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Phoenix lights - my friend's experience

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posted on Apr, 29 2009 @ 09:39 PM
This is my first post, hello. First of all, I am not big on conspiracy theories. But I do believe we've been lied to about this subject. Note that its not much much a bigger lie than any other of the lies like the the whistleblowing on waterboarding, the war in Iraq, etc. I would like to blow the flare theory out of the water about the Phoenix lights. I know with near certainty that we have been misinformed.

This is not debating where the object came from, but more that it was there physically in the sky.

The Problem:
Let's pretend we would want to deceive people, or mislead them on a story. What would we do? How about replicating the experience so they elicit the same response as the first time, but with more conventional tools so its absolutely provable? Yeah, in this case flares. When people recognize the new lights as the phoenix lights, they would naturally think back "oh, then what we saw last time was the same thing, now it all makes sense." To the average person, I imagine this is the response.

As the story goes, there were two sightings- the flare sighting and the original sighting In fact, this has been done with enough success that it had people questioning the first sighting. The first sighting did not have any of these obvious clues as the second one. Through a little cleverness they had people questioning their own beliefs. It's a shame but it looks like attempting to dilute witness testimony.

I remember some stories about people talking about the phoenix lights covering the stars. It was an opaque object that flew low and slow. This is one thing flares could never do, unless they were the size of hundreds of hot air balloons and only casted a light in a single point. Keep this in mind.

The Experience:
One day I was talking to my friend randomly over coffee. She told me when lived in Phoenix back in 1997, one evening she had to walk her cousin home in her neighborhood. Keep in mind its unverifiable whether or not this was on the same exact day as the infamous sighting. Anyhow, she told me that suddenly the whole block and houses were suddenly were casted with a dark shadow. Something caused the whole block to just darken from some overcast in the sky and it startled both of them. The street just got dark, and she had no idea why. Before she told me this, she was NOT aware of the phoenix lights incident. In fact, I had to explain to her that her experience sounded like something I heard on the news a long time ago.

My friend had no knowledge of the incident, no particular interest in UFOs, yet had this very frighteningly familiar experience. It wasn't as if she was "looking for experiences" like some people do, it just happened out of nowhere. In the simplest of all situations, its more logical that this object did indeed exist, and possibly flew over more times than once in phoenix. Its really improbable that such things happen by chance since it is just so incredible in size.

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