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The Other Story... Liberal Feminism

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posted on Apr, 28 2009 @ 10:03 AM
For over fifty years, America has existed, until the war on terror, within the advancing influence of dark issues held in an unholy alliance not unlike the evil shepherds of ancient witchery. These flippant and wicked forces work within the broadcastors of today’s pop-culture to conjure lies for political power-gains to control the uneducated and uninformed masses (80%of the population). Much of America’s Media is culpable in the perpetuation of this liberally controlled alliance.

Issues once held “hallowed” have been “positioned” by liberals into fallacies that corrupt American strategy against terrorism and human freedom. Aid and comfort to the enemy has been the apparent result of such positioning. It seems their (liberals) selfishness is more important than a nation's security or its individual freedoms. To maintain a national will is counter to their strategy to perpetrate division and fragmentation for selfish gain to their “power” desires.

Frequently, their rhetoric borders on sedition or treason rather than patriotism…and all of this is amplifying today, in this critical time of a war against terror brought on by September 11, 2001 or 9/11. With friends like this, who needs enemies? All of America needs to stand in unison behind a war against our national interests and the perpetuation of our revered freedom from fear.

Psychological warfare is the reality of the methodology used by liberals associated with the Democratic Party. It represents a wealth of brainpower designed to create discourse in our nation for their power needs. With insurmountable ties to academic professionals, the party has access to some of the best practitioners of propaganda expertise. Their system is to break down moral fiber and amplify self-indulgent behavior in the electorate. These researchers who profess knowledge of sophisticated propaganda techniques, target audiences preoccupied with their own hardened narcissistic pursuits. Hedonistic music and visual amplification of such can be found within all they purvey and strive to create points of civil contention.

Liberal Feminism is the human leveraging tool of the Democratic Party's strategists. This shallow mindset represents an impertinence against serious issues that were once part of our national founding principles. Their mission seems pointed at a tendency of human preoccupation with the self rather than an understanding of our national well being for the long term. Domestic issues are reinforced and touted over national security to drive a wedge into our societal makeup. Many in this audience, stir away from any immersion into the political reality until a “sound-bite-moment” prior to the election and then pen their future on false hype.

This barefaced liberality is birthed and sheathed within the womb of the Democratic Party and then unleashed for any campaign against its vested interests. Its focus and appeal is to our more feminine side and has lately penetrated and metastasized within the mentality of our insecurities and fears as never before. It has recently burgeoned into public acceptance through advertising, marketing strategy and reiteration of the same dismissive slogans and messages broadcast by a one-sided media seeking to change America psychologically if not morally and sexually. If this can be accomplished, they will create a nation "wussed" beyond the pale – one weak and acquiescent.

Many are unknowing participants in the spread of this selfish mentality, having been emotionally blackmailed via human leveraging methods built on amplification or allaying feelings of guilt not in line with our traditional moral existence. Such morality was once the base from which our nation issued forth set by our forefathers. Now honest citizens are being hyped by a strategy that impacts the selfish needs of individual wants rather than the future welfare of the many. It is high in self-oriented fulfillment not unlike the attitude of a spoiled and recalcitrant child.

posted on Apr, 28 2009 @ 10:05 AM
Some think:

Its appeal is through "soft-entry" slogans and diatribe of the "play nice" politically-correct paradigm of social engineering centered on appeasement or a permissive attitude. It suggests tolerance by its foe, but never shows such in return. It is liberalism's tool to attack and maintain the human psyche for "their" programmed manipulation. Once in this cauldron, escape is uncertain. Its calling is reiterated constantly through the media of major networks and newspapers via the liberal collective and their agenda, thus reinforcing their manipulative points. This strategy represents a co-opting of the human will designed to create a nation of easily milked cows.

Strategically placed federal practitioners (read liberal bureaucrats) have done the rest of the social engineering in collusion with their litigious bureaucrats emanating from the beltway of Washington D.C. This liberal attitude has amplified over the last 50 years via their politically emplaced media pundits developed via their strong hold in academic circles. Many of the aforementioned professionals are their own children. Almost as a "Coven of the Wussery", they have prepared our minds during those years of influence to be politically inept and patriotically dense. We are expected to be more concerned with the more feminine side of existence (showbiz existence) rather than the nation's security, which is positioned as a moot point and not very much fun.

[edit on 28-4-2009 by Orion Omegon]

posted on Apr, 28 2009 @ 10:13 AM
The Coven’s messages have been and currently are, couched in singular emotional truths such as “for the children” or “for the environment”—slogans for the bandwagon-effect of Informal Fallacy (lies clothed in tiny truths). These messages are usually found to be outright lies, upon critical dissection, but the sound bites are left in the Information-float (media) that we Americans swim in daily. As an example: Nationally, we have thrown money and programs into education, “for the children,” but the end product produces an adult population reading at less than an eighth grade level and getting dumber as our schools become administratively rich and teacher poor. Support by the liberal NEA provides another control point for the social engineering of our children and their mindsets. Other associations are also culpable in this one-sided manipulation that reaches into the mentality of many parents.

