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"Fema will save us!" (looking for a video)

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posted on Apr, 29 2009 @ 04:15 PM
I do hope I chose the right forum. If not, I appreciate mod assistance in deleting/ moving the thread :

A long time ago on ATS, I followed a link to a YouTube video. It was a video fictional account of the aftermath of a global flu pandemic and centered on one family. I am trying to find it again, but have been miserably unsuccessful. Description to follow - if anyone has any idea the video, I would be eternally grateful. I know I'm doing something silly, but I've been all over YouTube and can't find the thread or video.

In advance, I thank you for any help you may have.

A family of 3. Dad is the prepared one and had basic supplies (food, water, generator, gun) ready to rock for his family. Mom - a nervous Nellie who is basing everything on the thought that "Fema will come" to save them. The daughter is a very cliche teenager who wheels, deals, and turns her eventual illness into a way of getting what she wants.

The Action: The daughter falls ill. She convinces Dad to let her use the generator to watch a new DVD (her b-day present). He goes out to find more gas to replace what Daughter is using. When he gets home, he forgets to bring in the ladder (they only enter through the second floor of the house) and "friends" of the family break in. They kill dad, hurt mom, and threaten the kid. At the end, Mom kills the guys and sinks down to the floor crying. Daughter asks what they will do, Mom onkly replies something like "Fema will come!"

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