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China UFO Crash at Chengdu in 1947 Revealed

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posted on Apr, 30 2009 @ 06:30 PM

Recently declassified documents released by the government in Communist China claim an event took place on July 18, 1947, that appears to echo the events that had occurred in Roswell, NM, only days before. And, once again, the US military is supposed to have moved in to cover up the evidence with reports of a crashed "weather balloon."

Notice the similarites? Both cases they want you to believe it was a weather balloon. First it was a "disc shaped object" then it was a weather balloon. Sounds rather strange to me... heres the real story.

On July 18th 1947 a farmer near Chengdu found unusual remains of what appeared to be a crashed flying saucer or UFO in the fields. News spread and locals congregated to see the bizarre UFO wreckage. The head of the Physics department of the local university, Professor Zeng Zhanhan, was asked to analyse the wreckage along with other experts and a report was written up. The object was declared a UFO.


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