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Anyone knows how to deal with demons??

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posted on May, 2 2009 @ 12:58 PM
Years ago, my brother told my mother as a teenager he had spoken an incantation to summon a demon from a dc or marvel comic book as a teenager, and that he had seen it and was terrified. He was apologizing to her for all the turbulence that he feels was related to that for years that followed in the family, thinking it was his fault, with tears in his eyes. When I questioned him, he denied the entire thing.

Then a few years ago I'd had a strange series of "dreams" that happened day or night, where I would suddenly find all my energy gone and be on the couch in no time, and drift to someplace else. But unlike a normal dream it was lucid and I was able to consciously chose to react in certain ways, but they were more intuitive, as if with greater knowledge at times, and I could force myself out of it. There was a beautiful dark lord type guy, who considered himself a judge on us, and I had a sword that woke people up. He wanted me to be his wife, and it was quite a difficult thing. I thought he was the devil. In any case, I spent time breaking free of many holds, including being chained to the wall of this lower dimensional type cave like place, and breaking free with my sword swinging and cascading light everywhere. I was asked about the sword. I was told they were in a war with the light and that I gathered we were callatoral of sorts.

I kept trying to convince them to chose to be happy, to reach for a real life, holding a lovers hand, sharing warmth and joy with another, growth and evolution for their souls, that they probably had family and loved ones trying to free them. I also kept asking for angel help. And could sense them watching over the situation and was told I was doing fine.

Now, I thought I was losing it totally, and couldn't make sense of the dreams/experience. I didn't believe it could be real except for two things.
One, it occurred in the bath, and when I was being pulled into sleep I almost drowned, so I fought to wake up and get my energy back. I thought of random things, such as "green apples make lovely pie" and other such nonsense, but it woke me up. Only to have the house in an uproar, the kids fighting tooth and nail, and my computer, on the floor under the desk, knocked over! And his words came to me, "when I come to visit, pay attention to me!" Well that alarmed me and made it far worse.

Then my somewhat psi teenager, drew me aside and told me that he wasn't sure if it was ghost or something , but there was someone in my room, sitting on my bed, and he called him a judge. He described a man that looked like the one in my "dreams" with curly dark hair to his shoulders, late 30s to 40ish.

In the end, the last episode was when the energy was pulled out so strongly and I fell asleep, deeply, and dreamed it. I couldn't even speak or ask for help, and an angel came. He was around 9 foot tall, and I like a child behind him, with long silvery white/blond hair. He faced the other and looked so stern as if to say, you have gone to far. I didn't hear the words, but felt them. Then he said to climb onto his back, and we lifted into the sky. They were preparing to battle, but the moment I touched him, this incredible, pure joy, came through me and it woke me up. I think angels bring the joy of heaven.

In any case, this time, I was having a hard time going to sleep, and feeling agitated. I saw some colored lights, like a green and reddish light, streak in the dark corner of my bedroom which alarmed me. I decided I was imaging the whole thing and was trying to settle off to sleep, with my eyes close and just as I was drifting off, I saw in my mind that guy again. And then the words as if a frustrated urgent plea, "help me be free from my prison and be free, take me to the light". So, I woke up fully and decided it wasn't wise to talk to him in my mind, because I didn't want to be tricked or open a line of communication to him. So, I prayed and asked for God and the angels to come and assist him if he truly needed help being free, but to keep me safe from any opening or trick he may be pulling. Then , finally I went to sleep.

posted on May, 2 2009 @ 01:16 PM

Could have been a "neg" (negative spiritual entity) or a demon..

I have so many experiences like that too:

a year ago, this highest ranking demon came to me in a dream:
He appeared as this hard looking gangster, about 35 years old.

He told me:
"TUNR" (to the dark side)
i said:
He said:
"Then wait for us to lay ground for illuminati protocols!!"
I said:
I cant wait that long!!
He said:
"Then we dont need you anymore" And pointed a gun at my head after which i woke up

Here is a random question:

If these demons are aliens how do they cause sleep paralyses? 2 years ago i was dreaming when i became aware of a neg presnece. I asked it, "Who are you" and i started falling into paraltsis!! So i forced myself to wake up...

posted on May, 2 2009 @ 01:40 PM
Well until this episode, I never believed in demons or lower dimensionals, though I did believe in the astral plane. I thought that somehow it was more akin to poltergeist activies, or our negative energy and emotions and violence, taking on a life of its own so to speak, whenever I heard or read about these things. So that episode got me researching things, but its actually only some threads by people on ATS that helped make some sense out of it for me. I kind of believe its like a prison for power loving misfits like our cabal, perhaps filled with many different species, human, ets, I don't know about fallen angels, but who knows. Some of the threads talk about parasite type creatures that are like worms, as lower dimensionals feeding off our negative energy.

