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This is Why there's Swine Flu In The Media!

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posted on Apr, 27 2009 @ 11:23 PM
According to your theory bobbylove321, this would also mean that millions of people will be looking for a cure, and a way to stop it. Because, their minds will be thinking about a way to cure it.

Everything has an opposite.

...however, the effect you are talking about in your original post is more along the lines of "seek and you shall find".

For instance, if you just bought something new, that you like, for some reason you start to see a bunch of people have the same thing!

Like for girls, when they buy a pair of shoes, they start to see all the girls wearing the same shoes! It's because they are looking for it.

The same thing when you buy a new car, you start to see people with the same car all over the place... it's just how it works...

posted on Apr, 28 2009 @ 12:10 AM

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posted on Apr, 28 2009 @ 12:58 AM
Hysteria is the worst illness of all, if I get a bad cramp then think about it a lot then it REALLY starts to hurt. So I fully agree with the OP

posted on Apr, 28 2009 @ 01:04 AM
Stay on Topic Please!!!

If you do not like the topic, simply do not post..

Thank you


posted on Apr, 28 2009 @ 01:08 AM
reply to post by bobbylove321

This type of thinking is absolutely absurd. To the OP.

Swine flu is a PHYSICAL matter not MENTAL. In this case, really, knowing about it is wayyyyy better than having no heads up at all.

posted on Apr, 28 2009 @ 02:18 AM
reply to post by bobbylove321

Terrorism: bring fear by way of terror & violence. The only purpose here is to bring fear.... ARGH!! There's no such thing as a TERRORIST?!?!?
only corrupted power~! when will you learn?

posted on Apr, 28 2009 @ 03:32 AM
I think you're greatly oversimplifying a complicated issue.

posted on Apr, 28 2009 @ 03:54 AM
reply to post by really

Who are you directing your thought to? The origonal poster? If so, you should state that.

posted on Apr, 28 2009 @ 06:58 AM
reply to post by bobbylove321

If you view everything as science prescribes, with your eyes and then your mind, a Philosophical `can of worms is opened` the same applies the other way how did you arrive at these answers.?

If you take energy to be as science defines it in theories, remember that imagination fills in the blanks between observation.

I agree that peoples attention can be directed and science can be used to justify/add weight to arguments, but science has to explain itself eventually to other scientists who do not agree with the method/conclusions...remember science and methodology are not one thing, the approach can differ greatly from one discipline to another.

I agree to the fact that some people have always wanted to fly and that this was eventually achieved and mastered...but this took centries.
When the original `Hippies`formed their individual `plans` remained but they joined on `freedom and peace`, why did this mass not prevent future conflicts.?...most of the agenda has now been turned into laws, and is still heavily supported by most of the globe today...why no way of eliminating this diabolical, selfish, materialistic, powermad world we live in, that profits from the whims and desires of the many.?

...I wish it was true...interesting though.

posted on Apr, 28 2009 @ 07:10 AM
I'm concerned because if I can get E. coli from Taco Bell lettuce, and salmonella from tree nuts; then say I eat some Moo Shoo Pork?


posted on Apr, 28 2009 @ 08:10 AM
reply to post by bobbylove321

I like the way you think something has increased when you see it being covered in the media, and then conclude that if it continues to be covered it was the coverage that caused it. genius.

posted on Apr, 28 2009 @ 09:55 AM
Its being used as a tool to control the Mexico border, if they tried to close the border with out a reason it wouldnt play out well...

posted on Apr, 28 2009 @ 10:01 AM
I don't post much on anything unless I think it may have some relative bearing on the subject.
I have not had any flu vaccination since 1984 when it was mandatory for my job. I have not had the flu since then either! The reason I stopped getting vaccinations is because I found I had allergies to the incubation medium they use in the making of vaccines. When I did not get the flu in many years It led me to believe there is no value to getting it. later after reading others fears about all other types of vaccinations I accumulated a more doubt. We know that the company that makes Tamiflu, Donald Rumsfeld served as Gilead (Research)'s chairman from 1997 until
he joined the Bush administration in 2001, and he still holds a
Gilead stake valued at between $5 million and $25 million, according
to federal financial disclosures filed by Rumsfeld.

Donald Rumsfeld was CEO of Searle, related:
Just to show how much everything is related!
So that's my input for what it's worth.

posted on Apr, 28 2009 @ 09:51 PM
This is a great post, more people need to understand that the way we think affects reality. Scientifically, it has been proven in the the two slit experiment that observation affects the way electrons act. As a species we are only beginning to understand this type of reaction to our environment. Some skeptics, disagree with this type of reality, as they try to base their arguments on science, but on a whole science in incredibly incomplete. There are forces we don't quite understand yet, and it is unscientific to write off the possibilities. Eventually science will find how interconnected all life and all existence is--as we are at this moment. Think and feel positive everybody, stay hopeful and full of love, don't let anything get the best of you. Thank you.

