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Swine Flu - May or May not be Natural

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posted on Apr, 27 2009 @ 09:19 AM
*Yea I ranted bout the validy of users here, and I still feel the same way. But if Im gonna throw negetivity out I might as well throw in my 2 cents on sound research done.

!First off, This Swine Flu will not be deadly as its going to be in this first wave.
-The 1918 Flu Pandemic started out simultaneously in three different parts of the world.
*North America

It spread in 3 waves...
*1st Wave = Spring of 1918
*2nd Wave = Fall of 1918
*3rd Wave = Winter of 1918-1919 (! This wave was the most fatal)
Right now we are in the first wave, with only a 100+ deaths reported so far, with almost simultaneous outbreaks in North America(Canada, United States and Mexico).

Its 1st wave kicked off in this month of April 2009 (Spring of 2009)

If history is any type of blueprint or outline, then we should be expecting another outbreak and more deadly one in Fall time frame of this year, and round winter we should see the deadliest outbreak

The group of people that will be effected the most is as follows....
*This is per 100,000 person's in each age group (this is the 1918 chart)
-2,200 (give or take) = Age less than 1 years old
-1,000 (give or take) = Ages 25-34
-2,200 (give or take) = Ages 85+

the one's less effected by the 1918 flu epidemic was Ages 5-14 with Less than 500 people dying from it.

Total Over All death rate
The worlds population in 1918 was around 1.8 Billion, with a 50 Million death toll world wide after the 1918 flu hit.

Todays world population is 6.7 Billion. I think we will see a 300 Million or more death toll, and I come to this conclusion through simple math and the coincidences that are present in today's flu outbreak and 1918 which I will further expand upon.

Time Coincidences
Since the sun has be brought into this as a suspect, lets continue that frame of thought for a moment...

Total Solar Eclipse of 1918 was on June 8, 1918
Total Solar Eclipse of 2009 will be on July 22, 2009

1st Case of 1918 flu was on/or around March 4, 1918 = Monday
1st Case of 2009 Swine flue was on/or around April 2009

!Between the 1st case of 1918 and the Total Solar Eclipse of 1918 was a 3 month difference
!Between the 1st case of 2009 swine flue and the Total Solar Eclipse of 2009 will be about a 3 months difference

Sun Coincidences
The 1918 flu epidemic fell under the 15th Solar Cycle which between the years of 1913-1923 seen just over 100 sun spots. it had a 92 consecutive stretch of spotless days spreading from April-June 1913

2009 Swine flu, we are in the 9th consecutive day of spotlessness. alot of scientist have already said they think this is our solar minimum. which if true, means that these 2 pandemics are taking place during solar minimum's.

Right now im still going over news, and archives of cdc and nasa information to get a better understanding of this. when I get more i'll post

posted on Apr, 27 2009 @ 10:12 AM
hate to break the news to ya, but,this is a "mutation" of the swine flu and almost every time a virus has mutated it has been at solar maximums with the increased radiation output from the sun was the causing factor of the if were in solar minimum what would have caused the mutation?I mean it has a swine,avion and human genetic make-up.that is some serious mutating.can anyone say bio-engineered?

posted on Apr, 27 2009 @ 10:24 AM
Very interesting observation. You may be on to something here as there may be a connection between the Sun or changes in weather and tempreture that triggers viruses.

I come from Malaysia in South East Asia where there was an swine flu outbreak that killed over 100 villagers from local pig farming community in the late 1990s. It was somewhere between 1996-1997.

Initial speculations was that the virus strain was that of Japanese Enchepalitis (JE). The virus manage to jump across state borders resulting in several other fatalities, However, it was confined to those who had come into contact with blood of infected pigs.

Thankfully the virus did not evolved to one that could spread from human to human. A massive screening, quarantine and culling operation brought the outbeak under control within a couple of months.

However, it was months after the incident that tests (US's CDC experts were called in to assist) revealed that the outbreak was caused by a new virus strain that was aptly given a local name of Nipah (palm) Virus.

What is intriguing is that the outbreak happened about the same time that the region was undergoing the haze phenomenon caused massive forest clearing via fires in Sumatra and Borneo. The smoke from the fires blanketed several majot cities in Malaysia including Singapore. It was also the tailend of the 22 Solar Cycle.

Your mention of the minimum sunspots is quite interesting. I wonder whether it has anything to do with the recent rise in tempreture. Several parts of the world, in particular Australia suffered record heatwaves and massive devastating fires several months ago.

Ironically, the tempretures over here in Malaysia has risen between 3 celsius to 4 celcius over the past two weeks. The Sun has been blazingly hot with sheltering weather.

