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The real reality

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posted on Apr, 27 2009 @ 09:10 AM
We are in a fake universe.

Our surroundings appear very real . The truth is that it is a very good illustration .
The real world is a lot different to what we know. We are stuck in this world just like the matrix with our physical body lying down in a tube , needle stuck in the back of our heads. The real world there is almost unlimited possibilities with what we can achieve with our mind power and it is very flamboyant and amazing , but quite frankly boring. Only when we evolve in the matrix , can we expand our brain power.

We can only use a certain amount of our brain here in this fake world , the reason behind this is because we are controlled and limited in the 'matrix' . In our real physical world we can use our full brain power and have amazing telepathy and the ability to predict the future and other wonderful things. That will come in time in the matrix, when your civilization is ready for it.

Imagine this 'fake virtual universe' we live in we are trapped inside a Box , like cube , with the fake universe rotating around us , artificial moon and sun beaming light on to us.
Aliens are US , but are born in a darker place in the galaxy. We are all part of the same big program. We are all humanoids. Maybe the Greys are workers in the matrix.

Think about it . An advanced race of aliens or people , so evolved to the extreme they don't experience excitement or important life lessons anymore , their lives are dull maybe they wish they could trade their technology for real , down to the core , living , surviving , basic instincts. What better way to do this by creating an amazing universe with unlimited possibilities.

*BaNG* The universe is spawned... Blurr....... *Boom* plugged in , you see your mother smiling , you are alive. You live your life. You die *BOOM* You are sucked back to normal reality on standby , waiting for your next lifetime *BOOM* Hello mother. X Repeat over and over. Random galaxy / Random Timeline . All life is great. Full of passion and triumph.

When you die in the Matrix , you do not die in the real world. You simply pass over to another galaxy hardwired to your brain. We live pretty much forever because the technology is flawless in the real world. Theres nothing we can't do. The robots and others have the job of maintaining the matrix. Without them we will die , but since the technology is flawless we are in good hands. We have very long lifespans and have artificial implants to live even longer.

The problem with life , is you eventually will die. This was the dream of a super advanced humanoid race, to live , FOREVER. Physically live for as long as you can. It has been achieved through this matrix. It's the greatest invention ever.

- Nasacarl


posted on Apr, 27 2009 @ 12:01 PM
It could be true! We have no idea , and the universe is a very complex weird system. I believe there has to be some truth to this theory , in some way.

Anyone agree ?

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