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Nostrodamus and the Pandemic, Strange parallels

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posted on May, 1 2009 @ 07:59 AM
reply to post by mopusvindictus

very fair point, well put. vernacular and geography don't matter. i never considered that angle.

you think obama's central to this?

posted on May, 1 2009 @ 08:20 AM
Seriously break it down...

Your scrying... looking at visions, in glass or water or even a crystal ball...

From the vain enterprise honor and undeserved complaint, Boats tossed about among the Latins, cold, hunger, waves Not far from the Tiber the land stained with blood, And diverse plagues will be upon mankind.

From the Vain Enterprise honor and undeserved complaint

Completely, reminds me of modern corporations,Vain Enterprise...

what could he see or understand of the situations in which this can happen, companies, bio tech maybe or money

Vain enterprise... they are honored but still complain, the Elite, the corporations, Banks who want MORE...

Amex and HSBC hover over the site, like Idols, mini tower of Babels to Nostradamus. He sees something that tells him this is who is responsible... he doesn't say... Killers or anything, Refers to it as VAIN, this comes from vanity, wanting more, complaining...

Moving all food and shipping to Mexico and through Mexico for massive profits in unsanitary conditions?

Did a good job of describing something so obtuse from the vantage of the 15th century pov

Boats tossed about among the Latins, cold, hunger, waves

This describes a terrible journey, at sea, cold, hungry... conditions to breed disease LATINS... Mexicans....

We Know the H1n1 Asian Bird flu entered the strain

A boat of cargo from Asia, terrible conditions, waves... maybe pigs, ducks on board

It says Boats... tossed about among the Latins

I will bet... this gets traced to a Mexican port before all is said and done... Vera Cruz and the town in question is very close to the gulf

Mexico is tossed about with boats from all over the world and has some of the least regulated conditions in the world

Not far from the Tiber the land stained with blood, And diverse plagues will be upon mankind.

The conclusion

Not far from Tiber... The Land stained with blood

Not far from Tiber

The Outbreak will be centered not far from Tiber, Calle Rio Tiber...

It's not a side street... it's one of THE streets of Mexico city, it is central to every event of the outbreak from hospital locs, to obamas visit and first death of noteriety

he saw a street sign, people could recognize, an important street, an important statue, important buildings on it...

Recognized a name

Rio Tiber

The land stained with blood...

Mexico is... near revolution, there are be headings... you glimpsed Mexico and saw things... had to describe , the current events are... bloody

And diverse plagues will be upon mankind.

posted on May, 1 2009 @ 08:26 AM
reply to post by pieman

I think Obamas visit and near miss and death of the archaeologist are all PIVOTAL events, things that were popularized, many people know about. made the news,

timing was the same as outbreak, made the news, lives are being lost... it's the central location of hospitals where those with the virus are and media is...

So what i'm saying is

Like remote viewing... you's have a process of narrowing down...

you find and event and get closer and closer and closer and zoom to the CENTER of Events...

get a sign name , discern a location central to the events...

Do I think Obama had anything to do with it...


But his close call right as the outbreak took off in Mexico City... made those few days and that spot, or partially made it the remote view/scry epi center of this event

posted on May, 1 2009 @ 08:41 AM
Here's what pickles my cucumber

I think this matches swine flu dead on... I think Nostradamus may have seen this...

But what if it never affects most of the world?

What if he saw just this?

He looks to the future hits an event that registers... tons of energy around this, fear, politics, headlines, people dead, staying home.. schools closed masks, media all centered, heads of state presidents at the loc...

but beyond here

it's all crap... it's contained

It gives one pause when following any prophecy, particularly ones of war


What if Nostradamus or any other Prophit

had looked from their time at...

The 2nd Gulf war

and surrounding events... Carrier Battle Groups... Glimpses of shock and awe lol...

Soldiers, from dozens of nations

you'd pretty well think you were fighting the anti christ in Babylon wouldn't you?

if you just saw the really bad note worthy moments...

but... it was far from Armageddon now wasn't it...

posted on May, 1 2009 @ 10:05 AM
I just have to say one thing about this thread, and that is this:

GREAT WORK! I admire your work here in trying to find something of nostradamus' predictions which hasn't already happend yet (cure for swineflu from natural ingredients), as well as trying to piece together his prophecies before they happen.

As I've noticed, most people will usually find ways to connect his prophecies after the fact, which is no big feat... when you already know ALL the info.

I'll keep checking back on this thread, in hopes you may find something from his prophecies which you could exploit to attempt to prove his quatrains were actually predictions of the future...


posted on May, 1 2009 @ 10:12 AM
There are African refugees landing in boats in Italy (Latins), and there was a huge earthquake that probably sent more than a few waves down the Tiber (in Rome - this could mean politically as well as geographically/geologically). The plague could be completely unrelated to Mexico. It could mean the dissent that's going on in Europe against oppressive/inept governments.

Not saying that it couldn't possibly be about Swine flu, but it could be about other things too.

posted on May, 1 2009 @ 10:14 AM
Very nice find, and excellent thread. S & F from me.

