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Strange Sleep Disorders as of late

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posted on Apr, 26 2009 @ 12:51 PM
I've been experiencing some really strange phenomenon when I sleep the last two years...and it's getting worse.

Before I explain what I'm currently experiencing, it is perhaps useful if I state a few things about my history of sleeping.

The "Holy Trinity" or "Triple Whammy" of Sleep Disorders was passed down to me from my father (and my daughter inherited it from me). I have Narcolepsy, Sleep Apnea and Insomnia.

The Narcolepsy I have learned to control by the time I hit 20 years of age...or at least know 20 minutes ahead of time when I'm going to have an episode (my daughter was able to control or recognize her warning symptoms by the time she was 7). The Sleep Apnea makes me physically tired all the time as I'm getting no physical benefit from sleep, but I go into Theta State in under 5 minutes and since my sleep cycles are only 40 minutes long I only need 3 hours of sleep a night. The Insomnia allows me to go up to 5 days without sleep before delirium sets in (my daughter has, however, gone up to 9 months without sleep).

I have always been able to Lucid Dream because of these Sleep Disorders because I'm fully conscious of my Dream State as well as my physical surroundings while I sleep. I can interact coherently and consciously with those around me while in Theta State (I don't actually have Rapid Eye Movements while in Theta State. My daughter doesn't even close her eyes or roll her eyes back into her head!).

As you can imagine, I've been part of many Clinical Sleep Studies as a guinea pig. Everything from Sleep Deprivation, Lucid Dreaming, and even Sensory Deprivation experiments. (I had two friends use me for every Sleep Study they did during their Graduate Studies.) I've had so many CTs done that I'm genuinely surprised I'm not sterile.

So, most things that are novel or odd to most in Sleep State are pretty familiar to me.

However, the last two years I've been experiencing the following odd symptoms that I can't figure out (and having lost contact with my friends after they Graduated, I can't rely on tapping them as a resource anymore). I'm hoping someone here has some ideas.


1.) Changes in Sleep Paralysis. Having a shortened Sleep Cycle (less than half the normal) and being consciously aware of my physical and sleep bodies simultaneously, it's common for me to experience Sleep Paralysis. However, I must not be as paralyzed as I used to be because I've pulled muscles, dislocated my knee during sleep recently, and every time I've woken up in the past 3 weeks my hands are so sore from moving while paralyzed that it feels like I have arthritis all day.

2.) It is becoming ever more frequent that I hear a knocking sound (either on a door or on thick plate glass) that has no source in my Dream so I wake myself up thinking it is happening in real-time only to find no source of it in real-time either. Alternately, I hear a loud electronic beeping at 30 second intervals, much like a Cellphone with a Battery about to die. It wakes me up prematurely from Sleep State as I can't find a source in my Dreams and there is no source in real-time.

3.) Psychotic Episodes when woken prematurely. If awoken prematurely during Theta State, I have always been in an agitated state, being very aggravated and confrontational. It usually takes only 5-10 seconds to readjust to the changes and adapt back to normal. However, lately this agitated state has bordered on psychotic, usually resulting in high levels of anger, aggression, yelling and throwing things. This is especially odd since I'm a very non-aggressive (some say I'm so passive that I'm almost comatose) person when awake. It has also taken longer to come out of, lasting sometimes 5-10 minutes after awaking.

As you can imagine, all three of these symptoms that are growing ever frequent are pretty severe. Going to a doctor at this point would be pretty futile other than getting a referral to a Sleep Specialist.

Anyone have any ideas?


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