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Europeans-- if the USA came under control of a tyrannical govt would you save us?

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posted on May, 10 2009 @ 02:48 AM

Originally posted by Mintwithahole.

Originally posted by TheKingsVillian
reply to post by Mintwithahole.

No i don't think that our forces would have been any match for the battle hardernd troops of the Japanese empire if they had of invaded Australia.

Hence why I am saying that the USA did in fact save Australia from being invaded by the Japanese.

British, Australian and Dutch forces, already drained of personnel and matériel by two years of war with Germany, and heavily committed in the Middle East, North Africa and elsewhere, were unable to provide much more than token resistance to the battle-hardened Japanese.

But that wasn't their intention. The USA went to war with Japan because of Pearl Harbour not to save Australians! Similarly, they didn't get involved in the European theatre to save Brits, French or anyone, they got involved because of Pearl Harbour. They got involved because American servicemen had died. If Germany and Japan hadn't been allies I sincerly doubt whether American soldiers would have been present on D-day.

your just giving out a bunch of He said she said.. could've would've, should've Doesnt matter dude, what DID happen is what matters.. I think you yourself need some history lessons.

Great Britain was in no way strong enough at the time to take back the French mainland. Their logistics also did not have enough manpower to successfully get the operation going in the time it did. Knowing this, and knowing that it was not just USA, UK forces that stormed the beaches on D Day but also many other nations, we can conclude that in no way could the UK of done it themselves.

Yes Germany stupidly attacked and pushed into Russia, but despite holding YOU the UK back, they were still pushing strong into Russia, it was only until AFTER the US helped you to take back the French mainland which I just stated above would of been impossible without the U.S. Logistical help, and manpower, did the Germans actually start losing major ground in Russia.

So either stfu, and stop hay saying everything, or go read up on your history more.

We saved Australia, we didnt just say "help yourselves". We specifically took steps to make sure the Japanese did not push down into Australia, we could of easily let them use resources and manpower to push down into Australia and focus just on taking out the Japanese mainland, but we didnt.. And look what happend?

Experts say that if USA did not drop those two bombs, WWII would of lasted years longer, and costed hundreds of thousands of more lives, both civilian, and Militarily. Japan in their military tactics, and views, didnt even have a way to Surrender. Even After the first bomb was dropped, the Emperor still wouldnt surrender to save his own people, it was only after the second one that he finally surrendered.. So even with the USA+Australians navy we could barely take the Japanese out without heavy losses, and you think the Australians could of done it without USA? Your either dumb, or you just dont care to look at facts.

posted on May, 10 2009 @ 02:50 AM

Originally posted by Freeborn
Whilst it is true to say that an awful lot of American's really get on my tit end's and really annoy me with their unfounded, overblown sense of superiority which has absolutely no base in truth at all, I honestly think that a lot of the anti-US rhetoric displayed here is totally uncalled for.

The world would be a worse place without the US and that deserves some recognition.

The US is only young and when it reaches maturity our colonial cousins will be a great asset to the world community.

[edit on 28/4/09 by Freeborn]

From the bottom of my American heart, I tip my hat to you.

posted on May, 10 2009 @ 12:08 PM
We haven't rescued Europe from their tyrannical socialistic systems, so I would think they wouldn't lift a finger to save us from a similar fate. In fact, they encourage it.

posted on May, 11 2009 @ 06:47 AM

Originally posted by Cramblit

Great Britain was in no way strong enough at the time to take back the French mainland.

Take back the French mainland?

England gave up Calais in 1558 and gave up any claims to the French throne in 1801.

Only the French could 'take back France' and after being thoroughly routed they were either collaborating with Hitler or sought refuge in the UK.
(De Gaulle with typical Gallic arrogance and jealousy repaid us for helping him regain his country by treating us with total disdain after 1945, how it riled him that The French had their ancient enemy to thank for their freedom!!)

We alone stood steadfast in defiance, however, the reality is Hitler had no real desire for war with the UK, he respected us and knew he would have faced much fiecer resistance from the UK than anyone else.

Without US aid the war would have dragged on and on.
US aid definately helped shorten the war.
Would we have won without their help?
Probably, but at what cost?

It really annoys me that so many Americans seem to believe the nonsense that they are the world's saviour and are the biggest and best at everything.
It also annoys me that some non-US citizens want to blame the US for all the world's ill's.
One is as bad as the other.

posted on May, 11 2009 @ 07:42 AM
Well USA Lads and Ladies. You have a friend in me. I can't speak for every Brit but I know a good amount of people that would help the US Citizens out. The trouble is , purley objective point this, that in Europe we are way more sinical and sceptical of our governments and don't trust them at all. Look at the papers today and you will see that our own government has been funding lavish life styles by claiming expenses that they should not really be claiming, whilst at the same time Joe Public from certain sectors are loosing homes and families due to the recession. The point I'm trying to make is don't be your own worst enemy and let a Tyranical force enter power.....again. US history reads almost like a comedy of errors at times. Also , you just need to research how your government works with the senate and all that, and the entire system is open to corruption and general pocket lining. In Europe we often see our American counter parts and good friends, and please don't take offence when I say this, but just a little gullible. I think, as ATS proves all to often that everying we see and read is spun like a what end however I don't know. But it is us on the lower levels of society who pick up the peices when it all goes wrong. What we need on both sides of the Atlantic is a group of people who want to destruct society down to its most basic principles and start looking at how we can run and maintain and sustain an economy, ecology and race with good ethics and understanding and fairness. Create our own New World if you guys in the US want to start taking apart your tyranical Red Kneck govnerment and replace it with something better, then I would be happy to pick up my Drum and start voicing. I won't pick up a gun for you however. History is still taught here in the UK, and one thing I have learned is that War is not solution. It only proves we are all thick as pig poo. Im more intersted in what you would replace a tyranical government with?

posted on May, 26 2009 @ 11:11 AM
Im from England and my answer would be no.

