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posted on May, 1 2009 @ 12:15 PM


Order of events:
The economy shouts: "reformation!"
The dollar beyond repair:

1. Obama and Calderon's final meeting.

2. Swine flu introduced.

3. Deadly cases only in Mexico.

4. Mexican oil revenues had dropped almost 50%.

5. Chrysler bankrupt.

6. 90% of tourist reservations cancelled in Mexico.

7. Mexico paralyzed, all "non-essential" jobs cancelled until the 5th of May, to prevent spread of the H1N1 virus. Mexicans stay home.

8. Pesos in circulation?

9. Further state decisions could be announced regarding the 5th, 6th of May. Mexicans will, probably, not return to work yet, the 5th, due to the deadly virus.

10. Similar events in the U.S.

11. Money in circulation? Announcement of rescue plan. Mexican and American economies bankrupt.

Amero is introduced?

Or something from that order.

it's Possible

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posted on May, 1 2009 @ 12:36 PM
Yes I agree the new money will be introduced.
Also I would post a new idea but don't know how so if anyone reads this and wants to make it a new thread than please do so.
My question is why have not ordinary citizens in Mexico posted on youtube what is going on? How come we have no bloggers coming out of Mexico? And no civilian reporting. How come no one could upload a video about their personal story about swine flu?
This bothers me. As all that time off and stuck in houses in Mexico why are they not posting on forums or uploading video from their cell phones or blogging? I just looked on youtube and there is no civilian youtube accounts. What are they doing while off of work? Surely there would be more outreach. So if anyone wants to start a thread ...sort of like how one could follow the war does not make sense that there is no video from ordinary folks in Mexico.
Or any action on the internet....

posted on May, 1 2009 @ 12:39 PM
I mean why would an entire country just do what they are told and stay home?
Wouldn't you document your time off or at least there would be bonding of some kind going say if it was a bizzard everyone has some sort of shared experience that comes out of things like that. I don't see that. Why are there no videos or are there even tweets? facebook anything. Maybe we can start a thread that has links to real time uploads.

posted on May, 1 2009 @ 12:51 PM

This is the only blog I have found that the citizen talks about swine flu in his country. I found this on this site. I just checked and he has not updated his blog. Dont know if this is a real blog. But why don't we have more blogs and video? Are they that sick that they can't blog or upload from their phones? Surely and entire country would want to catalogue their dealings with this.
why are there no mexican newscasters videos on youtube? I can't find anything spanish....

posted on May, 1 2009 @ 01:13 PM
reply to post by itappearsthatway

I'm mexican hehe

Non-essential jobs have been suspended until the 5th of may, in Mexico City, which generates 21% of the GDP, and people are doing as told.
All schools have been closed until the 6th but I could believe, based on this idea, that they will expand the time of inactivity.

All restaurants are closed in Mexico City, you can only order food for the road.

90% of Tourist reservations were cancelled, that was reported by "The Universal", Mexico's leading newspaper.

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posted on May, 1 2009 @ 01:22 PM
reply to post by itappearsthatway

It's not in the entire country but in Mexico City, where 21% of the GDP is generated, that non-essential jobs have been cancelled. People are doing as told. Nobody knows exactly how serious the situation could be and they are acting according to the orders of the state just "to prevent" a possible growth of the epidemic until the 5th.

Schools are closed all over the country.

posted on May, 1 2009 @ 01:50 PM
reply to post by itappearsthatway

There's no much to tell, that mexican citizens would know, besides what's being reported by the mexican media and subsequently by the US.

What I know is that...
Mexico City is unrecognizable from the absence of its streets congestions and traffic.

Non-essential jobs have been halted until the 5th of May at Mexico City.

Officially 343 infected and 15 deaths have been confirmed by laboratory analysis to have been caused by the H1N1 virus... "swine flu".

On one hand I was told that the number of deaths was over 1000 and that the media was covering the true severity of the situation and that about 2 people had already died, as to monday the 27th where I live, an hour away from Mexico City... allegedly by someone who knew someone that heard so from the Health Secretary. On the other hand someone I know, who works at a local hospital told us that only people with normal influenza have been treated and are fine and that nothing extraordinary is happening.

So I really don't know what to believe.
Is this a coverup about the lethality of the virus or is this a US-Mexico hidden economical agenda related "crisis"? Or what we're being told is the truth... wasn't the OMS congratulating the mexican government for its transparency? hehe

I really don't know.

posted on May, 1 2009 @ 01:54 PM
reply to post by itappearsthatway

LOL... I didn't check all the post had your name... you made post 3 times hehe.

posted on May, 1 2009 @ 03:39 PM

I also live in Mexico. On the coast mind you, and let me say that in my area aside from schools closing, there have been virtually no disruptions. Sure, people are aware of the situation but no fear or panic. Possibly the heat is a factor since the coastal area averages close to 30C in the daytime. Mexico city is high altitude and much cooler. I did find an interesting piece of information that I see as quite suspicious. A major pharmaceutical company just invested 100 million euros to build a plant specifically to develop influenza vaccines near Mexico City. The news of this investment pretty much coincides with the beginning of the flu scare here in Mexico. Coincidence?

posted on May, 1 2009 @ 04:18 PM
reply to post by xapata

Yep... Where I live everything is relatively "normal" too.
In midst of the influenza crisis, nobody paid attention to stories... like:

Mexico Senate OKs bill to legalize drug possesion.

Did you watch this interview?

posted on May, 1 2009 @ 04:24 PM
reply to post by Jim11

yes i did. talking to myself. freaked out over swiine flu.
also new to this site and will prob. continue to reply to myself.
or maybe just go back to lurking ha ha....glad i could make you laugh though over my replies to my own post.

posted on May, 1 2009 @ 04:25 PM
reply to post by Jim11

well the interview is in Spanish. but glad to see that spanish people are on this site. we are really needing to hear from people in mexico right now.

posted on May, 1 2009 @ 04:25 PM
Not sure I agree that the Amero will be introduced. It would be way too obvious with the timing and point to an intentional release. Even the dumbest person would see that.


posted on May, 1 2009 @ 04:40 PM

Just watched the video. Talk about confusion. I kind of like the comments on the video
I was also aware of the decriminalization for small quantities. Funny that the States have so far kept quiet on this. I remember that a few years back Pres. Fox tried to do the same thing and it became a big scandal. Eventually he had to retract the whole thing. Must of ran that by Obama on his last visit. Possibly we will see something similar in the States at some point. Would make a lot more sense than the current policies.

posted on May, 1 2009 @ 04:42 PM
reply to post by Dr Love

Well, maybe not the amero precisely, but something in that order.

After all the economy is shouting: "reformation".

And "world leaders" know how the game was played in the past.

[edit on 1-5-2009 by Jim11]

posted on May, 1 2009 @ 04:53 PM

Originally posted by itappearsthatway
reply to post by Jim11

well the interview is in Spanish. but glad to see that spanish people are on this site. we are really needing to hear from people in mexico right now.

It basically shows how exaggeration about the situation could be part of the dynamics.

Yep... for the moment I would not conclude anything, don't mind how much difference would that make anyway hehe... but I think we'll have to wait... to see how events unfold the 5th and 6th.

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