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Settle Down

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posted on Apr, 29 2009 @ 08:30 PM
Not to downplay the potential threat of this "Swine Flu" or anything, but doesn't it seem like the panic level is getting a bit out of hand? I'm sure someone else has done threads on this but I've been sitting back and watching from an observer's perspective, so I'm not totally immersed in it.

The mainstream news in general is blowing it way out of proportion (can we agree on this?). But the facts show that we really shouldn't be overreacting just yet. I mean, just yesterday CNN ran a story about how regular flu kills something like 10,000 people in the US alone each year (a surprising counter to their CONSTANT coverage of swine flu). So far we have one death from Swine Flu in the US, and it was a 22-month old infant who was actually a Mexican citizen. Most of the people I've been talking to (central NY state), are essentially agreeing that it's just way overblown at this point.

You might say "BUT THERE'S NO VACCINE!!! GET YOUR GUNS AND STOCK UP ON FOOD!" So what? Vaccines are bullsh*t anyway (which I'm sure you all know). The best way to avoid the flu is wash your hands frequently, don't share food/drinks with people, stay healthy, eat right, etc. etc. Have some vitamins handy.

I think the WHO "threat level" is being purposely jacked up in order to cause panic. And now we come here to ATS to see that they too are jumping on the "end of the f*cking world" bandwagon with their bigass flashing red banner that's shoving the WHO's message right in your face. Has ATS been compromised? I mean, they're not making any kind of money off of the "fear factor," so the only thing that makes sense to me is that they're either completely ignorant and have been sucked in or that they are being compromised by the PTB. Either one is possible.

See, they (PTB) know the general public responds to fear of, well, anything. And they know the "truthers" have been waiting for the pandemic for a long time. So they put out some minor new flu strain and shove the threat in your face all day via every means possible to get you to panic and do something stupid, then they can do the whole lockdown/forced vaccinations/martial law thing if they see fit. The tactics only work if they get the response they're looking for. Without that, it's nothing. And so far we're giving it to them. I'm sort of amazed that ATS has fallen into the trap as well with their red fear banner all over the damn place.

That is not to say that something serious may yet be coming, but really, wait until it ACTUALLY gets to that point before you start flipping out about it. Otherwise the ones you despise so much will look at you and say "too easy." Carte blanche.

Anyways, we'll see how it unfolds. Keep it real.


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posted on Apr, 29 2009 @ 08:42 PM
Yes it is getting out of hand,the MSM,ATS and many members are falling for tricks that we should all know better not to fall into.Course there should always be cause for concern when a new strain of virus that can transmit from person to person is discovered, but this is just ridiculous and so are the amount of threads being created and reiterating the exact same thing with slightly different wording.

posted on Apr, 29 2009 @ 08:46 PM
hmmm the thread title of this says it all!!!!! SETTLE DOWN! dont try and stop our minds with your seriously long posts spouting nothing but garbage! especially uner the title " SETTLE DOWN "

this is a hype you cannot stop! this is a worried collective waiting and hoping for a positive answer! be it one day or twelve weeks, we will all contiinue to be worried! why shouldnt we be?? humanity is at risk yes??? ( and dont hit me with humanity is " always " at risk!! ) now it has become a physical not mental risk!!!

posted on Apr, 29 2009 @ 09:02 PM

Originally posted by Free4Ever2
hmmm the thread title of this says it all!!!!! SETTLE DOWN! dont try and stop our minds with your seriously long posts spouting nothing but garbage! especially uner the title " SETTLE DOWN "

this is a hype you cannot stop! this is a worried collective waiting and hoping for a positive answer! be it one day or twelve weeks, we will all continue to be worried! why shouldnt we be?? humanity is at risk yes??? ( and don't hit me with humanity is " always " at risk!! ) now it has become a physical not mental risk!!!

Fear and paranoia is playing into their hands, and doesn't help anyone. All you will do is damage your own health by getting so stressed.

