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All parties in contact with Jim Stachowiak or should read this *important*

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posted on May, 1 2009 @ 12:25 PM
It has come to my attention that a man named Jim Stachowiak has done many cruel and unusual things to many of his partners. He runs a website called which also has a radio broadcast that runs Monday through Friday 9-11 pm Eastern time... i personally have no connection to Jim nor do i wish to but i will leave a warning message here for anyone curious to search and find out what Jim has done to some of his friends.

He admitted in a phone conversation that he is the anonymous patriot which is recorded, a google of his name will show you that quickly. He has trashed every name he has came into contact with and has called the DPS on various truth movements, Jim also sent a mass spam myspace bulletin message about 2 Veterans from Iraq in which he slanders and pisses all over them, the family was mortified.

Recently the Georgia guide stones were vandalized and on December 14th a video surfaced in which showed a masked man standing in front of the guide stones desecrated giving a speech to the new world order, signs lay propped up about with various slogans and a voice mask covers up the identity. Presumably we can suspect that the man giving the speech desecrated the stones and may in fact be more harm then good.

Jim Stachowiak lies to many of his contacts and uses them for his own gains. He says he used to work as a police officer but reviewing a Dig about him i came across the most twisted little tell tale.

Freedom Fraud shun brightly like the morning sun and my interest perked just a little more... who is this man?. What i found contained within the site was various warnings and outright nefarious plans which this person witnessed and at the end could no longer endure. Jim lost his job as a police officer for giving a minor alcohol and bring her back to his home, he was fired from his job and charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor and obstruction of justice for lying to police, whatever happened after that i have no idea.

Jim was banned from Operation America Rising for statements to kill all Muslims well he was also banned from the Gathering of Eagles for fighting and nearly starting a riot at GOE1 (which I'm assuming is a protest or something of the like) and was once again detained by police. This is all taken from a Dig which i will provide to you at the bottom.

We are Change also banned him from the organization for breaking the rules of conduct. I'm sure you can ask someone in We are Change about it and they can fill you in.

He has crossed so many paths and burned so many lives that i urge people to get his name out their, he will keep on swindling and cutting down you all regardless. I have even heard the claims of an agent provocateur... but you didn't hear it from me kay

-Digg website created by the Founder of free fighter radio and his experience.

-A personal phone conversation where Jim admits to being the anonymous patriot.

-Georgia guide stone vandalized with an anonymous patriot, 2 links.

-Phone conversation from We are Change with Jim Stachowiak

I'm positive you can find more about Jim if you look but personally i have done my duty, i came here to ATS to search and find any warnings but i found none, maybe I'm not looking hard enough or its buried within threads. This man has admitted to calling DPS, on erroneous charges in my opinion so i wouldn't be surprised if i got some flack for this... but ya know what? i could give two #s about this man.

I don't fear your childish tactics and i have ZERO ties to you, this man is a fraud and should be exposed.

Watch yourselves people

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posted on May, 1 2009 @ 12:38 PM
I'm curious to hear some of your replies as i know some of you must have dealt with him be it for good or bad. Surely this man has issues and should not be dealt with in the slightest.

posted on May, 1 2009 @ 12:43 PM
I've never heard of him but thanks for the head up.

How did you hear about him, btw? Have any of your friends or family had any dealings with him? This isn't sour grapes is it? Honestly, I don't know the man. Just asking. No offense intended.

posted on May, 1 2009 @ 12:52 PM
I think the guy has too much time on his hands, but since he is so desperate in attracting attention we'll use method No1 as shown in my avatar to keep tabs.


posted on May, 1 2009 @ 01:00 PM
Actually no, i have zero ties with Jim and just came upon him by accident right after this first phone message was posted on google video. I put it away in the back of my mind until recently a video titled "Fema Coffins Debunked" (linked at the bottom) was uploaded on youtube. Jim has a conversation with one of the workers for Vantage products (also linked) and i was reminded of the previous horror stories i had heard. Sure enough i searched ATS and found zilch about this guy and thought what the hell.

At the end of the first Georgia guide video i posted earlier you can hear a non garbled part of the speech, it sounds and looks exactly like Jim but damn the guy is so wild i don't know if he will charge me for slander (he is the kind of person to do that...) and like i need to deal with him lol.

We should try and get this flagged just to get the word out, i don't want to see anyone else get swindled dealing with this con artist.

-Fema coffins debunked by Jim

-Vantage Products Corporation official website

The last thing we need is for us all to be branded by the likes of him.

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