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Are 2 Marines Being Set Up to Die for The Empire?

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posted on May, 1 2009 @ 09:54 AM
Are 2 Marines Being Set Up to Die for The Empire?

MSNBC Article

In this article posted by MSNBC it states that only 2 individual marines and a small band of untrained soldiers are close to the militants stronghold in Pakistan. This article even gives the exact location of and number of houses at the base. This article is nothing but a setup to get Marines killed. The only question is why?

Obviously, if the base were utterly destroyed by the militants than it would give excuse for the military to once again perform attacks against the militants inside Pakistan. Except this time, they are ready for a massive counterstrike that would, or might, be targeted against the Pakistani troops themselves in order to ignite Pakistan into a war against the United States itself. Don't discount the notion, for that is exactly what the terrorist have been saying all along.

Pakistani Article

This is just one of many articles from Pakistan in which the fear of war with the United States is very real. In the article, the author claims that most Pakistanis don't laugh at the notion, instead, they lower their heads in despair. But why would the Unites States attack Pakistan?

It all goes back to Iraq. Remember, there was no justification to attack Iraq. Sure Saddam was a tyrant, but we are the ones who helped him get there. We didn't care for over a decade that he murdered his own people. It was only when he outlived his usefulness that he was then seen as a target. In Pakistan, I believe it is largely the same. Our government like Musharif. I don't believe that our government likes who the Pakistanis have elected to be in charge of their country.


This article goes on to explain that the Unites states has spent untold millions attempting to buy loyalty and fund tribal forces into doing our bidding. However, as you and I know, the money will soon dry up. The military knows this. And when the money does dry up and our government no longer has the capability to buy out our enemies, then war is what will happen next. But once again, why?

It is all because of China. China is the next superpower on the globe and the United States won't be able to compete against it. China, unlike the old Soviet Union, has been given access to the world markets. China is building a world class Navy as fast as it can. This is what the United States fears most. Our huge and powerful navy is what truly intimidates the world into submission. We have enough aircraft carriers to dominate any point on the globe. The only problem is nuclear counterstrike. But that's where the stealth bombers and missile defense aircraft come into play. Theoretically, our military forces could fight any single country on the planet. But it is taking to long.

In order to stay a military super power we need weapons technology and numerical superiority. China is attempting to break into our military sales market every day. Our old allies are purchasing Chinese aircraft instead of US aircraft. Eventually, this will give China the technological edge as it will enable them, through more military sales, to spend more on technology and production. It is practically a certainty that China will one day become the superpower of all superpowers. Eventually, they could field a military that is 5 times as large as ours with better technology. So, I believe that the United States government is trying to create a pseudo empire before China gains too many arms sales and too large a Navy

What do you think?


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