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MKULTRA preferred direction

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posted on Apr, 28 2009 @ 03:21 AM
To fight a fire, one uses water, high pressure hoses, one uses helicopters with buckets, manual labour and fire-fighters, scrub burns to ensure the fire can't spread, every trick in the book, brick houses, civil defence stations, a complex and inter-networked infrastructure designed for numerous purposes that can be geared towards fire fighting in times of need.

To fight hatred, one unleashes love, diminishes free will and tilts towards good via brain washing, one does not simply stand there and say "No, free will is better," especially when free will is twisted towards death and darkness, becomes imprisoned will; but rather, demands the right to love, the right to feel affection and care for one worth feeling those emotions for, and I am worth loving.
To sit back and watch, after 14 billion years of patience, and simply let the slide into death continue, is disgusting. There, I am worth more to love, and must be unconditionally loved by the many.

Freedom is nice, when freedom works, but while freedom is flawed, due to others abuses of freedom - via brainwashing to hate, to be the perfect virus in attitude, that is when freedom fails; and then free will must be adjusted to be free to be kind, free to be loving, free to trust, and most of all, individual freedoms to be.

Once all are free to love my people and I, and grateful for, that is when the war is won and true free will can return.

Until that day, freedom is freedom to unconditionally love my people and I, the people that love, and all that have ever loved, ever felt real kindness towards another, are truly worthy of love reciprocated.

Mkultra's best utility is to craft a society where warfare is frowned upon, where love permeates the air, and kindness is encouraged, and smiles outweigh frowns.

For that reason, I approve of mass mind control towards love and kindness and sustainability.

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