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8-year-old Saudi girl divorces 50-year-old husband

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posted on May, 4 2009 @ 01:12 AM

Originally posted by ProtoplasmicTraveler

The Koran gaurantees women the right to a divorce and also shields all money and property that the wife brought into the marraige and earned during the marraige.

Much of American law and portions of Holy Roman Empire Catholic law where in part patterned off of Roman Patrician Law which granted absolute unquestioned and unfettered right of lordship within a man's home to rule it. A Roman male head of household could legally kill his Wife, children, or slaves for any reason no questions asked.

While I do not agree with Muslim Law, or Christian or Jewish Law, the perception that women are rightless in Islamic Law is a falicy.

The Burkas are about men not allowing women to become something to tempt one another and fight over. It's kind of a common sene based law, if I can't see what your wife looks like because of how she is dressed I can't covet her. If she as well as I are punished harshly for having an extramarital affair then it disuades both parties.

Muslims may not be politically correct in the Western sense but most of their laws are based on common sense things to elliminate contention and controversy creating violence or theft against one another. They are actually very honorable people to do business with, tough hagglers and negotiators but their words are their bonds. They are neither stupid nor backwards and while the papacy forced the dark ages on Europe as it stamped out all other pagan religions and imposed its own and in the process stifled science, mathematics, astronomy and astrollogy, and medicine, and actually lost many Roman technological and scientific and health advances in the process, the Islamic world was excelling in Science, Medicine, Astronomy and Astrollogy and was far ahead of us when the Rennasaince in Europe brought about in large part by Martin Luther challenging papal hedgemony followed in quick order by King Henry and the Church Of England the west was centuries behind the muslims at that point.

A lot of the falicies and propoganda regarding Muslims and Islams is put forth by the Hebrews whom are much more closely related in both blood and actual knowledge of the G-d that supposedly was Christ's father.

Neither Jews or Muslims believe Christ to be the son of G-d, but the Muslims do believe he was a prophet and honor the Virgin Mary as well.

The Jews see Christ as an infadel that their own post scriptures have banished to a place in Hell made especially for Christ with the Virgin Mary right alongside him close by.

The Muslims though who know the whole history of the religion believe the Jews broke their covenant/contract with G-d.

The Christians tend to like the Jews despite the differences of oppinion about Jesus and the Virgin Mary because Christs return only happens with the Jews in Israel, and he returns to Jerusalem, so Christians are far more bound to accept Jews as a result as opposed to Muslims who do not anticipate a return of Jesus in the fashion Christians do.

Sorry, I just picked out some of your comments for brevity.

I think I disagree totally with everything you have said.

It's not hard to go through two millenium of history and pick out points where you can argue the Muslim faith was more advanced or more liberal than their counterparts. The 11th Century was a long time ago. Things have changed somewhat - at least in some parts of the world.

Only the most religious people walk around every day with a catalogue of belief generated a thousand and more years ago and lead their lives pased on them.

To say something like:

" The Christians tend to like the Jews despite the differences of oppinion about Jesus and the Virgin Mary because Christs return only happens with the Jews in Israel, and he returns to Jerusalem, so Christians are far more bound to accept Jews as a result as opposed to Muslims who do not anticipate a return of Jesus in the fashion Christians do. "

is almost childish. Christians committed a mass genocide of Jews in Europe less than 70 years ago. They weren't too concerned about points of commonality in religious beliefs.

I don't think 1 in a thousand Christians even have a clue or would care what the Muslim interpretation of Jesus might be. Few know or care what either Christians or Muslims were thinking in the Dark Ages of Europe. That was 1000 years ago!

We judge people by their standards of humane treatment and behaviour today, not compare what might be said in their liturgy.

In the 21st Century we judge each other by what we have evolved to today, not what our ancestors once did or believed.


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posted on May, 4 2009 @ 03:42 AM

Originally posted by ProtoplasmicTraveler

You are forgetting that the Talmud sees no harm in such things either.

So what if it really does? The legal age to marry in Israel is between 14 and 16, the difference being dependent on a consent conditions. Those individuals who are not biologically and psychologically developed to enter marriage are protected by law. For some, even this age seems to be too low and there is some arguing to raise the legal age.

BBSNews 2007-11-26 -- JERUSALEM (IRIN) A coalition of members of parliament and women's rights activists have joined hands in an attempt to raise Israel's minimum age for marriage to 18, saying that young wedlock harms the girls' health and violates their right to education.

The reason for such an attempt being possible is that Talmud and a king doesn't run the country. Israelis, like most of other nations, see the difference between customs practiced in by-gone era and the needs of a modern society; they are part of a social and cultural development of human species, whereas Saudi Royal Family and Saudi religious leaders are not.

Neither did the original Mormons who only gave up their poligomy in order to gain Statehood for Utah and political acceptance and protections.

Several communities of "Jack Mormons" exist in the 4 corners areas of Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico who still practice Poligomy including taking brides pre-adolescence.

Why do you drag orthodox Mormons into this? They got nothing to do with the Roman Catholic Church. Mormonism teaches that all churches except the Mormon Church are an abomination in the sight of God.

You also obviously missed the point and the many press articles where Rome and the Archdioceses in major U.S. Cities shuttled troubled priests from one city to another looking to shield them and the church from exposure to their pedophilia while quietly making rumors and accussations go away.

What kind of point am I missing? Are you trying to tell me that the Vatican became a victim of the separation between the church and the state and that the Holy See approves the sodomizing of young boys by low-level clergy based on The Holy Scriptures? Don't even go there, man . . .

The "shuttling" wasn't a consequence of the scandal; it started the whole thing:

The scandal first broke in January, when Boston Cardinal Bernard Law apologized for transferring a known pedophile priest from parish to parish. The news prompted victims of molestation--many of them abused decades ago--to alert attorneys, law enforcement officials and the news media to their cases.

Obviously, the Church was facing a possible scandal and tried to protect itself against lawsuits following examples found anywhere in the secular world.

Let's clean up America's backyard first, then worry about the rest of the world...that by the way, isn't really inviting our help or our oppinion or imposing their morallity on us.

There is nothing to clean up. Just read the OP what is this all about. If you ask a state for a marriage license to marry an 8-year-old girl, you won't get it in a civilized, Islam-free country. You can bypass the state and ask a local church to secretly marry your 50-year-old ass with an 8-year-old kid. Just call your local church and let me know what the answer was. We can take it from there . . .

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 08:56 AM
thank god. perverts. who would want to marry an 8 year old. bunch of beheading pedophiles if you ask me.

yet we are the godless infidels...

makes me sick

posted on May, 4 2009 @ 01:51 PM

Saudi Arabia mulls marriage ban for girls under 18

RIYADH (Reuters) – Saudi Arabia may ban marriage for girls below 18, a government minister said after a case of an eight-year old girl marrying a man more than 40 years her senior drew international criticism and embarrassed the kingdom.

Looks like the number of those who stood up for the Saudi kids were larger than those who want to "clean our backyard" first.

Let's see if there will be some change a year from now. I kinda doubt it.

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