Don't mistake staying calm with being blinkered to what may be going on, you can see more clearly and think more effectively if you don't get wound up and stressed out.

posted on Apr, 29 2009 @ 09:04 PM
SETTLE DOWN , I would love to but I do the math and it's pretty serious, there have been a ton of posts related to the 1918 pandemic that make me go hmm, might be an interesting autum.
I'am not a scientist but this all looks strange , anybody think that the numbers that are being bounced around are real??
Seems like the contradictions are endless, 150 dead in mexico or is it 7 ?
I don't know ,we are truely living in interesting times

posted on Apr, 29 2009 @ 09:18 PM
reply to post by frostback

I have never seen or heard 7 in Mexico only far over 100. I first heard 7 known cases in the U.S. and then 8 and today a young child in Texas died. Other than that I don’t think it is that serious. I recall last year or the year prior there being a huge scare or the bird flu and people freaking out (even on here as this time as well) in the end nothing came of it. I believe this will pass just as easily as the last time.

That is not to say I am not cautious to be negligent would be foolish. Wash your hands and don’t touch your face until they are clean. If someone coughs or sneezes near you go and clean yourself up. Getting upset and worried will only make you sick quicker by weakening your immune system.

This swine flu is not the worry people are making of it. Getting nervous and fearful will cause you to make mistakes that can bite you in the rear.


posted on Apr, 29 2009 @ 09:21 PM
Is it manbirdpig? Or is it just now pig? The latest possible flu pandemic, that is. Actually, I am settled down. But I happen to enjoy hoopla, as I usually remain within the confines of Heathen Crest Acre.
And I watch it in amusement. We don't get a discernable truth, usually. I remarked to my wife today, at first it was a combination flu, now it's a singular flu. It's nothing to get worried about, but yet it's a possible pandemic, but don't worry. Goverment reactions vary from day to day, hour to hour. No organization seems to be in accord over all this flu stuff.
We are being kept in the dark about many things. I agree, don't go overboard on such things, but keep your eyes and ears attuned, always. As for me, I believe we get truth early on in an event, but later TPTB tries to change the truth. Roswell comes to mind. I believe the original reports from the US government on this incident. It was later that the truth was retracted and the misinformation began.

posted on Apr, 29 2009 @ 09:39 PM
I agree with the op.They want you to panic it makes it easier to make everyone into slaves,man be concerned and watchful but don't buy into "OMG tis the end!"
fear is the real pandemic here.

posted on Apr, 29 2009 @ 09:40 PM
reply to post by suterlaben

I think your absolutely correct!! This has been blown way out of proportion no one has died of this flu anywhere in the U.S. except for Mexico in which in another thread here that there was only 7 actual deaths from the flu in Mexico.
To be honest I am not even worried about this and I think its extremely stupid to panic over something you can not actually do anything about other than keep yourself clean and if you do have the flu in which of course your going to be in bed away from non-infected people.

And this whole, "martial law" is even more dumb than the flu itself!! I mean seriously what is the martial law going to do if someone has the flu? shoot them? Oh yeah that really helps out a lot.

posted on Apr, 29 2009 @ 11:10 PM
I can see the point of the hysteria, it would be very easy to repeat the 1917-18 outbreak especially now that healthcare is being depleted through budget cuts, but basically it is bored media personalities jumping on the flavor of the moment, oops, bandwagon. The company I work for is refusing to publish stories though they are running preventive care tips online and verified stats of where cases are occuring. I smell a bunch of mediocre reporters and producers eyeing this for next year's (worthless) journalism awards.

posted on Apr, 30 2009 @ 12:51 AM
Wow the OP is clueless. THe MSM isnt even reporting most of the cases. The problem isnt the swine flu itself. The problem is when the hospitals get overwhelmed and Dr's start dying. You will see hospitals close in large areas. When we run out of ventilators people will start dropping like flies end of story. I wish all these disinfo people would just have a nice cup of stfu. You know absolutely nothing about the situation and thats why youre not worried.

posted on Apr, 30 2009 @ 12:57 AM
Good, but now I have reports that someone infected in India was going around India 2 days prior to his quarantine... imagine how many people he could have infected?