The characteristic methodology used by the Wussery is "soft entry” hype – designed to hook feminists, soccer-mom audiences or left-leaning kooks. Usually these short messages were powerful, emotional slogans designed to reinforce political correctness or an issue-oriented special interest group like the environmentalists. It always is pabulum for the pop-culture of the “thoroughly modern Madonnas” who pass it on via their “networked” cell phone collective.

The American public is completely saturated in liberal sound bites and to say that our nation is over 50 percent wussed-out by the feminist fallacy is an understatement. Though many of us are men, we feel like women. We have become emotional neurotics due to an overly sold pop-culture that is hell-bent on selfish-esteem and pandering. We have been made to play the game of politics as if deference and fawning were the watchwords that built our great culture in the past. But we are wrong. Reality was 9/11.

But, sweet, precocious little girls did not build this nation. It has been built by hardy ladies and gentlemen who were fearless of other nations and feared God’s fulfillment over potential immoral consequences. The Establishing Generations long ago had moral character and staying power that is now co-opted by the social engineering of the politically correct practitioners. An example of what we once were is reinforced by the recent funeral of Ronald Reagan. He was one in a billion. One we all should emulate.

Liberal Feminism springs from the shallows of precocious innocence that hides a most evil devil willing to strike an unsuspecting soul from underneath and within. Its smile is a grimace pasted on like smirks flashed by the high-kick chorus line. Smiling faces of the clown and pats on the back have become the "false tools" of the Coven. Playing false is the coven’s means to our end and its persona of innocence is a misrepresentation to our unsuspecting senses couched on “easy” street. It is just one big gay-old (the old version) time. This attitude continues to decay America's youth.

Men, who are preoccupied with the mundane, have become too comfortable to recognize the craft of the Wussery or the politically correct. They have been shunted out of the social mix as major players in a liberalized media focused on the female psyche and its perpetuation of eternal security. What women want is the focus and spearhead of the liberal charge at America’s mindset.

The tenets of emotional blackmail and informal fallacy have saturated every political and social issue presented by the liberal feminists. When faced with truth many liberals become loud and ranting – methods to co-opt another's defense via controlled chaos. Conversely, they routinely try to make a joke of an issue to tease away the pressure with a "soft-entry" method of cajole – isn’t life funny? Tears are not beyond the techniques of empowerment. These sly practitioners continue to cloud a patriot's convictions with the dictates of informal fallacy or lie positioned as truths. The selfishness of the temptress has become hard to defray now that it is part of their perceived persona via psychological hardening – "I'm worth it."

posted on Apr, 28 2009 @ 10:16 AM
Because their numbers are astronomical when it comes to support from media, advertising, entertainment and litigation, they have had the clout in all the right places to persuade and perpetuate their case. Compared to the population, the liberal femininists are small in numbers but their methods stress humanity’s overpowering desire for gratification, narcissism and nesting. Selfishness is their over powering trait. The left’s methods are sound-looped into the soft and complacent masses, where they are positioned, leveraged and sold as outright lies positioned as truths or the reality.

The factions that compose this escalating “coven of the wussery” are easily identified. They are those who would do anything to usurp power from any organization that seeks to conserve America’s foundations or our way of existence. If you are not part of their collective, you are their target and must be subsumed (see Rush Limbaugh). Abject evil is at the root of this wussing of America due to the ferocity evident in its attacks on George W. Bush, a president who tried to reach out to the opposition and had a war to buttress it to the people. Where is the union?

If the primary methodology is a lie presented as a truth, in persuading our humanity, then negative results always follow. If one were to analyze each and every means used to manipulate our freedoms away from us, the “Lie” is always found within the method. The use of Informal fallacy (see Aristotle’s list of fallacies) using a truth to conceal a lie is their touchstone. Lies can only be maintained by willing experts seeking to leverage an agenda through corrupt information hidden in a singular truth. Once their bandwagon begins to roll, the embedded media emplacements just fall into line in a roaring chorus.

When one knows the power of self-sustenance and rugged individualism driven by merit, the wussed alternative of victimization, narcissism and false-play seems like a no-brainer. But no—Liberalism created a passion for this alternative life-style positioned as a better power-vehicle for gays, women and politicians seeking to buy their votes. They have created the modern Stepford Wives Syndrome in their own image. Add the skills of the victim’s ploy, to divide and conquer, and a nation is ripe for the terrorism of September 11, 2001. We were too busy being liberally hyped to see it coming. Now we must be aware of the enemy within.

posted on Apr, 28 2009 @ 10:26 AM
Orion, stop playing to your own choir before you give yourself a nosebleed!
Radical feminism is destructive but liberal feminism has helped to make the world a much better place for everyone, not just women who don't need men to back them up.

posted on Apr, 28 2009 @ 10:33 AM
One last word:

We all must wake up. How we perceive our surroundings is highly important no matter what we represent. Liberal or conservative or in between, we must take a longer look at how they are using us and what their ulterior motives are.

