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posted on Apr, 29 2009 @ 12:09 PM
Dear community,

I've browsed this web site many time, and often wondered, why are they talking about this stuff? Why are they focusing on this stuff?

At first I understood the concern over UFOs and conspiracies...but as time has gone by, and I find myself marginalized by the system (and particularly an esoteric group who call themselves God like everyone else...) I have taken on a deep and serious consideration of some of the topics discussed here.

As I look back at the last twenty years I now realize that I was getting vital information from non-traditional sources. I choose to ignore it and not believe it when I was young. Now, after being completely scr*wed (can I use that word?) out of just about everything by system robots, I am finally waking up to the fact that humans have been sold up the river by those that like to smile to our faces.

I'm very interested in community, but not if it individualistic and self-serving. There is a multi-dimensional and multi-levelled war against humans by "the machine." It is important , in my opinion, to not only talk about the issues, and to maintain tight personal-information security, but to actually do something together.

I used to look at homeless people, and according to the culture I was raised in, I used to think things like: "looser," "scumbag," and "he probably deserves it." But after receiving a lot of information, I realized that most of those people who are marginalized have done nothing wrong. Perhaps their only mistake was telling the truth to the wrong people. Some of them choose to go that route in order to avoid the machine. I applaud them!

I'm a lot older now, and see "reality" completely differently.

The division and ownership of land by system conformists means that those of us who have relatively free-minds are painted black and not allowed to settle. Performing essential survival activities such as building shelters and growing non-contaminated food and drinking non-fluoride waters!

I would like to suggest that a small group (at first) organize and buy cheap land in Canada (I have one contact for the land.) As an example, a pretty decent chunk of remote land split between, say, four people would require a deposit of 500 each with payments of 250 to 300 a month for three years or so. Obviously, we could make short work of that. We could help others who are actually good souls scr*wed over by the system, as well as detoxing ourselves from many, many toxins (mind-control being just one of them.)

This land (and other equipment) could be bought through an incorporated shelf company to help hide people involved.

It's nice to be here. You can call me Bob.

You can reach me at
For ecrypted email please set up a free account at hushmail and email me at:

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