I do believe the cabal bloodlines are up to their ying yang in this stuff, and the nazis where very interested in vortex and sacred areas. There could even be a bunch of annanuki down there for all I know, plotting with the cabal on how to lock down the evolutional process of this world. I've read things like that too. The only thing is, our souls are multidimensional beings, and only a part of our whole or Higher Self, who I believe is outside the matrix. So, we won't be abandoned here, and as we evolve, our own personal vortex out of here will happen. But the cartel could very well be trying to manipulate known to them mechanisms for how our Creators Universe work. They're going to fail or we simply get rescued.

So, its one of those things that added to my knowledge, or increased my interest in searching for answers, searching for other peoples experiences and learning as much as I can.

Edit to add: I also believe theres an army of enlightened souls combating their attempts to destroy the earths chakra systems and enslave this world,
because of that experience with that light sword that wakes people up. One of my best friends has told me for years of unusual dreams of night time work with others restoring positive ions and doing work with the earths energy systems and another told me of his work with the energy vortex areas, and also groups that woke people up, the sleepers, at night, as well as healers. I've had an experience with my HS as a child that I remember all my life, and being woken gently in the night by myself, so to speak, coming from somewhere and very eager to return, but checking on my health and emotions like a physician. When I went to leave again, the curtain of sleep was falling and I asked, "where did I come from? where am I going?"

I think we do a lot of work in dreamtime, that we don't remember even, to counter the negative harm being down to this planet and the dimensions.

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posted on May, 2 2009 @ 06:13 PM
reply to post by Freeman

I do think there are negative energies, and non corporaeal entities etc.....HOWEVER after re-reading your posts I've changed my mind and feel Yours is explainable through physical. Please read up on
Hypnogogic Hallucinations


Sleep Paralysis.

If you re under stress or feeling guilty, it can cause people to hallucinate and this doesn't make it demonic. Fear doesnt always mean evil. It's just the way our brain reacts to a certain fearful happening in our lives that is triggering a 'projection'. Not demonic or evil operating on you. It 's a natural projection and the hallucination is a medical occurance. We PROJECT our fears into a embodied object. For me it was spiders, others ghosts, demons etc. I lost someone I loved and the fear of never seeing them again became spiders.

The "realness" of these visions is both extraordinary and very frightening.
I have had the hallucinations of spiders, and for 8 months you couldnt convince they were'nt real spiders hanging in front of me, you are awake look directly at what you think is a real object (I had it repeatedly years ago after suffering sleep deprivation whlist in mourning)

The mind makes up a image of your fear through spiders, Bugs, mice, snakes, as well as people/ghots/aliens and demons

Klonopin makes it go away completely- with rare exception. Not that I want to be prescribing anything. And I didnt take it, I actually found saying 'it is hypnogic hillucination' only twice at the image made it go away and I never saw them again.

A sleep specialist should be able to help with any night terrors.

Summary: these hullicinations are incredibly REAL. They can come from stress, narcolepsy (sleep disorders) if you are medicating for depression, canabis and other drugs, MOST importantly just a lack of sleep can trigger it.

This is can all be from sleep deprivation combined with a fear or panic disorder

Good luck! And get SOME SLEEP!

feel free to u2u me if you want to know more. brain is the most incredible organ on the planet! I know we want it to be a 'spirit world' explanation, but you have clearly described H.H. and sleep paralysis.