America, heck the world must awaken after the many tragedies that continue to fall upon us. When the thousands of lives were taken at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and the many other related deaths of innocents aboard the hijacked airlines, America should have never looked back. We must follow through in Iraq and support the actions we as a nation know is necessary for our future. Now, September 11 must not be forgotten and we must never stand in the “darkness of the wussery”. We must “collectively” awaken to the treason that they are laying at our feet and be prepared to stand for our ancient freedoms. They must be exposed for playing this psychological game with the minds of our people. Though subtle, their methods are just as killing as a sword to the throat of Lady Liberty.

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posted on Apr, 28 2009 @ 10:35 AM
reply to post by secretagent woooman

Indeed so, but the Coven of the Wussery must be said none the less. In America, we have the right to express our opinions.

Women do not need men, but they sure could take a look at their morals and stand as representatives of such as my mother and grandmothers did. They stood for America and their families. I am not too impressed with how most women are today...They have forgotten how great it is to be a leader and a woman.

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posted on Apr, 29 2009 @ 04:44 AM
Ah, another one that wants the whole world to be filled with people just like them. Ain't gonna happen, sunshine.

'Barefaced liberality,' eh?

This parboiled harangue is so divorced from real life it qualifies as insane.

posted on Apr, 29 2009 @ 06:05 AM
A well written piece, unfortunatey you will be preaching to an ever diminishing choir as liberalism's relativism is so advanced it cannot begin to comprehend the many errors many ways lead to.

A whole culture now asks "quid est veritas?" without understanding the answer as virility has been reduced to a functional commodity, a joke or removed to a petri dish.

posted on May, 1 2009 @ 04:03 PM

Originally posted by Supercertari
A well written piece, unfortunatey you will be preaching to an ever diminishing choir as liberalism's relativism is so advanced it cannot begin to comprehend the many errors many ways lead to.

A whole culture now asks "quid est veritas?" without understanding the answer as virility has been reduced to a functional commodity, a joke or removed to a petri dish.

Well, you just might want to hide and watch. There are still many who know what a bad case of bipolarism some folks have when they take drugs all their lives. Liberalism is thought of as a sickness by many practitioners. I wonder? I wish we knew for sure.

More stuff to ponder.

Methods of Leveraging the Human Mind for Political or Academic Power and Control

Primary source: The Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy.

Informal fallacy is an error of reasoning or a method of hoodwinking an unknowing audience or group. It is often a method of verbal acrobatics to persuade audiences that through reasoning and argument an issue can be correct, when upon evaluation it is not correct but a lie. This is a means of hyping an issue and spinning it as a truth. Still, it is a lie.

Genetic fallacy is a means of persuading individuals upon the goodness or badness of an issue by using something unrelated but similar by showing the goodness or badness of the issue. A genetic fallacy is often used with a personal attack and serves to reinforce a lie. It will be used to condemn a prior thesis by condemning the base source as the point where an issue goes wrong. The base source may not have any relationship to the end product.

Argumentum ad populum or argument to the crowd or people is a prime example of the statement that everybody is doing it. It is also a statement that is the appeal to the gallery for support of its contention. Some say this is not unlike the mob appeal. What goes wrong with this argument is when exaggeration of the crowd is hyped beyond its real scope. Mass enthusiasm via cheerleading can be a lie when evidence shows the impetus was created by coercion rather than genuine appeal. Many call this the bandwagon effect.

Argumentum ad misericordiam is a methodology used with heaps of pity and emotional blackmail for an apparent wrong done to persons when in essence the facts do not support a need for such high levels of compassion. Using emotionalism to pressure an audience for a weak case is often called false witness for high benefit. Many times it is in reality a threat of becoming miserable or worse to force an issue. Some will even threaten suicide or in a laughing manner say something is to die for. It is an effort to position others as mean and wrong for creating miserable conditions for the one who is threatening. Others may use this method to point up the plight of a constituency to leverage for a change in political behavior…such as asking for tolerance when it already exists.

Fallacy of construction or composition of issues is a means of arguing from the make up of parts that have no relationship to the whole. But, by virtue of known parts the whole should follow.

Fallacy of division is the opposite of the above. It is arguing from the whole and its image to portraying the whole as the part when the part has no overall relationship to the results of the whole.

The fallacy of false cause also called post hoc, ergo propter hoc (after this, therefore because of this). The wrong in this argument is the weight given the causal condition. The quantification and formula may be coincidence and outside sources might cause the coincidence. At times, a third party is hidden and may be the ultimate source of the cause.

