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Economic Crisis, The Amero, North American Union and the New World Order

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posted on May, 1 2009 @ 01:28 PM
I saw this on a thread and thought I would share it.

I first took a look at the shape of things to come last year with the review of the “How the Banking System Works” series of movies on YouTube (it’s an excellent series, must-watch if you haven’t already).

The most perspective-shifting piece of information from that series is two things:

1. How organized the world-wide banking system is
2. How long it has been around, functioning in roughly the same way it functions in current day

#2 is the thing that tips most people from the “There is no way the New World Order rumors are true” camp to the “Oh… yea I guess I could see how that would happen” camp. It’s the realization that such a complex, convoluted and cohesive system has been functioning for 100s of years, not just in the last 50 or so which a lot of people think when asked about the existence of modern markets and banking.

In early 2000 more information started coming out (testing the waters as it were) about the possibility of a North American Union (just like the European Union) between the U.S., Canada and Mexico all built on a new singular currency: The Amero.

Catching a lot of people off guard, it was disregarded as “stupid conspiracy theory” and the like… after all, when would we ever vote to become a union with those two other countries? We don’t need them right?

Now fast-forward quite a few years to… last month. You saw the emergence of a totally predictable (and actually warned-of) financial calamity with the toxic mortgage crisis popup. You saw the immediate execution of a 450-page, “$700 billion” plan that no one could read, had time to read and were told that martial law would be instated if it wasn’t signed:

Surprise-Surprise, after some minor objections the law most knew nothing about, that would “save our country from disaster” was passed, and along with it, a lot more legislation and spending concessions that no one knew anything about.

Our country was saved right? Nope. To boot, our market could fall to the lowest levels since 2003 any day. Awesome bail-out, but more importantly, great job congressmen and women for voting that sucker through due to intimidation and fear.
The following day the Dow dropped 770 points. The day after that 300. And yesterday another 760 points or so for good measure.

Early this week Iceland declared an economic crisis with a collapse of their economy as well. The proposed solution? Join the European Union.

China has called for a single, world-unified currency. France backed that decision and I’m sure others have as well.

We took a long look at what this depression in our economy meant and what it was preparing us for, and all we can see is that this is the writing on the wall in order to scare us into the North American Union and adopting the Amero to “save our country”… atleast I’m sure that tagline will be used when the time comes.

Other’s see the writing on the wall as well:

We are heading towards that slowly, it started in the 90s and will continue to completion… likely soon.

Step #1 for getting the US formed nicely into this pie-crust has been to depress our economy and scare us into a position to start unifying the western world.

With all that said and a lot of you either shaking your head or fuming… we don’t necessarily think this is the worst thing ever. It would be naive to think that it would never have happened anyway… at some point governments, armies and companies get too large, too co-dependent and require the stability that unification creates.

It’s just how it had to happen and be staged that is unfortunate.

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posted on May, 1 2009 @ 03:49 PM
Forging a NAU happened shortly after 9-11. Back in 2005, bush and then mexican prez vicente fox signed that "north american free trade aggreement", and also, the "real ID act" was passed also. All this was done while america slept. There were more laws passed that would have to be looked up, but the world is being broken down into zones intentionally! This way, when the mark of the beast comes on out, the number in your inserted chip will show the global police what zone you are from. There will be no such thing as diplomatic immunity for the common people beause we'll be a planet without borders. This is why global leaders that are part of the nwo movement will be immune from the ICC (international criminal courts). This is also why our own gov't is trying to get HR645 passed. This will legalize fema camps to be used as detention camps. Now, if fema camps are for mere national disaster camps, why the need to "legalize" them?" Stay alert!! The writing is all over the walls now!

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