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posted on May, 3 2009 @ 04:57 AM
If you can't get close to nature then simply rig yourself up a ground spot. Such as your computer electrically in this physical world if entity's are to move they need to use and or displace energy to change locations in this dimension they have a negative charge attached to them in essence they alter your voltage/frequency enough negative entity's and you become sick/flu/cold ect. they build up so far I've found a way to get rid of them but they come in multiple's so repeating this step seems annoying at first but it does eventually slow down (I guess depending who you are and what you know is what will be interested in you as well) Anyhow I use the phrase "If your a negative entity please leave me alone" I can say it or think it but it seems more the entity's can listen to your thoughts so they hear you better this way if said in mind I repeat this a number of times speaking clear in mind but loud. Also seems to work is once you connect yourself a ground such as bare metal on your PC case or wire up a wire to a screw on the case and hold the wire this brings you to EARTH yes SOIL that wire is attached to Mother Earth.So GROUND yourself and banish/send the Entity to Mother earth for healing/balance/re-birth/Neutral/Ground/choice/reboot/restart Also plant soil DOES ground you (even if your on the 18thfloor) you can also send them back to this water does work as well Taps/Tubs/Sinks are all grounded if you use Metal Peiping (again ground goes into earth) Water conducts them away as well. (HINT *remember you might feel as if your being shocked this is physically impossible due to laws of ground BUT you might get this feeling of electricity and this would be the entity's passing through your body (and they tend to weaken eventually) They are stubborn and listen in the moment yet keep coming back, but eventually they get board with you and move on or stay at a distance waiting til the next person to raise their voice or get angry they attach/jump just back on you because you don't really notice them do it at that moment. Even "excitement" loud can re-attach them to you! So this should also help you be more aware of their habits they are like government they follow rules and commands but also break them! and then play dumb "Who me?" So they will return but each time seeming less interested in you and or less strong as each time they are sent to ground depending how good your ground source and you are grounded is how good it works! Don't think tapping the pot soil or touching the case does it all! You have to tell/ask them to leave into the soil/ground/Earth and as I say "If your a negative entity please return to Mother Earth Ground now through my hand or ankle" I made a wire attached to the wall outlet I simply got some lamp/speaker wire at Hardware Store and unscrewed the outlet plate off attached the wires CAREFULLY to the outer grounded box placed the face/plate back over and ran the wire to my chair tied a loop that's bare wire and I loop it around my Ankle or Wrist and Send them on trier way to heal/reboot I also seem to scene that Mother Earth would give entity's/souls their choice again to become negative or positive entity's once more. Even possible life/re-birth depending on the level/type of entity. Smoking also uses demons from "hell" which use fire and "alteration" "magic" these entity's arrive fast and leave easily you can seem to pass them as you smoke by simply "Thank you for your Help Negative entity please pass I will not harm you" or "Thank you for your speed agility and strength negative entity please pass I will not harm you let go of me Please go away and do not come back" there's a few more examples. They read your thoughts without you knowing always until you start noticing them. They effect almost everyone's daily life and you don't even notice. ALL your thoughts are so important! To remain positive! Fear/Doubt/EGO/Sin idea's feed them and keep them able to attach!

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posted on May, 3 2009 @ 05:32 AM
You might like to also improve your diet and drink clean/pure water (I recommend an Atmospheric Water Generator or Dew Catcher's) Diet is extremely important as they add chemicals that are toxic and build up in you overtime weakening your natural aura energy voltage glow spunk.... remember on one plane you also are an entity with a charge floating around inside you and this is what negative entity's interact with this "soul/energy" side of us. When you take medications they also alter your voltage/frequency this is mostly how they work. Signs of demons/evil/entity's sneezing coughs sore throat itchy throat runny nose stuffy nose watering eye's itchy nose plugged hearing (pitch changes) bubble sounds inner ear shaking jerkiness crawling skin electric shock feelings (not static but inner vibrations) hair raising flushing TIME ALTERATION *caution if driving Vision changes! *caution for some people following you may have many many demons in your area who might have some sort of hold on you if you banish too many at once you may feel like your falling and or dizzy to almost ill/sick feeling. Don't rush you might literally pass out *NO JOKE!* so BE CAREFUL remember revenge and anger is not what you want to send them off with either so keep a soft mind and heart when banishing them!
Always remain calm/positive even in everyday life and less and less entity's will follow you home other people you know you meet you even speak to over the phone the entity's can read your thoughts and the other callers in your hearing so they can jump to the other users mind as they are in the same thought process as you are and your linked with no distance in another dimension of linked thoughts and ideas. So be careful what you think and say and do especially pay attention to your inner voice at this time there seems to be an awakening/opening happening with sensitive people,opening to the Universal-One Or Internal-Net or ESP.
Break your daily thoughts apart and break them down into LOVE or FEAR where did the idea/thought originate out of Love or Fear? Some examples of fear "He's got a better shirt than me!" "Oh ya I still have to pay those bills!" So it's easy to feed them and allow them to stay simply staying away from all negative/Fear based thoughts shall clean your ENTIRE life as long as you keep at it the difference is amazing you may even start to get some control over your current realty such as You'll smell a friends car air freshener and the phone rings and it's the person who owns that car who you just recalled. Eventually you might be able to arrange things even for other party's to call you by simply thinking it. It works...It takes time and mostly lots of paying attention to little signals the body gives that answers you.One good idea is to open your mind and by that I mean let go of everything relax and put a "BLANK" screen up in your Mind' s eye (Imagination) Go "BLANK" in thoughts and "BLANK" in body here you can attain great knowledge if you simply listen to..... YOURSELF.
Yes yourself you might start to notice talking and it's like when you talk to yourself in your head... this is your inner self who stores all your memory/s you can't have access to it and you can't see it so your inner self can and reads it out loud to you and often displays images in your imagination/3rd eye/minds eye to go along with the words said. Remember this is your own voice you'll hear talking to you out loud faintly but you must be "SOUND" in mind/body/spirit to gain access and by sound I mean imagine what "MUTE" looks like in your Mind's eye close other audio out and focus hearing for another frequency and you'll find it. It's very important your positive during this as it will not allow you in as far as I know if you are agitated mad aggressive sad up-set frustrated depressed excited winning ect... only in peace love happiness giving sharing caring will this one un-lock.
Take care
If your a negative entity please leave us alone!

