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contemplating painful possibilities and a rationale thought to help

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posted on Apr, 28 2009 @ 09:40 PM
give the ugly possibiliity an option of being Unbiasedly contemplated.

When we deal with painful thoughts and wether or not to believe certain things be it conspiratory stuff or different thing that doesn't get the amount of attention it should

is our psychological protection mechanisms.

For instance how many people wether they admit it or not would not like to contemplate wether the people that our supposed to protect us could have infact carried out a terrorist attack.....often times people may be frozen in fear of this thought....and a knee jerk reaction is to believe what ever it takes to dismiss this....the mind can do this quiet easily......often times the mind protects people from looking into things that may cause some mental anquish.....even though people may not realize that are dismissing something for this reason.

regarding 9/11 i think more people would be open to looking at the potential inside attack version...if they could CONVINCE Themselves they could still feel safe yet believe the gov't or intelligency agency or whoever that is supposed to be "good" did it.......i think when people think in a rationale manner about this they would realize .......that even if the CIA / gov't / etc "did it" people would still have a better chance of drowning or getting Tuberculosis than being killed by a gov't false flag operation to perpetuate a anglo american imperialstic agenda which includes securing natural resources and giving an excuse for military operations to be closer to the russia and china mainland should we decide to weaken them to maintain our anglo american dominance in the next century


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