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My FIRST UFO Experience! Waste of time if you don't want to read my recount.

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posted on Apr, 28 2009 @ 09:43 AM
So, I've been on this site awhile but due to my strong opinions about things I've refrained from joining because I wouldn't be able to help myself from arguing. I'm obsessed with UFOs and I look up videos on Youtube DAILY, although I suck at finding any good ones (anyone wanna post some for me?). But anyways, I finally saw a UFO with my own eyes and I would like to recount it here because I'm just so damn excited about it.
It was Saturday night, and it was pretty cloudy. I live 3 miles from RI's biggest (and basically the only public) airport and planes fly extremely low on the landing path above my house every 10-20 minutes. I know what planes look like at all altitudes and admittedly have mistaken planes to be UFOs plenty of times out of excitement. This time was different, and I'm not sure what I saw- I don't know if it was an "alien craft", but I know it definitely wasn't a plane!
I looked up in the sky for a few seconds and caught an orange light flying about as fast as planes to over my house. There was NO sound, and I could make out the "body" of whatever it was- it looked like a white missile I guess- basically the body of a plane with no wings or tail. There was an orange light in the front, and it made it look like a shooting star- only it was low enough to go through the clouds which were hanging pretty low over my house. It was following basically the same path the planes do on their way to T.F. Green, but I was able to compare the sizes of the craft to a landing plane as one came in 20 minutes after I saw the craft. The thing I saw was much, much smaller than a plane. I wouldn't even say it was the size of a Cessna, although again, it was so fast I really can't tell you for sure. My boyfriend was next to me at the time, but he turned at the last second and he wasn't able to see it. This bothers me very much because I know how #ty the human memory can be, so I'm already starting to second-guess what I saw. Anyone else have an experience like this? I wish I could have gotten a picture

Either way, I was just so excited I HAD to post it... Please don't be mean to me on me first post I see how brutal this place gets- sorry if you wasted your time on this and didn't get anything out of it.

posted on May, 10 2009 @ 08:25 PM
hi, i am also new to posting here and while considering to post my own experience i thought i'll give you a reply first, since you havn't gotten any so far.
i too had a relatively short lasting but impressive sighting years ago, that noone else but me has seen and i've found nothing like it on the internet on my occasional searches over the years. i even went to a local "ufo reporting point" but this kind of made me doubt my own experience even more back then. but as of today i still know that what i've seen was extraordinary and i am fine to live with the fact that this was my very private experience. retrospectively, the question is not so much what exactly it was but what i gained from seeing this. assuming that everything we encounter in life is some sort of response to our subconscious expression (or how to say that), at what point in life have i been back then that enabled me to see this? from this way of thinking about my event i got very great insights about my on life and the reality of things ... maybe this can help you deal with what you have seen

i think wanting others to believe you becomes a waste of energy, but you have a fine piece of experience there to work out and to grow on by yourself
and even if the actual sighting is not "spectecular enough" to recieve much response on here or elsewhere, i feel sharing is the right thing to do. 1. it's relieving to share, 2. the tiniest bit of information could be a wonder to someone else. i am still waiting for someone to talk about the same thing i have seen. hence i should post my story too.

posted on May, 12 2009 @ 04:02 AM
This experience reminds me of the old man that bent his own reality to conform to that of an owl in the midnight of a glass darkly. I am skeptical in nature and do not take offense if I seem overbearing. If offense is taking and look at you less than i do now.
I find your experience beyond less than impressive. A simple strain to believe and connect a dot that is rather pitiful in my opinion. This object did not move like a UFO and showed no connection to the common perception or phenomena. In the dullest sense was certainly a UFO, but nothing impressive.
It was simply an object you were not familiar with displaying absolutely no quality as to categorize it into something advanced or mind bending. It could have been a blimp or a tampon being thrown out someones window for all i care. It may sound harsh, but your post does quite an injustice for one who suppose a true experience with a UFO. Just because YOU cannot identify it does not mean its not what these people refer to as a UFO, rather it means you are entirely ignorant or unable to observer and determine what an object in reality is.

posted on May, 12 2009 @ 04:15 AM
reply to post by hillarybelieves i may have a small amount if any that ufo's didn't exist till i seen one. now nothing will ever make me doubt me these things aren't real. it was evening when i seen this... i watched the news that night, got a paper the next morning, watched the news again wondering "how could i have been the only one to see this"? i was glad i found this site.
forgot my manners, welcome aboard

posted on May, 13 2009 @ 02:22 AM
reply to post by echodogene

At times I wonder if I exist. Noone here has ever seen me before.

Unique subjectivity via collective communication creates idea of objective reality?

posted on May, 13 2009 @ 03:19 AM

Ive seen one to before also so your not aloan here.

A majority are high tech secret military craft,,but some are ET's,,,,

best seeing a ufo than seeing an ET face to face....
so count your blessings....

Im new also as a registered member,,but always been coming here for a couple years now,,

its nice to just say ones 5 cents worth and heres a lot of smart and neat people here...

thanks for sharing!!

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