posted on May, 3 2009 @ 06:37 AM
Posting that seemed to alter some of my personal time/reality with some HUGE nasty negative entity just now so someone ends up using this and noticing it works for them... anyone?
Our thoughts connect

The other day I also saw a green/yellow/red ball of energy appear and move and disappear in this dimension it looked just like the typical Forest Fair's of movies tales a pixel/pixie of light for example the beginning of Legend and in Willow

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posted on May, 3 2009 @ 09:45 AM
Good post by Astar.

Now, what did i want to say? Ohh yeah, this: perhaps the worst thing these demon(s) did to me, the most painful kick in the teeth is that they ruined chances of me finding prospective employment!!

Let me explain. I wanted to become a pilot for around 10 years now, ever since i was in high school. But my mother in 1999-2000 told me i wont be a pilot becuase i have poor eye sight! :| At the time i didnt bother to double check and just accpeted it and went to a university instead. After uni i went travelling for a year and then came back home.

I was looking for something to do. And i diceded to check up on requeirments for pilots!! Turns out You CAN WEAR GLASSES! And still be a pilot. Or lenses which ever you prefer. I dwelled on the idea for few weeks and was about to apply too a flying school when i made the worst decision in my life, i somehow, temproarily FORGOT about flying and applied for a job as a chef, which would get me a permanet residence in a coountry i visited while backpacking! :|

I went to work there and ... i didnt get permanent recidency cos u needed 6 years to work there before they give it to u.

That is when i had my first psychic attack. I came back home and couldnt explain what the hell was going on. I felt sick.

Nevertheless i recobvered a bit and applied to the best flying school there was. I sat 3 day assesment soort of "entry exams". And i was the ONLY person that week from my group who passed and got an offer to enroll.

Boy i remember how happy i was on the train on the way home.

When i came back however i was greeted by un excited parents.... my mother told me that i can't be a pilot because of my "illness"... and she wont sponsor me, in order to enroll in that flying school you needed to obtain a special bank loan designed for pilots, and it requeires you to put your parents house as a guarantee - bank loan is £60,000.

I told them this place where i am gooing to study is not just some sunday flying school, it is a well oiled machine and they make a man out of you, and offer the best education with 100% employent rate after graaduation - where salaries for new comers started at £35,000. I made a 10 page print out describing it all on paper and gave it to my step dad.... he didnt even look at it.

THIS IS HOW I GOT FLUFFED by demons and less than supportive parents

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posted on May, 3 2009 @ 10:39 AM

Originally posted by AsTaR
Posting that seemed to alter some of my personal time/reality with some HUGE nasty negative entity just now so someone ends up using this and noticing it works for them... anyone?
Our thoughts connect

Ahhhh so y ou saying you saw some neg entity?

Yea that is possible, i know my demons like to groom other people i get in touch with.