posted on Apr, 29 2009 @ 05:24 PM
I have a few thoughts:
First, Q: Why the Swine Flu?
A: Is known to be treatable.
A: Is commonly mistaken for seasonal influenza.
A: Is rarely fatal in humans.
Second Q: Why now?
A: CDC is facing a Budget cut of $30 million for FY 2009 (infectious disease programs) down to a grand total of $1.87 billion vs. a requested budget of $7.4 billion requested at the end of fy 2008. this outbreak will enable congress to allocate emergency funding to the program.
A: There is a new Interim director, Dr. Richard Besser who replaced William Gimson after 6 1/2 years on the job.
A: Politically the government needs people to think about something other than the 8.5% reported 15-16% actual jobless rate
A: Pressure on the current administration to provide a universal healthcare plan.
Third Q: Is it engineered?
A: This is a mutated strain comprised of both Pig DNA and bird DNA and even still is contagious to humans. in 1979 there was a similar outbreak that we immediately dubbed Swine flu however upon greater research with modern equipment the CDC determined it to be a avian flu variation.
A: The Influenza virus is highly adaptable and can mutate even between hosts during incubation making it a easy to genetically alter the virus and remain undetected. (remember the fruit flies in high school)
A: Chances of a influenza Virus being made of both avian and swine DNA is incredibly slim considering the number of additional factors that would have to be involved. IE: presence of Avian flu.
Fourth Q: Who stands to profit?
A: CDC gets emergency funding.
A: Vaccine makers will be producing vaccines to cover 85% of the American population.
A Democratic process will dictate that the constituents of the opposing congressional votes to the universal health plan will soon be voting all for it.
Fifth Q: Why worldwide?
A: Hard to call it a pandemic when the rest of the world doesn’t know what is going on.
A: The CDC is the largest contributor to the World Health Organization.
A: Strangely enough they were ready to call pandemic even before there was a reported death in the US. And China ( the highest population density in the world) has not even had a single reported case.
Sixth Q: What now?
A: Relax, There are annually (2008) 63001 reported deaths from Influenza and Pneumonia as reported by the CDC. There has been a total of 1 infant death to date from the swine flu.
Just some thoughts I had.

posted on Apr, 29 2009 @ 09:18 PM
Starred and Flagged OP.

I cannot belive there are so many people buying this sh/t of the "swine flu".

It's obvious the Media is being used to spread the madness !!! and the ones behind the scene are enjoying it SO much.

Think for yourself people.

And stop the panic, the fear, which only weakenss your energy field.
Surround yourself with positive energy and thoughts, then you are invincible.

Believe it. The power is in your mind.

[edit on 29/4/09 by plutoxgirl]

posted on Apr, 30 2009 @ 11:24 AM
To my original post yesterday:
CBS Reported: 04-30-2009
"Swine flu cases in the United States continued to rise Tuesday to more than 60, prompting President Barack Obama to ask Congress for $1.5 billion to fight the fast-spreading disease as health officials warned that deaths were likely."

As a prove to the point of financial gain by the medical companies this is undoubtedly a engineered and staged event
Tragically there have been mass deaths in Mexico city due to improper treatment facilities and improperly trained physicians.
This "pandemic" of sorts is a media frenzy and being used to distract the nation from even bigger problems it is facing.
When I sent a copy of my latest post to Q13 FOX news in Seattle I was not afforded a reply. However, they did report this morning a 13 year old boy in California was fully recovered after being "officially" diagnosed with Swine flu and "confirmed" with lab results.

As you probably already correctly deduced is a diversion method to distract Americans by creating a "pandemic" and mass hysteria. They created a virus (not too bad wouldn’t want to really kill all of the world) dispersed it to a foreign country where they would have little chance of fighting it effectively to display how bad it could be. Then turn the media loose with mis-information and spotty sightings. Bingo you have reason to get money from congress in emergency funds and look no one is talking about "Joe the plumber" that lost his house

posted on May, 1 2009 @ 10:33 AM
reply to post by bobbylove321

While i agree with you, the fact remains that once somethings happens and attention is focused on it and it is brought out into the open, there is an effort to "dig up" as much as possible like it.

For instance, i have noticed that there has been an increased number of bus crashes. Is this actually an increase? I would say no; in fact, i would say that after one deadly bus crash, which garners attention and on which the media focuses, from that point on every bus crash--however serious or not--makes headlines.

Same with school shootings. There were school shootings before Columbine, but because of the atrocity and the media coverage of that one, every school shooting--of all shapes, forms, and degrees--across the country now makes news.

Same with terrorism. Terrorism has been around a loooong time. It happened just as frequently before 9/11, but because of the magnitude of 9/11 *every* act of terrorism around the world, no matter where, now gets coverage/attention.

Even though i agree about like energy attracting and *creating* things, since energy is so powerful (move mountains)...

Just a thought.

posted on May, 1 2009 @ 09:21 PM
the power of the mind is immense.

Just now breaking local news is that three students thought to have possible swine flu have all come up negative for the h1n1.

Funny thing is that two were hospitalised prior to test results.

Is it possible that fear and constant bombardment of MSM flu news and warnings of pandemic in stage 5 with no effective inocculant and sparse supplies of flu pharma products (whether they help or not and enormous side effects like kids jumping from upper floors of buildings and suiciding in many other ways are contravercies still under debate - or, some such counterpoints)

So, we may be on the road to prove your thesis to be accurate.

Now if the trend was to love and generate compassion and empathy, concern and care, interest in the well being of everyones mind body and spirit,
Then we could be confident that our will emerges victorious over the scare, threat and continuous regergitating hype of the flu.

My concern lies in the motives and rationale of those who revisit the 1918 flu strain.

When I heard the University of Washington was working with the 1918 flu, I thought, this is insanity.

Just miles from one of the busiest shipping ports, any release of the virus, accidental or deliberate, could, through the port and interstate and international thouroughfares, have global implications in a very short timeline.

It still concerns me that playing with deadly viruses in these locations is insanity. Here is a thread on ATS about weaponised flu.

On page 1, read my post regarding the 1918 flu at the UW and the biosaftey issues and concerns.

ATS Thread

Then look at this swine flu.

When will the 1918 escape and will the two mutate into the real plague of the millenia?

posted on May, 1 2009 @ 10:06 PM

This is a great post, more people need to understand that the way we think affects reality. Scientifically, it has been proven in the the two slit experiment that observation affects the way electrons act.

Yes the OP is right. we are conditioned into a constant state of fear which allows the manipulation of our reality to furthur the agenda of the manipulaters. Understand that this thread is about more than swine flu.

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