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Read with Passion

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posted on Apr, 29 2009 @ 08:58 PM
For you. I started writing this in English, the first words thrown together clumsily, because they were just fleeting thoughts. The title is "Read with Passion" because.. well, it should be read with passion. I think I can do it pretty well, nearly made a girl on my bus cry
anyhorses, here's my poem....

"Read with Passion"

I wish I knew what else to say to you.
You never let me say goodbye.
Goodbye would break my heart into a million tiny pieces not even seen
By the human eye.
So you.
You never let me say goodbye.
Goodbye is a word
That could break down kingdoms
As it storms the gate, waving it's lance
Riding a horse of heartbreak shouting out words and wailing in grief like a deformed banshee it's face twisted in true,
So you never let me say goodbye.
Because to you.
Goodbye meant forever,
Like an endless winter as the flower seeds wait in the cold ground screaming for their release like an orgasm that would never come.
Only death.
Only cold harsh loneliness.
No wonder you never let me say goodbye.
"See you later"
The only words that came out of your mouth as I watched you slip away from me.
Even though you never spoke it,
I felt it strike me through the heart because I never wanted it to be true.
Until you stared me in the face.
And said it with the green sea of your eyes with their golden beaches and thick black trees.
I felt it screamed at me,
It's meaning leaving me deaf with it's unspoken silence.
Though you never wanted it said,
You said it.
But what was I to do with it?
The cold of my bed seeps into my throat,
Closing it tight,
So those
can't be spoke.
Just three words.
Oh why oh why can't I say them in your absence to the dark as it hovers over my dreams, Listening to my soul weeping at your departure.
I love-
Oh god I can't say them,
They close my throat and stop my hands as I write you a letter that you will never truly receive because,
You can't put your heart in an envelope.
I love you!
Three words screamed in ecstasy as my back arches with the force in which they are thrown at you.
I- admit defeat.
As I kneel before your unspoken words.
I love you.


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