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Swine Flu: Leraël coming? Teotihuacan. City of the Gods, Felipe Solis Olguin/Obama connection

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posted on Apr, 29 2009 @ 07:47 AM
Obama visit mexico to meet archeologist that die the day after for cardiac attack.

Later more news on this topic comes:

Yesterday, the museum was shut, in common with most public attractions in Mexico City, and the nation's Health Minister confirmed that Mr Solis had died of pneumonia – but that it was not thought he had contracted swine flu.

And also

Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was asked by AURN's April Ryan, repeatedly, about the President's contact with Solis, to which he replied that he would check on the story. Gibbs repeatedly reiterated that the President's doctors had given him a clean bill of health.

Victim died of a heart attack this morning archaeologist Felipe Solis Olguin, an expert on Mexican culture and director of the National Museum of Anthropology (MNA), who oversaw the final details of the great exhibition "Teotihuacan. City of the Gods," which opens the May 18.

So i did some research about Teotihuacan and found this

hat you see in the picture is what happened in the first fifteen minutes, when the sky filled with what many described as "angels". The sky turned purple. There was a man standing at the top of the main Teotihuacan pyramid. Some people say he just appeared. There was a sound like rolling thunder, and all present heard this huge deep voice call out a man's name. One of the angels hovered over the top of the pyramid, and this beautiful blue light came down directly on the man, and the voice said "You have done well... From this day forward, you are Leraël. You shall be the god of the chosen. You will teach them love and compassion, and you will prepare them for what is to come". With that the light intensified, and it almost seemed like the light was liquid as it cascaded down the pyramid. The pyramid began to vibrate and shimmer. The man was entirely engulfed in the light. It flowed completely over the pyramid and onto the ground. None of us ran, we could all feel intense love as it flowed over us. The man was lifted in the beam above the crowd and spoke. He said "As one who came before me instructed, so must I. Faith comes not from sight. You may not record the day or the time of what you have witnessed, nor do I wish you to spread my message based on what you have seen, but instead upon the truth I shall reveal. I will allow only one proof of this event, but from here on, we shall only speak of the purpose of my ascension, and your salvation". With that the light got even brighter, and nothing could be seen but the light. There was the most indescribably beautiful music, and a feeling of all encompassing love and understanding. Then suddenly everything was gone, and the area was back to normal. Everyone felt like we were in the light for hours, but only a few minutes had passed.

more on :

A video posted here about it also

The video state about apocalypse in 2008, moved then to 2010...(as i can read from text over it) Of course not all this info can be 100% precise. but one thing is scary:

If successful it will kill millions. This will give them world control in preparation for 2012.

Watch the video and tell me if you start to wonder.....

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