edit: just found the video of the other one the day before:

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