In that respect, I am quite certain that you may have stumbled across the possibilty of what may trigger ( the Sun or change in weather conditions) a dormant super virus or cause a non-fatal one to mutate to a global killer.


To None I Wish Ill But To All I Seek Peace and Love.

posted on Apr, 27 2009 @ 11:08 AM
Interesting coincidences at least. What inspired you to look into solar cycle correlations and such?

posted on Apr, 27 2009 @ 01:05 PM

Originally posted by notsoobvious
hate to break the news to ya, but,this is a "mutation" of the swine flu and almost every time a virus has mutated it has been at solar maximums with the increased radiation output from the sun was the causing factor of the if were in solar minimum what would have caused the mutation?I mean it has a swine,avion and human genetic make-up.that is some serious mutating.can anyone say bio-engineered?

I understand it is a mutation, it is believed to have 4 different strains
*2 Human Influenza
*1 Avian
*The other escapes my mind, But Im going safely say Swine

And everytime a virus has mutated it has not been a solar maximums, this current virus is a current and great example to this.

As you have asked, if there is a solar minimum what has caused this mutation? I have a suggestion, and its a fairly easy one to grasp. Follow me along with this example....

The Human cell
*If exposed to extra-than-normal amounts of sun light the cell begins to replicate wrong and can cause skin cancer

*if not giving the proper amount of light the skin will start to suffer deficiencies.

The common factor in this is radiation.
Too much = dangerious
Too Little = dangerious

now, with this same thought in mind lets apply virus mutations to the equation....

If a virus is said to mutate under solar maximum's then that means there is too much radiation for the virus to handle and thus it mutates

Whats to say that during solar minimums that the virus doesn't receive enough radiation to "keep it in check" and it begins to mutate?

Who's to say that the earth herself isnt giving off some form of radiation?
Or the Moon, or some other celestial source(s).

And as for you claim's of Bio-engineering, was the 1918 flu bio-engineered? because it was during a solar minimum, not a maximum.

posted on Apr, 27 2009 @ 01:17 PM

I have just a slight feeling the sun is factoring into this due to its conditions almost mimicking those of 1918. But another thought that ran across my mind is that 1918 epidemic follows right after World War 1, this epidemic follows after economic crisis, global war's on terror, the changes in the sun, and some other celestial changes going on with the planet and our milky way.

Maybe it is earths immune system kicking in to weed out some of the negativity on its surface (just thinking out the box).

The CDC stated that virus have a funny way of shifting and changing even when they arent giving the proper conditions to do so.

With the lowering of solar activity the temperatures on our planet should be getting cooler, not warmer due to the inactivity of the sun's surface, now I have read somewhere (i cant recall, maybe here) that our earth is getting the vice grip treatment from gravitational influences which is causing more earth quakes, which would also (in my view) release more heat into our atmosphere and is causing temp raises.

I dont know if its dormant or not, but the cdc makes it look like virus have a universal connection the same why it is hinted humans have universal consciousness and sub consciousness.


I use to be a conspiracy nut, but now Im tryna find more plausible explanations of happenings other than "OMG BIO ATTACK FROM LAB. etc. etc." Alot of times nature will do more damage than man, as I looked into swine flu I came across 1918 swine flu and one of the articles mentioned mutations and the sun.
But basically im looking for common grounds in different areas to tie all this mess up naturally and not terror wise

posted on Apr, 27 2009 @ 02:06 PM
What Mr.Lump is saying is totally correct. The coincidence is there. The facts are pretty solid. But the fact that we can currently genetically engineer a virus is still there too. That the same people who mess with these viruses in laboratories are funded by powerful individuals. Pharmaceutical companies have the most to gain from something like this. Or the virus can just be going through a usual mutation that it naturally does from time to time. Who really knows... The drug cartels in Mexico even... Missing things from lab in Ft. Deitrichs... What about a distraction? Is someone trying to take away more rights while everyone is panicking over Swine Flu... Or (D)All of The Above... Though it sounds ridiculous, it does not mean it cant be true. We have to be vigilant and keep digging.
Good work though Mr. Lump

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posted on Apr, 27 2009 @ 03:24 PM
mr lump where are you getting your figures from? 1918 was a solar can go to the soho web page,look at the article dated april 1 2009. you can obvisly see that 1918 was a solar maximum.but you could be onto something else. with solar minimums comes less solar winds which keep cosmic rays out of our inner solar in that itself leaves something to think not out on a misson to prove that this thing is manmade. i just think that its kind of strange that 3 seperate strains could mutate into one deadly everybody else im trying to find a cause for this and wanted to throw my ideas out there so that maybe it will catch the attention of someone who could provide the next step.oh by the way the solar minimum in that period of time was 1913.

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