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Who are Ufologists Skeptics Debunkers or Believers ?

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posted on Apr, 29 2009 @ 03:08 PM
This should be interesting in many ways .
Earth based Ufologists who take the subject very seriously and are looking for answers regarding Life elsewhere coming to Planet Earth.
The Seti program on Earth is used for this purpose ,Nasa is looking for life and then Ufologists are seeking proof of the existance of UFOs.

So lets take a look at this area who has the proof that these skeptics on earth need .
Lets not leave out the debunkers in Ufology .
They also play a purpose in this aswell.
On Earth a group calling themselves the Contactee's met at Giant Rock in the 1960's with others from around the country sharing direct contact with beings and or people from other Worlds .

Many at that time period in Earth history talked of regular meetings with Men and Women from other Planets .

A Dr Frank E Stranges speaks of Valiant Thor in the Book Stranger From The Pentagon based on Dr Stranges true encounters with Valiant Thor from Venus .

People like Dr Stranges were in the early days what Ufologists were made of .

Today it appears modern day Ufology is filled with debunkers ,Skeptics and those that wish to use the word for other agenda's then seeking the truth of what is in those UFOs in the sky .

Ufologists love to chase a good UFO story but how many of those modern Ufologists today in 2009 believe in the subject they are involved in ?

Can Spirituality and Cosmic area's even be connected to Ufology or is it all about being nuts and bolts science logical?

Are all the video's being presented fake on Youtube and elsewhere ?

Who decides what is a fake video and a real video ?

Lots of questions here.

I am operating in the mode of wanting to truly understand Earth based Ufologists and what makes someone on Earth a Ufologist .

So lets see where this goes now and have a most enlightening discussion .

Blessings and Peace

posted on Apr, 29 2009 @ 03:38 PM
I am a tin foil hat wearing skeptic debunker. Skepticism is good! Actually its funny you posted this, because I just got finished with a long debate re: the London UFO that has just dazzled ATS. We debated why it could and could not be a hoax and then discovered that it was in fact a hoax. That is the beauty of investigation. When you mix two parties of opposite views together, things tend to become much clearer. In a sense that puts all the debunkers, skeptics and pure beleivers into the ufologist category because in essence we are all working to get to the bottom of the UFO phenomenon. SETI looks for ET via signals in outer space. NASA is doing this with a telescope. The Ufologist investigates whether or not they are visiting earth. In essence we are all reaching out for life outside of our own little world here. It seems to be very natural to do so. Sure I beleive that alien life has and still does visit our world. However my conclusions are based off of the preponderance of the evidence. Therefore I approach the UFO phenomenon with a level head.

You can include spirituality into the UFO community but it is not solely based upon these principles. Personally I look at evidence be it historical, video, accounts, documents etc. Then draw a conclusion based on the evidence. (still letting myself accept it may or may not be alien based on what the evidence shows me.) In essence a Ufology is an investigative science that has no room for bias either way. Skepticism is good. Belief / disbelief are also good. The happy medium between all of them is best.

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