Tell us what happened!

posted on May, 3 2009 @ 10:45 AM

Originally posted by FromaboveAsk Jesus for protection and for their mouths to be closed so that they cannot speak and you will be fine.

Christians seem to have the overwhelming majority of problems with demons. Ever hear of a Muslim or Buddhist being tormented by demons? NOPE!

I say convert to Islam. Or may Judaism. Demons apparently don't bother those folks, only the Christians.

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posted on May, 3 2009 @ 01:13 PM

Originally posted by Sonya610
Christians seem to have the overwhelming majority of problems with demons. Ever hear of a Muslim or Buddhist being tormented by demons? NOPE!

I say convert to Islam. Or may Judaism. Demons apparently don't bother those folks, only the Christians.

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This is quite true, you make a very good point here Sonya

posted on May, 3 2009 @ 01:35 PM

Originally posted by Freeman
BTW Fromabove

It seems i DID in fact came across a entity in the astral who claims to be Jesus.

He is sort of helping me but cant banish the demon, cannt heal my throat implant and cant disconnect 6th dimensional lock up mechanism

My only hope of salvation is to build a house over a stream and spend soome weeks maybe month there.

That or finding alien orgone generator, see my sig, there is one hidden here

Who told you that living next to a stream is the ultimate protection? That sounds like a bunch of BS to me. Consult solomon on demonic protection. Not urban myths or crap websites that dictate to you what the owner personally believes to be true. There is no believing in God or jesus needed. The keys of solomon were supposedly handed to him by the Arch Angel Raphael. And the texts do their job no matter who believes what. Whether you believe an angel handed it down or not, is beside the point.

posted on May, 3 2009 @ 01:38 PM
Unadulterated hearsay. Muslims and Judites may not report this as much, but be assured I have encountered both (devout religious members) who have been 'infected' by astral entities: Fact.

Also, around 65-75% of the usa is christian-based belief, and ats gets alot of their response from the usa.

Nothing but poppycock. The etheric-astral attach to any living human, and feed off all...try communicate to your Soulself about this, you would be 'shocked' to receive the Truth of the Higher knowledge.

Certain types are weaker willed then others. christians, as a rule of thumb (imo), are expressly perverted sexually, which makes them attractive to these lifeforce feeding entities...(nothing against sex, just it's impure expressions, deceit and abuse, the like).

But, it's nice to have an opinion, even if based on hearsay.

posted on May, 3 2009 @ 01:47 PM

Originally posted by Sonya610
Christians seem to have the overwhelming majority of problems with demons. Ever hear of a Muslim or Buddhist being tormented by demons? NOPE!

I say convert to Islam. Or may Judaism. Demons apparently don't bother those folks, only the Christians.

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There is the Tulpa that is known to Buddhists though. Once created these can become very powerful and become entities in their own right which often prove very difficult to control and get rid of.

There is a really good quote on these entities in another thread but the thread has been closed and I cant paste from it.

posted on May, 3 2009 @ 01:56 PM
Displace demons by thinking about good, honorable, just, thoughts and by putting on a heart of kindness, compassion, forgiveness, and humility.

They hate those things and they hate being ignored. They will kick up a fuss for a short time. They may hang around to oppress you, but keep your mind trained on those things and they will eventually look for a new host.

Demons choose hosts that are filled with bitterness, anger, resentment, meanness, jealousy, false pride etc. because through these tempers they cause destruction. It is those tempers that give demons a foot hold in people's lives.

Examine your heart and make sure you cleanse yourself of any unforgiveness, resentment, jealousy or bitter feelings you may be holding on to. Go back as far as you can into your childhood using your memory, and make sure you have forgiven everyone that has ever hurt you. Make sure you forgive yourself for the moronic things you have done to yourself and others as well. In this way you can release the past, free yourself of any evil thoughts, demons, etc. and experience a better life.

posted on May, 3 2009 @ 01:57 PM
Oh apparently you can you just copy the page, below was posted by Interestalways in a thread about reptilian posession. Maybe some demons arnt demons and they are these Tulpa, thought form entities we give life to...and then often regret our creation. I think maybe this is how all beings start off, as a thought form by another. I used to do a meditation technique that could quite easily of created a Tulpa infact Im sure it did. Seems we need to be very careful.


Somewhere in my travels looking at some of the ideas and implications within this thread I discovered a new word I had intended to follow up on.

