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Possession and Aquisitions Licences and who needs them?

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posted on Apr, 28 2009 @ 05:04 PM
Hi all,
With all of the conversation regarding a Bug out scenario and SitX in the future, a very good and old friend of mine and I had a conversation about his rifles and what if he bought in to a SitX scenario.
He has his firearms registered and does hunt with them and he offered (in a sitx situation) to give me a rifle and 400 rounds to defend myself and my family no questions asked.
Now, I am of the belief that I would head for the foothills of the Rockies and find a stream and stick it out there a good distance from my nearest town. Therefore using a rifle for food mainly and defense second. If the SHTF and unregistered people were using guns and shot someone else, my feeling is is that when and if everything cooled off you would be brought to justice either by the government or a lynch mob. Regardless of whether your gun is legally yours or not, I do not believe will matter a lot. A murder is a murder, self defense or not, registered or non-registered.

Men and women will form pockets where they will protect and care for each other and local government will break down. In this case, it would most certainly be your pocket group that will either allow you a weapon like a rifle or not depending on your personality and track record in the group. If it came to murdering an invader, your group will shield you from any eventuality with the law in the future.

I firmly think that while people are frantically buying up silver and gold, one should consider the real value of a rifle, shotgun or handgun for trade and protection. Personally, I feel most people whether they want to or not will be a member of a group and by having a weapon and a few hundred rounds would be an asset to the group regardless or where that weapon came from.

That being said, I took the offer and hope to got never need to cash it in.
What are your thoughts?


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