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Israeli/Palestinian Research Project

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posted on Apr, 25 2004 @ 08:46 AM
It will be the goal of this project, to document the influences in this region, to gain a better understanding of the issues involved in this disputed area.

The purpose of this project is to give an unbiased view of the issues of the Israeli/Palestinian dispute, as a reference for the members at ATS.

The team will be working on each aspect of the plan together and gain a concencus on that topic, moving on to the next. As an unbiased project, source material will only be accepted from credible sources. Propaganda will NOT be accepted.

The Plan
Historical and biblical references to be used.(Isreals borders to be continually defined)
Pre-Semetic dwellers.
Isreals occupation.(Where did the previous landholders go?)
The Dispersals.(607 BC & 76 AD)
Where did the Jews go?
Who populated the area?
Imperial influences.
Rome, British, etc.
Other influences and events.
The return of the Jews.
Political and geographic issues. (Who lived where? etc.)
International opinion. (League of Nations, British, Arab, etc.)
Isreals takeover.
Where did the Palestinians go?
The disputes. (Land control,etc.)
International opinion. (UN)
Events. (6 Days War, Isreal/Egypt peace treaty)

Possible solutions.


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posted on Apr, 28 2004 @ 11:20 PM

In this entry, I will make an educated attempt to catalog and explain the common ancestry between the Jewish people and the Arabic people, thus lending accuracy to the claim that they are one and the same despite their differing religious ideals and propaganda-inspired hate towards each other. I will also go on to list and explain the events throughout time that led to the conflicts and separations, from the collapse of the Sumerian civilization to the Palestinian intifada (resistance) against the state of Israel. I'll leave it to another post to go on to explain the events of the mid-to-late 20th and 21st Centuries. First, and foremostly, it is imperative to understand that it would appear that things were quite stable and wonderful until a race called the Annunaki, also known as Elo(y)him, had become quite interactive with the human race and internally unstable, which peaked some time around 2350 BC. I will outline such importance in the paragraph after the next one below. Also, the term Annunaki in this context is synonymous and similar to the terms Nephilim, Seraphim, Ophanim, Raephim, Merovingians, and mythological gods since they are all part of the same notorious source. Think of the Annunaki as a massive tree and the terms above as branches of that tree. Another extremely important thing to take into account is that the further back in time you go, you'll find that the story has been mixed up, the names have been changed and even switched around at certain times, and the events that took place are the only way to get a grasp on maintaining accuracy. This is primarily, after looking at over a hundred web pages in this research attempt alone, how I have been able to have an explanation of events as accurately as possible. My method consisted mostly of comparing stories with other stories and with even more stories, and ultimately, using a sense of logic and comparing it with the notes I have taken from those sources of information. It will take an entirely new thread to better explain the controversial past. Since I am sticking to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, the information you will find here skips a few intriguing events until the upheavals that took place in the 20th Century. You can rest assured that sooner or later you are going to find another massive thread that goes more into depth about the revelations I have come across when doing this research. For other details like the specifics and foundation of the 12 original tribes, I will leave to my fellow teammates to look into as I am trying to keep this explanation as simple as possible (good luck to that!). However, if such details are never mentioned later on, I will volunteer to add and analyze this information in another post on this thread.

How it started to happen

In the beginning... of Sumeria...
The date at Alulim's role was scientifically carbon-dated at 4800BC, but I believe that the historically accurate date seems to be sometime around 10,883 BC when considering the chronology of international events surrounding the date 10,500 BC [2]. For the sake of maintaining continuity and accuracy, however, I will use the date of 4800 BC as the time of Adam's creation

The infamous painting depicting the creation of Adam

Aside from antediluvian humanity, as in people before 12,999 BC, the first human recognized in many religious texts is Adam. In actuality, his name was Alulim[»], and was the first human to be a king of Sumeria as sanctioned by the deities Apsu and Tiamat, and the Annunaki ruler of Sumeria, Enki. Interestingly enough, Apsu is thought to be the first sentient life form in the Galaxy, and likely to be another term for Yahweh (the texts say Universe instead of Galaxy, but I think that the older texts' mention of the word 'Universe' is out of ignorance for an understanding of multiple Galaxies capable of harboring star systems). Adam's third son, Seth/Alalgar/Set, sparks tensions between major Annunaki rulerships of Earth at the time by killing his brother, Osiris. This conflict is more widely known as the War in Heaven. Intriguingly enough, Seth is thought to be a prophet in the Quran, and in Jewish rabbinistic texts, the same person is known as “the foundation of the world”. His action against his brother marks the first known split of a previously unified group of cultures under the Annunaki. I am not clear if this was also the beginning of the conflict between Enki and Enlil [¤], but it would seem that the battles that would ensue are closely tied to the murder. Anyway, for reasons of maintaining topic-matter, lets skip ahead and go down Adam's family tree and Sumerian rulers to Noah, his thirteenth son after Cain, Abel, Seth, Enosh, Kenan, Mahalalel, Jared, Enoch, Methuselah, and Lamech [§].

