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You do not need brains to see the conspiracy everywhere

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posted on Apr, 28 2009 @ 10:14 PM
I checked out this afternoon and was amazed to see the obvious BS of the MSM and the reason V for Vendetta (the movie) was a message for action against authorities.

Story 1: Taser Experts Story (way too obvious)

"Two “experts” who both admit to being paid by Taser International said that they don’t believe the five Taser jolts inflicted on Robert Dziekanski contributed to his death"


Remember the movie "Thank You For Smoking" how the tobacco companies conduct their own scientific research into tobacco???

Second story is about the Swine Flu (way too obvious again)

"OTTAWA — Canada stepped up its screening measures at airports Tuesday to check passengers returning from Mexico for swine flu symptoms amid news that the virus has now infected 13 Canadians in four different provinces.

Seven new cases were confirmed Tuesday — two in Alberta, four in Ontario and one in British Columbia — adding to six announced Sunday. All have links with travel to Mexico, where the illness is suspected of killing more than 150 people and of sickening more than 1,600".


and then in the same breath...or link if you will from expertise states that this influenza was known in the 30s as a pig problem, as the story reads...

"Swine influenza is a common and sometimes fatal respiratory disease among pigs, first identified in 1930, that is caused by a Type A influenza virus. Normally the disease is specific only to pigs. But sometimes pigs can harbour more than one flu virus at one time, which enables the pathogens to mix genes. As a result, a new viral strain emerges that can cross the species barrier to humans, starting with people in contact with infected pigs. The latest threat is a strain of the H1N1 type of flu virus".


What is hilarious is that they state there is a cure for pigs, but not for humans lol.
Of course they knew 80 years ago about a farm animal virus called swine flu, but in all these years the medical establishment is not advanced enough to have a vaccine for humans???

RLMAO, V fo Vendetta, the TRUE STORY, not a movie. Justice is based on the law of politics, and politics is based on the law of greed, welcome to planet "I want more than the next guy".

Anyways, my heart goes out to the victims who are going to be sacrificed because our population is so well controlled by the few and by the REAL CRIMINALS, the people working in police departments who will KILL YOU to protect the authorities right to SLOWLY KILL YOU, lol.

Welcome to Planet Earth, and if you are a human, best wishes on your inevitable demise. After all, these people in ILLUSION believing they are authority will hurt you and smile and lie in your face as they destroy your life...all for a cheque lol.

Authority (definition): The manipulation of one person over another by means of threat, intimidation or violence. Otherwords, CRIMINAL!!!

I feel great now, have a good day all.

P.S. If "cops" as they are so commonly referred to are so beneficial to our community, then why the hell do people panic on the roads when one is driving behind them? Answer: Police are the number one enemy of the public, that's why! Police are disliked across the globe, not just the country.

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