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Nazi Bell was a Urainium 233 breeder

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posted on Mar, 17 2012 @ 12:03 AM

Originally posted by Razimus
Good post, seems more plausible than the garbage being spewed out by the history channel, I'm no conspiracy theorist but the history channel seems to promote UFO explanations in clumps, for example, one month they will be pushing that UFOs are all NAZI, and they are hidden in South America, another month they will be claiming UFOs are stealth blimps, another month they will be pushing one sighting and trying to connect the NAZI bell with it, it's either coincidence in reruns, or they have an agenda, either way they sell a lot of ad space to gullible viewers, that is if they believe any of their concocted rubbish.

Sadly Razimus,

Anti-psychotic medication in the United States is too expensive for a poor boy from Mobile, Alabama. I have never spent 13 years in a mental hospital Walter. You tweeted it... I am just sharing it. Care to share with us what it was like?

I always use my real name Walter because I stand by what I say and I don't speak nonsense.

Some people unfortunately use ATS as therapy
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posted on Mar, 17 2012 @ 03:20 AM

Originally posted by dowot one of the photos, on Google, of the above ground concrete structure, there looks like there is a duplicate structure, some distance behind, have you noticed this? Any idea of its significance. no idea if this works.

so the site with the picture.

Some years ago, this structure was featured on a UK TV programme, sorry no idea of name or even date.

I am sure they found some trunking at ground level, and maybe some signs of cabling. There is a power plant nearbye I think.

Also if you look at the top of this "Stonehenge" type structure there looks like some starter threads for something to go on top? Any views?

Sorry if this is going away from your bell thread. But all in all it is a very intriguing subject and the lack of study makes it more conspiratorial.

This is the Henge structure outside the Wenceslas Mine, near the village of Ludwigsdorf, now called Ludwickowice in Silesia. It has nothing especially to do with the Nazi Bell other than it's location.

I am satisfied that it is merely the base for a cooling tower like this one at Breslau / modern Wroclaw.

One coincidence however is that in November 1943 the Nazi Bell was housed in an underground laboratory beneath Gandau airfield at Breslau. The cooling tower was intended to serve coal powered steam generators at a power station in the entrance to Wenceslas Mine. In the same location at Wenceslas was also a bullet factory owned by Dynamit Nobel AG. This was the power station in the entrance to the mine:

The mine itself was closed due to a coal dust explosion in 1939. The SS re-opened it and deliberately flooded the lower reaches to suppress dangerous methane fumes. A railway worker from Opole was responsible for shunting a Marx Generator with banks of capacitors on three wagons, inside the mine. These wagons were hooked up to a power supply from outside the mine and then from the wagons to the Bell device. The railway worker Ibrom said the Bell only operated for between ten and ninety seconds. He said each time they were used the Wagons had to be taken away and burned. The wheels and undercarriage were torched and cut up as unfit and useless for recycling. Radiation destroys the crystaline structures of metal. Thus it seems the wagons were damaged and contaminated by radiation.

This 1944 reconnaissance photo of the henge shows from shadows the tower was probably never completed and always looked as it does now.

The Nazi Bell achieved temperatures of 15 million degrees and energy levels of 18 MeV

Sorry but except for UFO addicts the henge has no real meaning. Foe them it is some mystical connection to a device that never existed.

posted on Mar, 17 2012 @ 04:38 PM
It's a water tower with a missing water tower.... brilliant.

Did they hide the water tower as disinfo too? lol

They have spy photos over that area from WWII and there was no water tower there... maybe they made it invisible?

Or maybe they just used known engineering to make something different? A water tower type frame for another purpose? I saw a video of them visiting the site and there was hardware on the top of the frame work for huge hooks holding something down,... maybe to hold the water down from flying away??? Maybe they weren't strong enough and that is how the water tower disappeared?

Here is a good video on antigravity that covers Nick Cook's book and related topics...

They have a really interesting segment where government officials are talking about secret technology and it is seems a dead give away they are referring to black project antigrav tech...

posted on Apr, 27 2012 @ 11:52 PM
I hope you will put all your Bell-related material together one day and publish it sy! The story about the railway wagons for instance is something I have not heard before.

