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Death Of Bruce Lee?

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posted on Apr, 30 2009 @ 12:20 AM
Man..... OK first of all man, like at least show some equal respect ok?? What I mean is, so you may have been a friend of Brandon Lee but how they hell do I know what you say is for real?

Like you are just telling us/me your opinion and expect to just "suck it up"? please provide a link or some kind of verification? Its like me just describing the story of my Uncle's boasting bout the Malay/Bugis and then just stopping there and expecting everyone here to believe everything "cause my uncle's said so" LOL.

OK much respect to you if you are truthful in your words but then simply rubbishing me and my theory put forward kinda makes my bunny's frown..

posted on Apr, 30 2009 @ 12:36 AM
And if you had and realized, I wasn't claiming the story was the official thing i was simply wanting help verifying the facts and the crap..

By the way, now that i have a learned a bit more about the legendary Mahaguru Dato' Meor Abdul Rahman , I am starting to think this man would of been equal if not more capable of challenging Sifu Bruce Lee..?

So if you could kindly ask any Lee relatives if they or even you yourself could verify the cultural exchange between the 2???


Realize here.. if you read carefully , i'm not asking about the "did he get beaten by the malay dude" but instead wanting to know of the encounter....LOL just to clear that up just in case you decide to mention one of your sisters boyfriends-cousins-Aunt was related Balrog or something.

posted on May, 2 2009 @ 09:35 AM

Originally posted by Whatthehell?
OP that is the dumbest story yet.

Bruce was like other guys in Hollywood at the time. He was using hash brownies to relax and have sex. Some of the guys brought some back from Nepal that was supposed to be extra strong. Bruce was one of those athletes that had a bad reaction to the stuff. A track star died from the same thing.

The hash is what caused his brain to swell and the reason cannabis was found in his system. He'd been banging actress Ting Pei since '72 and was with her when he had his last reaction and died in her bed.

They covered it up for the fans and for the sake of Bruce's family. Had it been shown that he took anything illegal then the million dollar insurance policy on his life would have been void.

He was a cool guy, but he chose to believe a drug guru showbiz doctor in Los Angeles (and some of his actor buddies) over the specialists in Hong Kong who told him that he was risking his life by playing around with the stuff.

After he passed out and nearly died in May '73 the doctors said that they figured he wouldn't listen to them and the next time they saw him he might be dead before they could help him. That prediction turned out to be correct.

RIP Bruce.

WoW.. sorry to pop your bubble.
There has NEVER been a single documented death caused by hashish ingestion.
Not a single one ever recorded by any Dr.
No Dr. today would ever state somthing as blatantly incorrect as that.

BTW I used to correspond with Dan Inosanto ( Bruce's close friend who took over his schools in CA).

Bruce Died in Angela Mayo-ying's apt ( mayo_ying was an actress and they were discussing a script.
Bruce developed a severe headache, mayo Ying gave him ASPIRIN which may or may not have contributed to a ruptured blood vessle in his brain.
he died in his sleep.

Stories of foul play surrounded Bruce's death because his LAST film was Game of Death, where he played a charachter who was a martial arts movie star, and the charachter faked his death after a failed hit, to avenge attacks from the mob.

( The "hit scene" was actually a clip from an earlier Lee Movie but in Game Of Death, the blankes were exchanged for "real" bullets.)

In a very strange coincidence, Brandon ( Lee's son) died in a very bizzar similar incident on a set.

Bruce was an incredible gifted martial artist, wonderful friend to many, and a huge civil rights activist.

Edited to add:
Bruce taught (and founded) JKD whioch he taught to westerners, not Wing Chun.
Wing Chun is a traditional Gung Fu style Bruce originally learned from Master Yip Man.
When bruce came to the US, ( contrary to the Dragon Movie) his schools focued on his own interpretation of martial arts theory which in some cases contradicted the lessons taught by traditional masters.
Bruce didnt piss them off by teaching westerners the ancient arts.. he pissed them off by teaching them a BETTER form of martial arts.
JKD surrounds a different perspective than any traditional art ever had.
JKD is also the original Mixed martial art as it contains elements from Gung Fu, Karate, Tai Chi, Muay Thai, and many other martial arts, and does not cponform to rigid stances or traditional methods of fighting and training.

if you have ever enjoyed the UFC or any MMA event, give a nod to bruce.. he was cross training long before anyone else, and sawe the benifit of taking what worked and using it as needed from all fighting styles.

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