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Kuwait declares Military Zone...

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posted on Feb, 5 2003 @ 12:57 PM
(from CNN)

" KUWAIT'S DECLARATION: The Kuwaiti Defense Ministry said Tuesday that all the northern territories -- comprising more than half of Kuwait -- will become a military zone effective February 15. Much of the area, northwest of Kuwait City, is already being used by U.S. military forces, but a large section is made up of recreational camps used by Kuwaitis and farms inhabited by several thousand foreign workers. The order means that no civilians will be allowed to enter the area and foreign workers who live there will have to be evacuated. "

Note the 15th...

Yeah, I know, I'll eat my hat when the 15th is just another day...hehe...

Another tidbit: (also from CNN)

Bulgaria's Foreign Minister, Solomon Passy, said Iraq should fall in line with the Security Council resolution by February 14 -- the next briefing of the council by its chief weapons inspectors -- or be forced to do so. "

[Edited on 5-2-2003 by Gazrok]

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