That word was/is Tulpa...............

Just so happens I was playing with key words that I thought were completely unrelated and I found the wiki link for Tulpa.

I grabbed a paragraph from that and it is this......

Areas of intense Fortean phenomena are called window areas. Many of them were places of former religious importance that have now waned or fallen from use. Could the worship or occult use of an area over hundreds of years create a sort of artificial life form? Something that fed on the worship. When the worship is taken away the "thing" still needs to feed. It now feeds by creating fear with paranormal manifestations.

Another idea is that they are a massive, collective, sub-conscious, thought form. The thought form or tulpa is said to be a 3-D semi solid image created by the power of the mind.

Buddhist llamas [sic] in Tibet are said to be able to summon up tulpas during intense meditation. Western explorer Dame Alexandra [David-Néel] was said to have created a tulpa of a monk whilst studying in Tibet.

Polish medium Franek Klusk was said to have summoned up huge cats, birds, and even ape-men during séances. Perhaps, considering the types of beast he called up, he was creating tulpas.

If individuals can create tulpas imagine what the collective, gestalt mind of humanity as a species could do. Perhaps dragons are a giant worldwide thought form emanating from our innermost fears.

Here is another bit from the link headed as Spiritual lineage, I found it a bit long, but am including it anyway.

Jansen (1990: p.7-8) in her treatise on singing bowls relates the experience that David-Néel narrated in her book Tibet, Bandits, Priests and Demons:

When she entered the temple of the Bön monastery of Tesmon, the service that was being conducted was rudely interrupted. While a lama was busy with a kyilkhor, a magic diagram, and sacred cakes, called tormas, one of her bearers entered the temple, clearly indicating that he was not very impressed by the sacred rituals. He was ordered away by the monks. Objecting and cursing violently he insulted the lamas by shouting out that the tormas were only made of momo dough (bread dough).

Then, as the man came forward, the bonpo[18] grasped a chang, [19] which was standing next to him, and swung it around. Strange, savage sounds filled the room with a tidal wave of vibrations that pierced my ears. The disrespectful peasant screamed and staggered back with his arms held up as though he was warding off something threatening. 'Get out', the lama repeated again. The other bearers grabbed their friend and rushed out of the temple, greatly disturbed. Bong! Bong! continued the drum. The accompanying bonpo returned unpurturbed, sat in front of the kyilkhor, and continued the muffled singing and chanting. What had happened? I hadn't noticed anything, except for that extraordinary sound. I went outside and asked my bearers. The troublemaker who had disturbed the sacred ritual had lost his bravado. 'It was a snake. I tell you', he said, nodding to the others who sat around him. 'A snake of fire came out of the chang.' 'What? Did you really see a snake of fire?' I asked. 'Is that why you recoiled?' 'Didn't you see it?' they replied. 'It came out of the chang when the lama beat upon it.' 'You must have dreamt it,' I said. 'I didn't see anything.' 'We didn't see the snake, but we did see flashes of light shoot out of the chang,' the other bearers interjected. In fact, they had all been witnesses to a miracle.

Later David-Néel questions the bonpo that emanated the thoughtform, and the bonpo affirmed:

That it was the power of the zoung[21] that I cast,' declared the lama emphatically. Speaking more softly he said: 'The sound creates shapes and beings..[.]the sound inspires them

Though Alice Bailey may have been inspired (and comparable to a tertön), her collaborative work with Djwal Khul, A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, that evocatively described the process for working with thoughtforms, is not formally recognised by the Himalayan dharmic traditions. Thoughtform are not only the energetic phantasmagoria of our consciousness and mindstream, either intentional or unconscious, but may also constitute an emotional filter (refer trance, NLP) or lens that shapes the play of our phenomenal experience; as per the incisive quotation of Bailey et. al.(1951: p.489) in A Treatise on White Magic:

I would advise anyone that finds this interesting to look at the entire article, and I will leave you with this last quote.

"A thought-form can also act as a poisoning agent, and poison all the springs of life....A violent dislike, a gnawing worry, a jealousy, a constant anxiety, and a longing for something or someone, may act so potently as an irritant or poison that the entire life is spoilt, and service is rendered futile. The entire life is embittered and devitalized by the embodied worry, hatred and desire....and is held back by the poison in his [sic.[24]] mental system. His vision becomes distorted, his nature corroded, and all his relationships impeded by the wearing, nagging thoughts which he himself embodies in form and which have a life so powerful that they can poison him."

