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Gold Cops Comin'

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posted on May, 1 2009 @ 09:13 PM
It's like this: We didn't want to have to take your gold again, but the SDR is so much better than actual gold because it's controlled by a rational, central group.

What you don't understand is that the free market needs stability and all this private gold being horded is not going to provide us the stability we need for, well, Order. In fact this is why we had our guys (and The Maestro Himself) tell you that gold was the only real currency. We did this so you'd be easier to rob.

But soon comes the time when we are sorry to have to take your gold and give you paper, again.

We expect you to die clutching your gold but that won't stop us from rolling your corpse over, taking it and washing the blood off. Or maybe we'll make the process quicker and just toss both you and your family into the smelter. You are, after all, a bourgeois materialist.

We know you thought gold would make you safe and enable you to hold onto your wealth, but it's just too unstable and there is hording, so we'll be taking it back. You'll get SDRs instead or derivatives of same.

Humanity will be better without the idea of 'precious metal'. The sicknesses of the past, have been washed away.

Ha ha, just kidding.

posted on May, 2 2009 @ 06:16 PM
Wonder what would happen in that scenario if you managed to evade the "gold cops" and then tried to sell your hunk o' metal two or three years later. Would there be a thriving black market in the stuff, or would people be leery about buying it because illegal posession would be considered too dangerous? Perhaps a mixture of both attitudes, as with the narcotics market.

posted on May, 2 2009 @ 06:44 PM

Originally posted by silent thunder
Wonder what would happen in that scenario if you managed to evade the "gold cops" and then tried to sell your hunk o' metal two or three years later. Would there be a thriving black market in the stuff, or would people be leery about buying it because illegal posession would be considered too dangerous? Perhaps a mixture of both attitudes, as with the narcotics market.

Excellent and perceptive question silent thunder.

The question in reality is, "Is the gold market controlled?" I am no expert, but I'd have to say that the market for the BELIEF that gold has value, is ancient and otherworldly. Most Earthlings have little use for gold as it doesn't fill the belly, but the suspension of the idea of gold as a mutable, coinable hard-to-counterfeit currency, seems to be very ancient indeed.

I am think of the Kings who wrote to Amenhotep III and said that gold was :like dust" in Egypt. Yet skeletal evidence shows that people of that time had generally poor bone density and suffered periods of drought and disease. So what is factual is that in 1360 bc, the leaders of the middle east cared about gold and girls. That much is factual. The people, however, were generally happy to have food in their bellies. I am not sure much has changed, though many today feel that holding gold makes them somehow like the Pharaoh. But holding it is not the same as defending it.

So yes, if the SDR somehow replaces actual gold, there would have to be a very good reason for that tohappen. There would have to be a significant carrot or stick attached to the new currency for people to give up their gold. So logically one would assume some kind of status comes with the new currency, one which gives an even more Pharaoh-like air to those who take the new coin. I propose (with a prayer against in my heart) that such acceptors of the new coin might even then develop a religo-marxist anti-materialist polarity against the gold bugs and even preach about how gold-hoarders are bad people? One could imagine such a fury being stoked among the poor and generally coinless. If enabled with rifles, and religiously conditioned not to steal even one dubloon, then the Gold Cops would become kinda like Judge Dredd I guess. Honesty and a bullet at your doorstep. Be wary of the vacuum associated with Christ worship and communism. Christ was a fan of a communal type life yet he had no great sermons to give about coinag or money. Give it back to the Czar, is what he advised.

Yes, I do believe that even if Gold Cops come, the people who hide their gold will have market to sell their gold to, because the meme of gold being valuable, doesn't seem likely to die at this time in history. It is a religious belief, thanks to a Russian atheist who didn't believe religion as such, was useful.

Your comments regarding markets "under the rug" are very welcome. Feel free to expound.

posted on Nov, 8 2011 @ 07:43 AM
Wow, silent thunder, you and I had an interesting exchange on your "black markets" thread here.

Then, when I went to bump this thread from two years ago, I realized we were the only two people here discussing this topic, which is essentially the same concept. Serendipitous my friend. Feel free to comment here if so inclined.

Welp, in the well known book "Atlas Shrugged", there is a supreme Randian fictional asshead named John Galt, who wrecks the world, and hides in some valley while he and his buddies re-write the COTUS. I have said in the 'goverrments' thread on some other trooth-domain, that this book Atlas Shrugged, is actually a blueprint for future world events according to the occult practice of "hidden in plain site".

Note also that Randian asset Alan Greenspan is the one who destroyed the US housing market by pumping up MBS tranched products aka "weapons of financial destruction". He's still out the hiding under some Bush I guess. Haha, get it? hiding under a Bush? Anyway, A. Greenspan is the modern destroyer of worlds imo. Benny B. is just trying to fill those FRB clown-shoes.

Well anyway, there's a dude out there who goes by the name "John Galt" who seems to be on the side of good, or at least, gold, hehe. Good as gold? DERP. Anyway, this article of his, seemed a decent reason to bump my humble thread here. I do believe his point about the authorities being allowed to open deposit boxes is already true, I believe they have already stated they have that "right".

Thanks to all who are keeping their eye on the ball. Shame on those who aint. So when's the "John Galt microphone moment" gonna happen?


The final act of confiscation will require the long rumored proverbial bank holiday. The financial authorities, under the Department of Homeland Security and Internal Revenue Service, would have the ability during such a holiday to conduct on site audits of safety deposit boxes for contraband, precious metals, and other financial materials of interest. This audit could be completed within a thirty to ninety day period, while re-opening the institutions but locking down all access to safety deposit boxes from customers and holding the bank management criminally liable if that policy is violated. As a bank’s audit is completed, the authorities would notify the owners of the event, probably begin an initial tax evasion case inquiry for intimidation purposes, and then determine fair value for all bullion or non-numismatic coinage that is seized. The process would be messy and by designed to browbeat the owner thus creating a level on mistrust beyond anything since the Wilsonian police state actions of World War I. Sadly, such an event would be coordinated with European authorities to insure that no American assets were hidden in their banks and to allow them a chance to seize assets for “inspection” or government confiscation to block capital flight from their nations.

A clue as to when this event will begin has been dropped by the world monetary authorities in the last seven days, yet few souls have noticed it. The G20 and Europeans have investigated the idea of boosting the IMF’s Special Depository Receipts (SDRs) to the point of a becoming a viable global currency to provide a stable alternative to the dollar reserve system currently in place. This action was discussed to provide an alternative to the European Central Bank problems and to stifle the currency war initiated by the U.S. Federal Reserve. Until action occurs to remove the dollar as the world reserve currency occurs, there is no reason to confiscate assets to provide a base of value for the United States to create a new monetary regime. The circus that will occur in other nations will be mirrored by our own and the door opened at that moment to seize assets, possibly including real estate, to insure a backing for our ability to service the debt and participate in a new currency regime within a global central bank.


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