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Agency caught in lies...torture

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posted on Apr, 26 2009 @ 04:16 PM
Ok, just to jump right in on this, I have to say (22 seconds in), watch (first link), Tyler's eyes when he is talking. It may sound a little harsh, but personally that is not the kind of person I want in charge of any agency station. I do not feel he is the right type for that line of work. He obviously is not a field agent, maybe once he might of could have been. I have not done a background on him yet, how ever it's obvious.

Enough on that, this thread is about obvious dis-info being circulated.

Please go over the provided materials and or search out others, what ever the choice make sure to come to your own conclusion. Also I would like to note, that the source links the below doc to MK ULTRA and I didn't see any obvious evidence for that, I have not done a back ground on the provided doc as well. It is that reason I mention the above.

From my perspective, I see that the CIA could make such a declaration considering their use of a term "degree's of the truth". Meaning for them, they can separate truths and lies by stretching the degree of said truth.

They claim they have no "know how", which could be supported by the document as well as it can be used to argue against them.

If they knew how to interrogate why would they request info "this office" doesn't have? If they knew how to do said activity why would they need to "retain" or get a "loan" of information on interrogation?

Here is the provided material, I'm wondering what others see in this and would like to know what side of the argument or proposed story you see fitting.

For better view of full doc see * at end of page

Former CIA Chief Tyler Drumheller stated on the TV show Hardball on April 24 in discussion of torture that the CIA does not know how to do interrogations, that it does no interrogation training of its officers, instead it gathers intelligence by means which are verifiable, and that interrogation should be left to the FBI and police agencies who have appropriate skills. This is a characteristic lie. A example below from the CIA's MKULTRA program, circa 1949.


[edit to add new links]

Director's Statement on the Taping of Early Detainee Interrogations

cia-hayden CIA Director Hayden on DetaineeInterrogation April 26,2009
cia-truth CIA on "Truth" Drugs in Interrogation April 26, 2009
cia-suspects CIA on Interrogation of Suspects UnderArrest April 26,2009
cia-hypnosis CIA on Hypnosis in Interrogation April 26, 2009
cia-reflex CIA on Communist Interrogation Methods April 26, 2009


Waterboarding. Slamming into walls. Excruciating physical positions. The United States tortured detainees after September 11, 2001. Make sure this does not happen again. Call on the President to create a non-partisan commission to investigate the torture and abuse of detainees. Help protect America’s national security and re-establish its standing in the world.

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posted on May, 9 2009 @ 02:46 AM
am i supposed to be shocked?



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