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Swine flu, contaminated mouthwash & mexican debt

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posted on May, 2 2009 @ 05:12 AM
As soon as I heard about this swine flu I knew it wasn't a natural pandemic, I honestly believe this has been lab produced for some specific reason, there are a number of ways this could be played out. Some of the theories I have read / agree could happen are;

1 - This is being hyped up to make us all forget about the recession and when they suddenly need to raise taxes or introduce some new fund to pay for vaccines and medical equipment etc the general public will be all for it because they will be so afraid of contracting the virus they will have no objection to funding things to fight it. This also applies for heightened security / surveillance(and people inadvertantly getting the chip).

2 - The vaccine is a poison (as mentioned numerous times on here) that will actually make people really ill and/ or kill people rather then protect them, which is part of some plot to de-populate the world / control it. The link below is about a new nasal vaccine that was developed whose target market was the young (2-49yr olds) and this swine flu is supposedly killing mainly healthy young people, if you read through the link (which is from 2008) you'll note that this nasal vaccine has the H1N1 live virus in it as does regular vaccines but the nasal one is specifically targeted at younger people;

Nasal flu vaccine

I believe the nasal vaccine has been in circulation for a number of years, which means it could be some sort of dormant virus that is re-awakened by another virus so that what people are actually catching is just some manufactured strain of weak flu/virus but because of the vaccine(containing H1N1) they already have it develops into a potentially deadly mutant strain of flu. This may explain why someone in Spain has swine flu when they haven't been to mexico recently! (link to this info - No contact case).

3 - Similar to number 2 but just that the swine flu is the de-populator and the vaccine / anti-viral drugs are going to make certain drug companies very very rich.

4 - This is all to start another war, I'm going to go out on a whim and say that they will trace the flu virus back to some 'terrorist' lab in another country, most likely either Korea (based on the fact they have alot of nuclear weapons), china (if the west controls china think how much money they'll make) or somewhere in the middle east. So if the swine flu breaks out in say china, think how fast it will spread in such an overpopulated country, people will be ill / weak coupled with the mass deaths and the sudden finding that it was china that released the disease they would be the new target for war / control(this could easily apply to any country the goverment(s) want to go to war with/control).

Some things I've found whilst just looking around and reading the news are that the world bank have promised $205 million to mexico because of the outbreak. What does 'the world bank' want in return? and who owns/controls the world bank?(Well I know who the directors are etc but still looking into who they represent/have shares in). I suspect it could be a means to control mexico(and anywhere else that will be given huge loans for medical aid) because they'll be in so much debt they'll need to be bailed out and by doing this will perhaps be forced into becoming part of the US(or whoever bails them out) or at the very least agree to certain conditions if bailed out.

World bank 'aid'

Also whilst on the subject of debt / loans Mexico was part of some new type of flexible credit line with the IMF for $47billion...yes that's right 47 BILLION I had to read it twice, honestly what on earth is that about!!! Where is all of this money supposed to be coming from!!! Info in the next post;

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posted on May, 2 2009 @ 05:13 AM
47 billion FCL

2 things I find interesting are firstly the dates, this type of agreement was first created (march 24th, same month the flu apparently started) and the mexico FCL was agreed on 17th April. Secondly the fact that they won't be drawing on it but it will prove useful for 'crisis prevention purposes'...not long after swine flu was confirmed, perhaps this was some sort of payoff for allowing the release of a disease in that country for whatever purpose(most likely to destroy the economy).

an interesting quote from that site is;

the arrangement under the FCL, provides assurance that Mexico is in a very strong position to manage any potential risks and pressures in the event that the global situation were to deteriorate further

...ah but what if mexico itself where to cause the deterioration of the global situation? what then? hmmm....interesting.

I also found that the Santander group have shareholders in Mexico, Spain(well it is a spanish bank), US, Canada, Portugal as well as recently taking over Abbey national and Alliance & Leicester in the UK, all but Portugal have cases of swine flu which makes me think they are involved, perhaps funding the drugs or vaccines therefore profiting from the outbreak but that could just be me reading too much into it.

Other things I've been looking into to try and find out more about this includes the recent mouthwash contamination in the UK;

Contaminated mouthwash

The same thing which happened in the US in 2005;

Contaminated mouthwash US

both cases of contamination cause respiratory infections, I'm probably looking way too much into this but the company responsible for the 2005 US contamination produce something that are very much in demand now..facemasks! I only looked into the mouthwash thing because I remembered it yesterday after gargling and thought perhaps it might show something interesting.

