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In "light" of the Blue Beam discussion, i offer this video

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posted on Apr, 30 2009 @ 12:13 AM
Hello, I am a new member. Now that we got that over with...

As we all know (in a sense) by pulling in individual things we'ver learned over the years about seperate concepts the gov has worked with, we can all assume this about the purpose of PBB:

Project blue beam is the secret project to stage a fake alien intervention in order to further traumatize us and trick us into A) "coming together" for the fight against this outside force, and hence accomplishing the goal of a one world gov. B) destroying religion C) the weakened and fooled people hence fourth will be easily manipulated to give up rights and depend on gov to give the solution in the name of safety and "protection of freedom"

^ This trauma theory is of course easily inferred via our knowledge of Mk Ultra and the research gone into it by the CIA and our own research on the topic as well.

Supposedly with the things i've run across, god and religion in some form actually may be real and we all point to the same god in different ways. The theory goes that scriptures were stolen a long time ago and purposely corrupted with half truths and controlled. So some of it is myth and is self fulfilling, created prophecies and events, and some of it is real (which explains why things that have happened, it says explicitly in the bible) This is proven through the simple fact that the "commercially" acceptable 10 commandments...any hardcore christian knows those aren't the real 10 commandments. This can be read in the book "50 things they don't want you to know" and they are listed, but this is common knowledge to some.

Supposedly this will take place during the 2012 olympics in London, or possibly the date of Dec. 22 2012 since the stigma is there of the end of the world "belief" and on top of it...if you know anything about zionism...just look for "2012 olympics, zion" and you will see that the 2012 logo can easily be scrambled to spell "zion" in the order of "2102".

Proof of such technology you say? Sure, this is the amazing capability of it only in the current year of 2009. Imagine by 2012 what it will look like. They have created a fake laser, holographic made projection of "mythical" creature sea life in the waters at the location of the following news clip. They are trying to get us used to the idea of life on other planets, thats why 2 astronauts have come out saying that they exist and we "need to know" this puts the bug in our mind/ear/brain to accept it, thats why all this weird nasa planet info is being released in the news almost everyday with new discoveries. There is much more to this and i can go on all day, but here is that video i was talking about:

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posted on Apr, 30 2009 @ 01:08 AM
Another 2012 sheep. So all this information just suddenly appeared. Why was there never any mention of 2012 anywhere before 1999...hmmmm? you want to know why, because 2012 is the new craze, as was 2000 but since that did not work out let's move to the next end of times. Can't wait for the new date after 2012 does not work out

posted on Apr, 30 2009 @ 01:29 AM
Youre not paying attention. This isnt end of times stuff, as i said because of the craze its a perfect time to pull this because it will lend to the fake credibility. In 99 and before that the knowledge of the mayan calender wasnt in trend mode but i knew plenty of people who discussed where the calender ends. You act as if im a "sheep" who just talked about the apocolypse in my post rather than a manipulated event. I can only guess you don't know how to read?


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