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Outline of a Science Fiction Novel, 'Yet Another Chemtrail Conspiracy Theory'

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posted on Apr, 29 2009 @ 06:15 PM
Or, 'How to Committ Suicide by Shooting Yourself in the Back of the Head'
(...since 'Jumping Out of a Ten Story Building' has apparently already been used.)
(Tell me I don't have an imagination).

Dedicated to Lt Col Philip Corso and to truth everywhere.

Disclaimer: This is all purely conjecture. I believe ALL forms of conjecture on the chemtrail subject are valid talking points until there is complete transparency on all aerial spraying operations. I may be right, I may be wrong- I don't know what is truth or what is fiction. Thereaby I'm NOT in violation of any confidential security clearance by knowingly disclosing any classified information:.))

Any resemblance to real events is entirely coincidental...or not.


The year was 2001. America was feeling strong and mighty with a warrior at the helm. Chemtrails had been around for awhile- since at least the early 70's. They had been tested against a few million Ethiopians and they were quite effective at causing drought. This was proved again during the Bosnian-Serbian thing when chemtrail high pressure was sprayed over the adriatic ocean thus keeping the area under extreme drought to help NATO operations. Millions had been spent perfecting aerial methods of chemical warfare, but how to USe it?

Ch 1. The grandest conspiracy of all.

An interesting thing about chemtrail planes. They push the air down. When a chemtrail plane flies over, a few seconds later a puff of air comes down and blows on the ground. When there is extreme chemtrail spraying on a winters' day, it makes (my) chimney want to back-up with smoke. One could use that downward puff of air to deliver a payload, say down to the ground, that was sprayed at a lower altitude than the original chemtrail that was used to cause the puff of air to come down (as an enabler). Not only that, you could use the backed-up stale air caused from the chemtrail high-pressure to keep the delivery of the payload, at ground level over the desired area for a long period of time.

Ch 2. Experimentation and implementation.

Two jets fly together as a team at high altitude. Both carry different chemicals that form chemtrail clouds when combined together in the sky (This was necessary because the old style chemtrails were recieving too much attention by leaving behind too obvious trails). After a few day's of high pressure build-up from this spraying; a very low flying super tanker, that has four huge nozzles of spray that disintegrates into parallel tracks that writhe and form circle rings, flies over the chemtrailed, populated areas spraying flu immunization. This flu immunization is pushed down to the ground by the higher chemtrail plane's high pressure. Sure, some people complained of fevers or flu-like symptoms. But, for most, it just seemed like normal colds. Still, there had to be further experimentation of delivery methods of LIVE, biological materials and so dead flu protein immunizations weren't gonna do, therefore experimentation with live e-coli and salmonella were conducted over the populace (since they were common and easily disguised live biological agents). From this it was shown that children and SCHOOLS seem to be most affected. There had to be a better way. Ahh, You hold "community events" like fishing derby's or autumn/spring/summer festivals to gather remote people together and time it so that you can spray the hell out of them with flu immunization while they are in one spot (plus this helps to have medical personnel on hand to deal with the few causalties/collapses that the spraying is invariably responsible for...instead of having EM.Pers. swamped and spread out throughout the county). Oh, you kill off any microbiologists that were involved and you stock-pile anti-flu drugs. Finally they were ready. Conventional warfare just wasn't gonna do.

Ch 3. You are either with US or against US.
Unconventional warfare/Population Control 101/NWO

The year was 2009. With the major powers in 'The Know' (...after all it is the US Treasury in charge of weather modifications), The world economy was deliberately 'tanked' as a precurser to the main event. And so, after years of US being innoculated under the weather control/high pressure method (and also experiencing the corresponding disasters such as tornadoes, floods, droughts, and global climate change), 'They' were ready and IT was released worldwide. A marvel of genetic science. A human-avian-swine flu. All the countries that were WITH US, recieved years of low levels of innoculations against it. Those that were against US, didn't. For example, Brazil was with US. They got the innoculation (and incidental tornadoes, drought and other crazy weather). Argentina wasn't (they just got the drought from Brazil's operation), ...neither was Mexico (They just got the Tobasco floods from our operation). Sit back and wait. Do you enjoy the lottery (with stacked odds)? This one makes the AID's-hepatitus vaccine conspiracy pale in comparison.

Ch 4. Aren't we glad we got sprayed...or, Now who's laughing.
Ch 5. Retaliation.
Ch 6. The End.

(I haven't finished the last three chapters yet- so I'm only half way through this sci-fi conspiracy. What a trip.)

posted on May, 1 2009 @ 08:36 PM
i don't really think AIDS is gonna pale in comparison to swine flu.

i'm willing to give it a few weeks, but still.

[edit] transposed some words there, oops.

[edit on 2-5-2009 by The Parallelogram]

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