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Clear UFO Caught on Camera During Comedy Skit

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posted on May, 1 2009 @ 11:19 PM
I was watching this funny video on YouTube and during a part of it, it looks like there is a UFO in the sky. It also seems to be moving. Though it isn't the main point of the film, so the person recording it doesn't make a big deal out of it or seem to notice it much.

What do you guys think? Skip to 2:15 and watch from then on. You will see it in the sky for about 10 seconds?

posted on May, 1 2009 @ 11:44 PM
I don't buy it.

For the first part your new, and after the whole FARK website i'm overly suspicious of any video of supposed UFO's.

Second, well it's just not really, someone else will come in and explain it better.


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posted on May, 1 2009 @ 11:47 PM
reply to post by VEPOV

Are you talking about this thing next to his ear?

posted on May, 1 2009 @ 11:49 PM
yeah there is something there but whatever it is, it is man made, it has a flashing light on top, like the sort aircraft have so other aircraft can see them, or like at the top of a tall building / tower.

posted on May, 2 2009 @ 12:00 AM
yea that thing by his ear does move as u can see it over the top of the building to the left a few seconds later.

but i have no clue as to if its CGI or not.

posted on May, 2 2009 @ 12:04 AM
You guys might wanna take a look at this guy's youtube page. He specializes in prank and viral videos.

posted on May, 2 2009 @ 12:23 AM
There is a very remote possibility that it may in fact be the Polaris Lounge, smack in the middle of beautiful downtown Atlanta. A few blocks from the Marriott (visible in the video).

It doesn't move, the camera does.

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posted on May, 2 2009 @ 12:26 AM
Space needle much?
C'mon people? Seriously.

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