I also came across the anti bacterial / anti-fungal agent Hexetidine which is used in mouthwash, the pharmaceutical company Pfizer produce a mouthwash containing it. Hexetidine is used in both veterinary & human medicines, think I was going way off the mark with that though, I did have an intense headache at the time so I was probably going off on a tangent with the mouthwash / hexetidine thing but thought I'd mention it anyway. although saying that I found this page on the pfizer site about influenza vaccine / medicines & a 'novel DNA vaccine technology';

Pfizer DNA vaccine

This is just half hearted research I've done whilst I've been really ill lately(hey maybe I have swine flu!), I think the next few weeks will determine which way this is going to sway, whether it will be a serious pandemic or if it's just another overblown avian flu media circus, one things for sure I'm NOT having any form of flu vaccine or anti-viral!!

posted on May, 2 2009 @ 05:47 AM
reply to post by Kyazl
T & F - Excellent post.

Number 4 sent chills down my spine and made the hairs on the back of my neck raise.

David Icke said it best: Problem - Reaction - Solution.

posted on May, 2 2009 @ 06:02 AM
reply to post by Kyazl

Ya! Great toughts!

Since yesterday, I'm starting to have similar thoughts now, that this could be a man-made sinister plot in some way.

I would love to see some real facts pointing in that direction soon!

posted on May, 2 2009 @ 07:41 AM
My first suspicion was the warning released by Mexico to,
It was days later that MSM and local news began reporting CDC reports and news, conferences and planning were considered, but all of the coincidentals such as Obama shaking hands with a Mexican liason who purportedly died the following day.

Another fact is the projected increase in sales/production from the flu medication tamiflu. even though Japan has reflected apparent psychotic or delusional behavior ending in suicides by many shortly after ingesting the tamiflu.

Then, as the level of the outbreak drives the pandemic scale to the brink of total, global, en masse

A five out of six where six is the 1918 or worse stage, yet whether the mortality rate is actually above the yearly norm for flu or secondary complications such as pneumonia, the pandemic vaccine -pharma will profit with absolute certainty no matter a if there are massive or normal numbers of death.

Can you imagine , if accurate in an article I browsed, $100 per dose and even if only 20-25% of the population had this concoction available, good or bad, that would still be like a billion doses.

That is a haul even the AIG's, banks, and marketeers would raise eyebrows in envy of.

In the meantime, we will be soliceted again yo use more tax money to pay for the vaccines due to the urgency and cost.

The scientists who manipulated the 1918 strain into a cross breed infrcting agent are, IMHO, indeed mad. Mad scientists of the most sinister nature.

They believe they are doing great research and could benefit all of mankind.
They are like evil kneivels of science. Desperately drunk in the intoxicant of their research and the perverted arrousal manifest of it's nature.

They desire God status and harbor complexes of this and other orders.

They are treading on egg shells (no pun intended) which is a matter of possible life enhancing good to some day come of it or, the power held by these charactors that they could cause the extinction of man.

This makes them nothing other than addicts of this all encimpassing power and the effects of this and the deciphering of the flus and pathogens that attack humans, animals or both.

Lastly, has anyone read about the Automation Federation of late?

It seems that they and Congress are getting excited all of a sudden.

Check out current news links. The first two are from April 27.
ISA100 Votes to Approve First Standard in Industrial Wireless Series

The ISA100 Standards Committee on Wireless Systems for Automation has voted to approve a major new industry standard, ISA100.11a, "Wireless Systems for Industrial Automation: Process Control and Related Applications." The approval, by 81% of the voting members of the committee including 23 of the 24 end user members, follows two rounds of balloting and refinements to the document to reflect the excellent suggestions received from many interested parties

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Selects the Automation Federation Director of Government Relations to Business LEADs Network

The Automation Federation Director of Government Relations, Michael Marlowe, CNM, has been selected to be a member of the Business LEADs Network for the Institute for a Competitive Workforce (ICW) at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

And from April 30,
Automation Competency Model is First Complete U.S. DOL Produced Competency Model

Steve Huffman, chairman of the Automation Federation government relations committee, led the dedicated group of seventeen assembled Automation Federation and DOL representatives through a day of nonstop work to complete the upper Competency Tiers of the Model. Staff from the Department of Labor is working to finalize the work of this group

I mean..What the *&@#$ is going on?

They talk of our power grid a disaster waiting to happen, yet they are going crazy.

They are working with the DOL on this one.
what has this hard work accomplished?

They completed a Competency Model - Probably a first draft -
High 5's around...Pop the champagne

I find this Automation Federation a bit suspect in it's mission statement.
If anyone wants to look for their mission statement, go to their website.

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