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Swine flu inpact on global economy

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posted on Apr, 30 2009 @ 12:00 PM
The impact this possibly engineered virus will have on the global economy will be catastrophic. think flights are already being shut down for recreational travel shipping will slow as ports are being further restricted to ensure the potential safety of the respective countries.
Mexico is currently at a standstill as the government is closing schools public facilities and factories. If china receives a pandemic level infection the manufacturing and shipping will decrease to almost nothing. Manufactures in America can't get the plastic doohickey to make the Whoozle so manufacturing in America will grind to a halt as products cannot be produced and shipping doesn't exist. Factories will close since no one is buying Whoozles and mass layoffs will continue. Since current unemployment rates are speculated at 15-16 % (actual) they will climb into the 30-40% range. No one will drive and gas prices will steadily increase as demand or fuel ebbs. Road improvement projects will become abandoned as taxes will not support the projects to improve roads no one is driving on anyways.
American gross domestic product is the lowest it has been in many years already coupled with the ever increasing and record numbers of jobless would create a malcontent society of homeless, jobless, and generally malcontent population.
The swine flue will continue to rampage because health care has become unaffordable by the majority of the population.

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