This does reinforce what Mischievous Elf implied by suggesting to not give it more energy by thinking on it.

Wiki link to Tulpa

posted on May, 3 2009 @ 02:06 PM
That tulpa crap is older than the hills; it was written up decades ago, and most esoteric types know enough to not mess with such simulacra. Any made who fade back into the 4th, entirely, are mere drujas, and feed on human lifeforce, like all etheric-astral entities.

Every last human on the planet that does not have a powerful protection field In Force is preyed upon...the humans just don't know it, because they are primarily preyed upon during their unconscious state (when asleep, dozing), and they are so uninitiated they can't even recall their 'dream-feelings' regarding such encounters; just witness the posts on ats...they have no idea what is even going on.

So, stop sporting statements of hearsay & ignorance to further disinformation and maintain confusion. Try to understand that humankind is Awakening to the Great Realm (AEther-Etheric-Astral), and there are few caretakers out there, for even the dead are hungry. Oh my.

Mess with fire, you'll get burnt by The (Cosmic) Fire. Great Wisdom is required to achieve life on the Inner Planes...that's why the secret schools took years training their acolytes.

Then, along come some ignorants who think they 'know better' about the ancient Truths and the ways of growing into the Predatorial Greater Realm. Wise men say, Only Fools Rush In where Angels Fear to Tread: First stop, 3rd D...second stop, 4th D. You think it's a sweet-roll down here in the 3rd D?..(look about you).... Awake to the 4th D!

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posted on May, 3 2009 @ 02:16 PM
reply to post by Mr Green

Well this Tulpa is similar in a way to poltergeist, which is perhaps the unconscious form of it. It also reminds me of the Montaulk experiments, especially regarding the psychic allegedly manifesting a beast that killed some of them and destroyed the equipment. I believe the equipment amplified his psi enormously.

posted on May, 3 2009 @ 02:19 PM

Originally posted by SS,Naga
Unadulterated hearsay. Muslims and Judites may not report this as much, but be assured I have encountered both (devout religious members) who have been 'infected' by astral entities: Fact.

Fact??? Please post your sources. Since this is FACT we all need to be aware.

I assume these incidents are documented in many places seeing how this is "fact" and all. Surely you are NOT the only one who has come across this.

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Well I'm not able to see them entirely yet. I can feel them in the physical world effect my body its as if they are there but silent and invisible I'd say everyone has these entity's it's part of this game/matrix Even Mr Rogers had them if he got upset about stubbing his toe for example this upset was evoked inside his mind from negative entity's... much smaller than your usual of course. These entity's effect our daily lives what we say think and do to them we are like puppets and most of us have no clue this is happening and blame themselves for silly things these entity's themselves cause.
Anyhow after I posted the message I started about my own business and suddenly I experienced what would be like as if someone had taken a bathtub of water above my head and opened the side up drenching me with this huge weight/force of the water (of course not wet but in motion/force/movement its like water/currents) anyhow I had I guess what seems to be a number of entity's land on my end soon after I posted one was HUGE and I lucked out that everything that's come my way as a result of these postings has been SEVERELY LOST/CONFUSED as to how they got here and why and what to do they seem terrified and very willing to return home to mother earth for balance/healing/rebirth/choice/save/ect. with no complaints so far. So yes if you had seen someone pour a huge tub of water on someone sitting in a desk chair you'd see what happened to me minus the water the rest happened it even forced me down as I "received" it. Fortunately I was grounded the entire time and I've felt every entity simply run towards the wire/exit/ground for safety/comfort that's come to me as a result of these postings and who reads them. Seems as well after I send them to Mother Earth Ground they do not return and I would assume this is because they got lost geographically. Not sure if they can return back to were they got pulled from but they defiantly got pulled here against their will. I've dealt with a few major ones that were hard to release as they were so large it seemed my ground was a bit of a bottle neck so I had to also place my hands on the wire and make sure there was a nice connection to my skin. For the most part you must remember these entity's follow commands/rules so you can basically tell them what to do and they must listen to us as we are higher up in value/ranking than they are as we also have our physical body's they'd technically look at us as "gods" as far as having to listen to what we/you tell them. But as I said don't think it does not work when they return over and over.

Also what John Matrix said is right

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