Do you think it is possible anyone is operating these machines today, not obviously the same ones but something built using the principle - even in an experimental fashion?

One thing that does leave me rather cold is the business with the name 'xerium 525'. Would this just be some sort of code? Usually if a German is coining a new word they seem to use a portmanteau structure. I think 'xerium 525' is just something that has been non-authentically attached to the substance as a word that sounds vaguely scientific, like some sort of isotope.

posted on Jun, 26 2012 @ 05:34 PM
I just discovered the key to the Nazi bell...

When Thomas Townsend Brown discovered electrogravitics he determined the key is capacitors... this was how he first noticed the antigravity effect - in the capacitor effect of coolidge x-ray tubes. The B-2 bomber is essentially a large capacitor.. which is why it is coated with a dielectric material which is key to capacitors.

The Nazi bell is a plasma capacitor. Plasmas are great for storing electrical charges. By spinning the plasma and dense mercury in the Nazi Bell you are making the plasma denser which causes it to be more electrically conductive and therefore a more powerful capacitor.

Fundamentals of Capacitance Property in Tokamak

Here is a site where a guy talks about turning a fluorescent light into a capacitor.. all fluorescent lights have a tiny amount of mercury in them which creates a plasma when charged.

Also research Viktor schauberger and his repulsine. This device also created an ionized plasma and was a working antigravity craft according to eye witness accounts from Nazi soldiers. Schauberger was the grandfather of Nazi UFOs.

TTBrown and Schuaberger discovered the same thing at the exact same time totally independently..

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posted on Jul, 1 2012 @ 10:37 AM
Look what I found... my post above is confirmed... I have found all kinds of articles showing inventors who made "thorium plasma batteries" are dying inexplicably..

posted on Jul, 1 2012 @ 04:27 PM

Originally posted by 8311-XHT
I just discovered the key to the Nazi bell...

When Thomas Townsend Brown discovered electrogravitics he determined the key is capacitors... this was how he first noticed the antigravity effect - in the capacitor effect of coolidge x-ray tubes.

Is there any evidence OTHER than supposed writings of Brown that this physics is real?

People have been working with high voltages for about 120 years now, and many of them are pretty well scientifically trained.

Nobody in the MIT radiation lab ever saw this? Nobody at a communications company? Nobody at GE? Siemens? Fundamental physics can't be kept secret.

posted on Jul, 1 2012 @ 05:59 PM
There are a couple major reasons why these effects are so difficult to detect.

1. We live in a sea of atmosphere. This is a HUGE reason why this phenomenon is so difficult to see in our environment. If we were creatures that didn't live in an atmosphere - but a vacuum like the moon for example.. antigravity would have been a no-brainer. It's our atmosphere that leaks charge and negates the antigravity effect. This is why the B-2 is coated with a material that is used to make capacitors. Capacitors separate charge in our atmosphere.

Tornadoes are probably the only natural phenomenon that shows antigravity effects believe it or not.. and those are hidden in the destruction. Google Dr. Judy Woods site called "Where did the Towers go" and she has a section on hurricanes tornadoes and gravity field effects. Earth electrical storms are huge capacitors storing charges.

2. All our equipment for making electricity is very heavy and crude. If there is some weight reduction effect in electrical equipment we likely wouldn't notice it and again the atmosphere hides these as well.

3. These effects are non-linear. What this means is that you don't see minor effects building up... so let's say you have a gyroscope and it is building up antigravity effects.. you wouldn't notice it at first. Then you pass a certain thershhold and all of a sudden the effects hit in a big way. Again, believe it or not but this seems to be what happened in the Philadelphia experiment. They were using this technology for something like radar invisibility and had probably tested it on a small scale and it did one thing.. they tested it on a massive scale witha ship and there were all of these bizarre effects that went along with it.. like time warping and possibly people being fused into metal etc. You see the same thing with the Hutchinson effect. His experiments are totally unpredictable.