The fallacy of secundum quid or arguing from a general condition to a specific outcome or again it is also known as the fallacy of accidental relationships. It is also know as the argument of hasty generalizations where a specific condition is apparent.

Argumentum consensus gentium or the argument of all nations or sources for a point of agreement. This argument is typically utilized by the scientific community when they are presenting a theory about some topic. It is usually an assumption rather than a proven fact though many scientists support the concept. Everyone believes this statement therefore it must be true. Its best utilization is as a point of departure for a later proven fact.

Argumentum ad hominem or refutation of the man and what he/she stands for as a character issue in the arena of ideas. This fallacy is usually used to defuse the character of an opponent and position them as less desirable than the attacker. This method is used to poison the well of an opponent with information that is usually fallacious. If he has been wrong in the past, he is sure to be wrong now. Positioning of dirty laundry in the arena of ideas. When attacked by the ad hominem methodology, many come back with the old What about your stance or tu quoquo.

posted on May, 1 2009 @ 04:17 PM
I wonder if anyone has really had the gall to approach how women are given the edge to actually act as recalcitrant children most of the time. I mean look at the animal and truly lay out its behavior patterns. What is up with a being that does the things that a woman does. Women Leverage life utilizing many tools that we have become somewhat closed minded about. Take for instance this beauty thing — the wearing of a false face and costumes. Are women totally wrapped up in illusions? My grandmothers were ladies of the war (wwll) They were hard workers and wonderful ladies. They did not act like the girls of today. Who made women into these entities??? Why are women so malleable and not like the women of old who helped make my country great. I miss those women of high morals and few men can even touch how great those ladies were.

Womanhood needs to reinvent itself patterned after the women of old who were indeed ladies first.

Of course, that is just me. My mom and daughters are great ladies anyway.

posted on May, 2 2009 @ 01:59 AM

Of course, that is just me. My mom and daughters are great ladies anyway.

Of course you didn't say "wife" (Psych 101) could have just said something about how your wife is the antichrist or that possibly she was abducted by aliens and THAT'S WHY she acts the way she does rather than posting a page long (almost) thesis here....

I will never get that 10 minutes I spent reading this back

posted on May, 7 2009 @ 01:49 PM
reply to post by mkultraangel

My wife is golden. She is better than any folks I see today. I just did not include her due to the fact that nothing could even touch her. Would that all women were as good as her.

posted on May, 7 2009 @ 01:54 PM
Humanity is here for some higher purpose other than that of the animal or the apparent generality of external things. Mankind must become…through strivings to more intense initiation and morality. Wars must be fought for ideals held in truth against a background of negative forces seeking to amplify in reality. New challenges appear instantly to each soulular being held within physical Time due to humanity's free will and his own consequential offerings. The specter of Timelessness speaks across ethereal boundaries to stir the soul at the bifurcation of each trial and tribulation. Life seems a sequence of many tests when viewed from the top of its collective Mindscape.

Born into this world of experiences chained to past information, we look for direction and scope as we evaluate each and every clue that presents itself to us in a lifetime. Some clues for Inquiry present many directions toward an end that seems truthful and good. Other messages send results that are negative and wrong. We start over after each test toward a new direction. As children, we are too close to each experience with feedback where repetition of positive or negative behavior serves to embolden us or break us down. Always we seek to leverage for power and control in each and every event sequence -- survival of the fittest? But power and control is illusive and hides the real end product. At times, life seems like play, but the dead say otherwise.

Some of our fellow beings serve to bring contrast and meaning through their examples of self-actualization to our mindsets. They influence through their end-results and we emulate their feats to our hopeful benefit. If we perceive the other's results as beneficial we adopt their behavior and we experiment using their tools for manipulating the human environment. If we adopt this information float as our means of leveraging life for truth we may be adopting a lie, as our model for truth is not a lie -- it was a reality experienced just past the ever-widening potential.

Humans leverage life in truths and illusions. How we package each event sequence determines if we leverage selfishly or in unconditional love for others. In each and every case, the hierarchy of human survival is at stake. Should this be judged from the standpoint of the self or of the collective? Many, without hesitation, take the self or narcissistic point of view in every life event 85% of their lifetime. The danger to civilization is that the selfish will band together and demand self-gratifying acts from the collective of human be-ness at the expense of positive behavior that is now selfish.

These beings of high narcissism represent the spoiled potential of human destiny. They are a pox on humanity and use selfishness and victimization to leverage the minds of others via emotional blackmail and shame. They position for a place of high intellect, but fulfill a realm of complex ignorance through a world-projected fallacy. Their tool is the sophisticated lie dressed up in the jargon of the court (e.g. argumentum ad ---) and sold to the uneducated public as a truth. In essence it is trickery.

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