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All That Was Left

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posted on Apr, 29 2009 @ 10:07 PM
All THat Was Left---Prologue

The sounds of dying long gone, they had make quick work of these ones. Yet there was a sense of emptiness within him. Strange, he thought for usually there was simply content, another job done, another country conquered.

This had been different. As he walked through the blood soaked plane, he could not help but think if it had been justified. Children these ones were, no older than 16 he figured.

They had certainly fought like men, but in the face of the army of shadows, they had nothing to loose. Little did they know. With the bodies piled in the center of the clearing, the Necromancers began their rituals.

Rasing the dead was a feat seldom accomplished, even for the most skilled of the adept. The incatations were not very hard, the items required easily found, the problem was timing. Adults moved into the after life quickly, souls departing within minutes of death.

However, children were much different, the innocence and thrill of living made most of their souls linger, just long enough to assimilate them as new soldiers. This was the their goal.

As the air became charged, he felt a ball begin to form in his stomach. Of all the things he had done, of all the people killed and all the wars fought over his very long existance, the death of children had never sat right with him.

The first began to rise, the soul still twisted and wailing as the memories were erased and the light of the eyes slowly dimmed. "Take your place among your bretheren" the Captain called as he kicked the poor child over. "You are a true warrior now, forget all you have done, forget all that you knew, we are now your only purpose".

He could watch no more.

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posted on May, 17 2009 @ 11:26 AM
Dark, but thought provoking. I would like to see where this goes from the way it ended.

You have caught my attention.....more to come?

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