The prophecy about the catholics and Islam is just too much. It's almost spot on so far is it not?

posted on May, 1 2009 @ 10:14 AM

Originally posted by mopusvindictus

(Cold Hunger, waves... Among the Latins) Reference to the source, Boat load of swine and poultry from Asia coming into Mexico? Ended up in Vera Cruz? First reported case?

No infected swine have been found anywhere in Mexico.


Mere blocks from the location where Obama had his fateful handshake with the man who died at the Anthropology Museum...

The mans death was unrelated to swine flu. "Mexican health boss Jose Cordova, however, said Mr Solis was already ill and his death was unrelated to swine flu."


I had to stop reading this thread after those two 'facts' were presented. This pandemic hype is unparalleled. Here's a valid thread with facts on this 'Obama Flu' subject.


posted on May, 1 2009 @ 10:55 AM
reply to post by mopusvindictus

first let me say this was not brought in by any boat, this prophesy is so open ended i could find meaning in my buttcheeks if i wanted. this WAS A DESIGNER VIRUS, made in the US and released in mexico....translate his prophecy elsewhere this is not it. im not saying hes wrong im saying you are. = )

posted on May, 1 2009 @ 10:56 AM
This could describe what we have going on (It's not that bad though!)

It would make sense, however that Nostradomous would make a plague prediction since he lived during the time of the black plague that killed so many in Europe.

posted on May, 1 2009 @ 11:18 AM
reply to post by mopusvindictus

Remember that Nostradamus supposedly predicted 9/11

At forty-five degrees, the sky will burn,
Fire approaches the great new city,
Immediately a huge, scattered flame leaps up
When they want to have verification from the Normans.

Fire approaches the "great new city" (New York?)
A huge scattered flame leaps up (remember the "devil" in the fireball?)
They want to have verification from the Normans (the French possibly?)

I am not sure about the 45 degrees, maybe that has something to do with the location of New York. But I did see this quote in a Nostradamus book prior to 9/11, and the exact same wording was used, so I know it wasn't messed with to make it seem like he predicted 9/11.

just a thought. Good post. This is my first reply as a new member!

posted on May, 1 2009 @ 12:50 PM
reply to post by mopusvindictus

You said :
I have done a fairly thorough review of Nostradamus Prophecies

Opinion seems to be rather divided on the gentleman -

posted on May, 1 2009 @ 01:06 PM
Nice topic OP but it appears Nostro can be interpreted to mean different things. Just look at the the 2 posters in this thread mentioning Italy instead of Mexico as the topic of the quatrains.

It's too cryptic for me to comprehend let alone act on.

posted on May, 1 2009 @ 01:11 PM
Seems like youve done some good reading, and thanks for taking the time to bring it to us. But I would like to point out. It could also cover HIV & the AIDS virus. To me that would be more of the likely event, since to date AIDS has killed millions worldwide. This new flu has killed what maybe 10.
Course thats just my take on the event. But lets see. On one side of the balance we have AiDS virus, the other side of the balance we have the new flu virus.
Like I said thanks for bringing this to our attention. At the moment people get struck by lightning more than his so called flu has killed. So folks don't get all feaked out by it.

posted on May, 1 2009 @ 02:00 PM
Ummmm.... not a huge believer in the prophecies of Nostradamus. Mostly because, even if he was true prophet, his prophecies are encoded. Plus, there's the whole translation into English, and not even modern English. To big a game of telephone.
That being said, the Tiber pick-up was really good. However, if I were to translate the end of that prophecy I would say there is famine (not pestilence) which pops up all over the world and then some sort of either religious war or loss of faith in the Christian world.

posted on May, 1 2009 @ 03:13 PM
reply to post by jephers0n

Thanks for the encouragement, this has been fun and... it seems there is much merit to his herbal recipes too.

I'll be doing some work on that tonight

posted on May, 1 2009 @ 03:30 PM
reply to post by ReagrahamLincool

1: Man Obama met died of "pneumonia" which is a top cause of death for FLU SUFFERERS

I'm not sure... I don't know, but much is being said that these statements are false..

2: No swine found infected... any swine coming over will be for consumption,

The ASIAN Bird flu got into this viral mix somehow... and mixed with swine flu

It is also a swine flu somewhere in here... there is a PIG and a BIRD one of them carried it from Asia OR elsewhere, it's not like H1N1 hasn't reached Europe

3: Time will tell

posted on May, 1 2009 @ 03:31 PM
reply to post by ancient_wisdom

This one was extremely close as well

I'd agree it appears he did land the 9-11 incident

posted on May, 1 2009 @ 03:34 PM
reply to post by daersoulkeeper

Everybody keeps saying designer...

I don't think so

It is very real that Mexico is crowded, that it is used to bring so much into the USA cheaply and so much livestock ... with almost no regulation

The real here is that ... it's not hard to understand there are conditions that exists in which Humans, pigs and Ducks or other poultry are together for lengths of time in unsanitary conditions.

This doesn't take some plot to create

posted on May, 1 2009 @ 03:37 PM
Aside from prophecy

Consider checking out the links I placed where Nostradamus at length discusses his recipies to fight illness

say whatever you want about predictions or who may have started this...

these things haven't unfloded yet

But the Man DID cure Plague in his garden

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