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Oh you, the beautiful, witnesses of the wonderful death!

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posted on May, 2 2009 @ 04:54 AM
"Same song, just remixed, different arrangement
Put you on a yacht but they won't call it a slaveship
Strangeness, you don't control this, you barely hold this
Screamin brand new, when they just sanitized the old *hit
Suppose it's, just another clever Jedi mind trick
That they been runnin across stars through all of time with..."

"I Didn't Know You Kept Track I Didn't Know There Was A Score
Well It Looks Like Your The Winner And I Aint Gonna Play No More "

and you expect something NEW?
don't you...

So predictable in your insolence, see?
its not new

Since the start of time began
there are those who've chased
and those who've ran...

And its just fine to pretend you care
takes more than one person
to decide just what is fair...

Wouldn't you agree?


Welcome to the world which you're so keen
to recognize
though years must pass until its seen
my ears eagerly await
a sound oh so dear...

Ha ha..

It is in the following categories of newspapers that the most powerful levers of my power would be found. Here the official or unofficial tone would be completely lost -- in appearance, of course -- because the newspapers of which I speak would all be attached by the same chain to my government: a visible chain for some; an invisible one to others. I would not undertake to tell you what would be their number, because I would assign a dedicated organ to each opinion, in each party; I would have an aristocratic organ in the aristocratic party, a republican organ in the republican party, a revolutionary organ in the revolutionary party, an anarchist organ -- if need be -- in the anarchist party. Like the God Vishnu, my press would have a hundred arms and these arms would place their hands upon all the nuances of opinion throughout the entire country.

"If the damned gave you a road map - then you'd know just where to go"

You all know just what I say
If I may...
Everything that comes to this
I accept in total utter bliss
from manufactured ignorance
to uprising potential intelligence

its wonderful

you can see this...

"For every venom that came out...


[edit on 2-5-2009 by illusionincarnate]

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