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Someone please clarify this for me

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posted on Apr, 30 2009 @ 12:37 PM
I need clarification on the following statement.

Swine Flu virus DOES NOT kill people, yet renders their bodies susceptible to other life-threatening ailments - most likely Pneumonia. Deaths occur from these induced ailments.



Thanks all

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posted on Apr, 30 2009 @ 02:23 PM
You may want to do some research on the 'cytokine storm' which is what this particular influenza produces.

You are correct, it is not the influenza itself that causes the damage, it is the immune system in 'overdrive' which produces cytokine in excess amounts destroying cellular integrity and making one especially susceptible to pneumonia and other such complications.

The reason the very young and old are not as severely affected (presumably) is because the stronger your immune system is, the more damage it will do to you once you've been infected.

If I'm wrong, I invite correction.


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