And can you imagine martial law in India? IMPOSSIBLE.

And even if the whole thing is hyped, THEY ARE TRYING MARTIAL LAW.

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posted on Apr, 30 2009 @ 01:21 AM
I agree everyone needs to settle down ...especially some of the posters I have read here at ATS in the last few days ....Seriously how old are some of the posters who are stocked locked and ready ? That scares me more than the Swine Flu or Martial law ..they may be the main reason why they will have to call a Martial law ..(because of complete paranoia from this younger generation all packing heat (SHEESHH GOD HELP US ) .........AND GOD HELP ALL OF YOU ......

PRAYING that the mindset that has been on this board lately (especially the young gun slingers or at least those bragging on it ) is not the mindset that the general public has during serious situations like the one we may be heading into soon ..................

If I run into one of you please feel free to just shoot me ..cause I sure dont want to end up having to deal with this kind of behaviour during all of the serious stuff coming .............

We ALL need to keep a clear head if we want to get through it all .........

posted on Apr, 30 2009 @ 02:14 AM
I am fully aware that this could possibly become a bigger issue but the point of my post was to say that we shouldn't be in all out panic mode yet. Even if it becomes widespread we should try to keep a level head. If they do try some kind of martial law thing then it will be our reaction to it that determines how it unfolds. If we all start going bonkers then they will tighten the grip, if we keep our cool and show that we don't need to be herded like animals then they will have to back off.

False flag operations have that sort of formula to them. They produce an event, and then they determine how much they can get out of it based on peoples' reactions.

I mean, with a flu outbreak, what are people on ATS more scared of? Getting sick (possibly very sick), or are they afraid that this is part of some kind of "end game" scenario? If your answer is the latter, then I think you would be well advised to stay calm. Of course, everyone handles these things differently. I'm glad some people are agreeing with me on this. But I can understand the other viewpoint as well. This whole situation smells pretty suspicious, regardless.

posted on Apr, 30 2009 @ 04:19 AM

Originally posted by Raist
reply to post by frostback

I have never seen or heard 7 in Mexico only far over 100. I first heard 7 known cases in the U.S. and then 8 and today a young child in Texas died.

Actually WHO released a statement a couple of days ago:

Swine influenza - update 4

28 April 2009--The situation continues to evolve rapidly. As of 19:15 GMT, 28 April 2009, seven countries have officially reported cases of swine influenza A/H1N1 infection. The United States Government has reported 64 laboratory confirmed human cases, with no deaths. Mexico has reported 26 confirmed human cases of infection including seven deaths.


I definitely think the media is using this as the latest fear device, given that everyone has grown accustomed to the financial crisis plus the Middle East has been relatively calm of late. But at the same time, pandemics have happened before and they will likely happen again. It's impossible to say just how far-reaching the consequences of this imminent pandemic will be. I'm not sure how concerned to be, but I do know the MSM cannot be trusted to tell me how concerned I should be.

posted on Apr, 30 2009 @ 04:25 AM
reply to post by suterlaben

"Settle down" yourself.

Issuing orders to people is not endearing, and I have no idea why you have stars for this pathetic thread. For one thing, this has been said (in nicer terms) in a lot of posts.

posted on May, 1 2009 @ 09:19 AM
Was I issuing orders? No. I was giving my viewpoint. And I acknowledged that this had probably been said before. My post was a response to the big huge red bar that's appearing on ATS (sort of pushed me over the proverbial "edge") because I felt the fear mongering was inappropriate, especially for this site. Pathetic thread? Why? Most people here are agreeing with my points. And I've said that I understand the other view, but I have offered my own. I thought that was understood. And before you go talking about "nicer terms" you should try to give your opinion in such terms yourself.

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