4. from my understanding of reading TTBrown's documented work you need very specific voltages and high power electrical equipment.. and again.. the effects aren't going to be huge unless you have the proper materials and rig set up. This was TTBrowns speciallty I think ,,, experimental science. Also.. it would be very easy for people to explain these effects away in experiments as magnetic or ion wind effects.. which is what has been used to discredit this work. That also gets back to the reasons posted above - atmsphere etc.

What really proves this is real though is that both TTBrown and Viktor Schauberger completely validate each other.. and they did it completely independently . IF you really really study both of these guys you will see that. There were eye witness accounts after the war from German soldiers that saw Schauberger's craft operate.

The Foo Fighters were aslo documented by allied pilots that saw them over Germany. These were the first craft built off of Schaubergers ideas.

But see.. Schauberger was way ahead of his time.. he used NATURAL phenomenon to tap into these effects. TTBrown did it more in our conventional scientific approach. Brown's method was more reliable than Schuabergers but more clunky. Schauberger's is less reliable but when it works it's far for more elegant efficient and effective. But TTBrown didn't have many resources when he was developing this himself. The Nazis had brilliant and desperate scientists who took Schaubergers genius and distilled it into their conventional science.

Tesla also appears to have discovered this, but his work is hidden, he just mentioned he could make electric aircraft. The US government appears to have taken his work before he wanted to reveal it or he was working w/ the US government willingly.

As for how this could be kept secret I was like you... I didn't believe that was possible either, but the reality is a massive massive disinfo campaign and control of our entire education system, Once you accept that this is real and really look at our society you will see how that is done and it is really terrifying.

Here is one example of how this stuff is kept secret.

Do you know that when Bob lazar came public it was later the same year that Pons and Fleschmann made their discovery of cold fusion? Did you know that Bob lazars best buddy is John lear who posted on this very site about aliens constantly? John lear's Dad founded Lear Jet and was heavily promoting that antigravity tech was coming in the 50. This was before it went classified.

Did you know that Pons and Flesichmann went to the department of energy and told them of their discovery and the DOE leaked this info and a professor who likely had government/military ties tried to take credit for their work which forced them to come out publicly with it before they were ready? IF they hadn't they would have lost the patent rights.

Then when they did go public MIT ran a smear campaign about Pons and Fleischmann. There was a journalist at MIT at that time that saw this all happen and reported it. He's dead now
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posted on Jul, 10 2012 @ 10:59 PM
reply to post by sy.gunson

Correct me if I am wrong.

Anti gravity devices are based on a theory of gravity that has been proven wrong. Namely Newtonian gravity where gravity is considered as a field.

According to modern physics the actual gravity is described by Einstein as a warping of spacetime. The spacetime is warped because matter is sitting in it. You can not magically un-warp the spacetime. Thee warping is like a down hill slope going to the object of mass causing the warping of spacetime. The only way to get up the hill ….. aka anti-gravity ….. is to expend energy just like when you walk up a hill in the country. There is no anti-gravity that is going to remove the hill.

posted on Jul, 23 2012 @ 08:48 AM
Look at this... This is an excerpt from an article that shows that the exact process the author of this thread says transmutes thorium to uranium can ALSO be reversed to ACCELERATE radioactive decay and RELEASE energy!

Rolfs believed this effect could be explained in simple terms by assuming that the free electrons in a metal act like the electrons in a plasma, as described in a model by Dutch physicist Peter Debye. The lower the temperature of the metal, the closer the free electrons get to the radioactive nuclei. These electrons accelerate positively charged particles towards the nuclei, thereby increasing the probability of fusion reactions.

But Rolfs realized that the reverse reaction might also occur and that free electrons could enhance the ejection of positively charged particles from a nucleus. This would reduce the half-lives of α-decay or β+-decay, and increase half-lives for processes involving electrons (which are repelled by the free electrons within the metal), i.e. β–-decay and electron capture.

Do you guys realize what this means? It means that the Nazis were making a TRUE super capacitors.. not these things we call super capacitors in our society now... These are self charging through radioactive decay super capacitor... and because they are super cooled plasma they can store a huge amount of energy. Superconducting super capacitors. The super conductivity also allows them to charge and discharge instantly.
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posted on Jul, 23 2012 @ 10:55 PM
Another nazi secret,hhmm.....

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