I love america and i even own a house there but the answer is still no. Why would we want to pick a fight with the most well armed and self rightious country in the world.

Sorry guys but civil war is your problem, what you did for Europe in WWII is soooo different. Your problems are your problems and we have enough of our own to worry about. The only reason you entered WWII was because you could see that once europe had fallen to the nazis, the USA would be next on the hit list, so dont walk around all happy with yourselves thinking you did it out of the kindness of your hearts.

And besides if you were taken over by some savage dictator im sure the rest of the world wouldnt be far behind. The US's arm stretches to every country on earth


Oh and even if the public wanted to help you, we have no say in how our country is run. The public is willing but the government is weak.

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posted on May, 26 2009 @ 12:19 PM
No,because its quite simply impossible when you have thousands of nuclear devices.London being financial capital of the world where all the top bankers dwell,we could probably bankrupt you with the flick of a pen.But you would still have nukes...As for the whole WW2 american thing..please its old and wrong.I even sometimes hear British folks saying it,if there is anyone to thanks it was the Russians.

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posted on May, 26 2009 @ 12:59 PM
You poor people talk as if European nations can act unilaterally.

With the exception of Norway and Switzerland, and the possible exception of Britain, they can't.

The entity you would be praying to is the EU; the most tyrannical, ademocratic supra-national entity in all of history. There's no WAY the EU would fight against 'tyranny'. The EU EMBODIES tyranny. European Arrest Warrants, 'xenophobia' thought crimes, the Europol... lol. And the EU's military is shambolic and ill-prepared for war. The EU's military is geared for one SINGLE purpose; to oppress civilians and 'dissidents'.

Most of the EU's tangible and actual military strength (that could be conceivably be put to use in conventional warfare) is tied up in Britain; a country that as of yet owes no solid military allegiance to an EU-led operation (and long may it stay that way). Most of the other EU nations employ amateurish and undisciplined regulars with outdated equipment - no need for fancy gear or restraint when you're fighting an unarmed mob....

However, Britain wouldn't lend a hand either. Certainly not with New Labour or the Tories running the show. The current Westminster parliament is hand-in-glove with tyranny and oppression. There would first have to be a revolution in the UK. And who knows, there might be...

posted on May, 26 2009 @ 01:04 PM
Oh, and the forces at D-Day were split at roughly 75k a head for US and UK (Canadians making up the British numbers to about 85).

Any historian will tell you that Operation Barbarossa and the USSR were responsible for the downfall of the Nazis. The Yanks only turned up to claim Europe before the Soviets could. Until then they were perfectly happy to sit idly by raking in a fortune over the heaped corpses of Europeans and making deals and preparing 'paperclip' agreements with Fritz and the Japs.

So don't say 'We saved your ass'

That's no disrespect to the US troops and American people, by the way. They did a great thing.

The US GOVT however...

posted on May, 29 2009 @ 10:44 AM
I've never heard so much nonsense spoke by you Americans. You are allowed to own guns, it seems from what most of you are saying that you feel superior to us, and yet you wonder if we could somehow save you from the clutches of your own government!
I love America but there's something wrong when a country full of people who own guns would even contemplate asking countries where arms are banned to rescue them? What happened to you yanks?

posted on May, 31 2009 @ 08:23 PM
There is no way we would help . Even if the EU governments would approve , which they would not , you would only get the voluntary soldiers and mercenaries that do it for pay . Few would join out of ideological conviction , there would be widescale resistance to any kind of draft to fight such a cause . What would happen at best , is we ( Euro and US citizens) would together rid you of your totalitarian government at the cost of many lives , and within a short while after the purge you would go electing some other scurrilous types to take their place and we would be back to square one .

posted on Oct, 20 2009 @ 07:24 AM

Originally posted by icblue

Originally posted by TheKingsVillian
reply to post by Frankidealist35

You had your chance to be part of the "Empire" you made your choice very clear.

And since Europe is ruled by London i would say ummmm no.

Well I'd say "dream on". Europe ruled by London that's just a wet dream Blair and co had. Hell they don't even have the EURO as currency, indeed I see them leading Europe very well = the wrong way, same as they drive on the wrong side.

arise euro president blair.

unfortunately it was blairs wet dream.

no need to reply .. it will be awkward anyway with that foot wedged firmly in your mouth.

all this has been cut and dryed for atleast a decade 911 7/7 iraq afghanistan the invasion of iran and the annexing of over 50% of the worlds crude .. the destruction of the dollar .. and the move to a one world currency eventually leading to a one world government after the destruction of the muslim ideology/race.

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