The great deluge and its effects
2350BC - 2348BC[3, «]

Noah is a great-great-great-grandfather to Abraham, who is thought to be the forefather of the three most famous religions around the world: in alphabetical order, Christianity, Islam, and Judiasm. According to Sumerian texts, Noah, being the 10th king of Sumeria, is enlightened as to the events of the battle between the two half-brothers Enki and Enlil [¤], who are also of significant importance when trying to understand the distant past. Enki tells Noah that he is planning to drench Sumeria in a tidal waves, known as the Great Flood. Enki, who is also known as Ea, goes on to show Noah how to build his famous Ark, and since Enki has experience as a scientist who experiments with genetic engineering, he supplies Noah with the genetic material, known as “the Seed”, to repopulate the inflicted areas with natural life. He does so not only out of benevolence, but mostly because his main intention is to make things harder on Enlil, whose government was controlling Sumeria at the time. Contrary to Enlil's version of the Old Testament and Torah, 'god' was not doing this because humans became evil and overly malicious. As a matter of fact, the general population of humans living at the time had little, and probably nothing, to do with the happenings of the region. Much like what happens today, the government and those that populate the upper echelons of that government had everything to do with what was happening. One particular thing that was happening and was not particularly pleasing towards Enki was how his direct Annunaki subordinates were mating with humans. This is outline in Enoch's literature, and is hinted by other, more well-known religious dialects, when it states “And the sons of god came into the daughters of men.” These Annunaki/Human hybrids were known as Nephilim, and are thought to still exist to this day. The year is now 2350 BC, according to an ancient scroll recovered by a patrolling soldier of the Israeli Defense Force in 1995 AD [«], and the entire area is flooded and Sumeria is in ruins, making Enlil, also known as Jehovah/Bel/Baal[Ç], quite upset with the destruction his brother, Enki, had caused to the civilization he controlled. The flood's primary goal, it appears, was the decrease of opposition Enki faced from forces loyal to Enlil. To make matters confusing, this is about the time where Enki and Enlil would take credit for each other's actions, at least in terms of how the actions were recorded in the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Sumerian tablets of Enuma Elish and Epic of Gilgamesh.

The Annunaki rulership and family tree

A new breed of religion and belief-systems
circa 2000 BC - 1500BC

Let's skip a few centuries, and talk about Abraham. Now this is where it gets seriously
interesting as well as confusing, in case you are having trouble believing or understanding some of the things that I am talking about above. Abraham [£], descendant of Noah and son of Terah, is considered to be a mutual forefather of the people who follow Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. The way this was established was because the ongoing conflict within the Annunaki resulted in the overthrowing of the Sumerian rulership under Enlil's representative, Ur-Nammur. [Æ] This forced Terah, a high priest to the former government, and his son Abraham to flee from Ur to a safe-haven called Haran. This is also where one of the Annunaki makes the infamous covenant to Abraham about a promised land known as Canaan[¥]. It was probably Enlil who made such a lofty promise, and the proof of this is because Enlil's alias, Jehova and other interpretations, is found all over religious texts in all of those religions, particularly in this part of the story. Furthermore, since it was Enlil's government that was overthrown by Marduk, who was related to Enki, such a statement wasn't only a promise. It was clearly an expression of revenge to take back what was once under their control. For your information, Jehova is the same entity who asks Abraham to sacrifice his firstborn son, Isaac (Ishaq in Muslim texts), but stops him at the last minute. Curiously enough, however, Enlil/Jehova does not ask Abraham to do this with Ishmael, who is something like an illegitimate result of Abraham's sex with a concubine known as Hagaar as opposed to Isaac, who was the result of Abraham's mating with his wife and half-sister, Sarah. Inbred sex is quite common along this bloodline and other Annunaki, and, despite its well-known genetic deteriorative effects, it is essential towards their urge to maintain the bloodline stretching back to Adam/Alulim. Hence, it is no coincidence that this kind of incest sexual activity continues today with royalty and the most elite leaders of a society.

Moses the prophet, liberator of slaves, and harbinger of a very cold dish of revenge
1250 BC - 1050 BC [5]

Moses's followers carrying the Ark of the Covenant throughout the Exodus

Moses (Musa in Islam) is another important historical figure that is mentioned in both
Judaic and Islamic texts. This is precisely the time where stories started to get mixed up the most in terms of the so-called differences between Arabs and Israelites, and is also a time that denotes the realization of the religious right that is the source of the official Israeli claim to existing where it is today. Contributing to this sort of confusion, is how there are two types of the figure known as Moses. There is the Egyptian version, known as Akhenaton, and the well-known version, known as Moses/Musa. The primary similarity between both historical depictions of Moses is that they were both the founding fathers of a monotheistic religion when pretty much everyone at the time was into polytheism (worship of many gods), paganism (worship of nature and its surroundings), gnosticism (worship of spirituality), or atheism (disbelief of the existence of a supreme deity). It is unclear to me which factions of the Annunaki were in control of Egypt, but judging by the story, it would seem to be forces loyal to Enki. After some impressive magic tricks to scare the Egyptian pharaoh, Moses, probably with the help of Enlil, evacuates the slaves, who were busily mining gold for their masters under the control of the Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses, in the rescue operation known as the Exodus in 1425 BC. Another key fact behind this story is that the Islamic version is very similar to the Judeo-Christian version with one major exception: the deity Moses/Musa spoke to on Mount Sinai was called Allah [µ]! In Judaic accounts, however, this deity was known as YHWH, or Yahweh, who was thought to be living at Mount Sinai's summit by the locals in the area of the time [5]. Because Enlil was notorious for usurping power from his own
masters as well as claiming his own supreme natur, I strongly believe that he used the name YHWH for himself, which is probably a more accurate description of Apsu, to instill faith in the people before him. This is where Enlil, or at least someone loyal to Enlil, provides the Jewish manuscript, the Torah, and the famous Ten Commandments. At first, the documents are received with skepticism and opposition by Moses's followers. When Moses and his crew first reach Canaan, his followers wisely advise Moses not to attempt to conquer the established government and their military. Refusing their suggestions, he forces his followers into a defeat, and they wander the deserts again for years thus decreasing their numbers. With the older generations of those who were rescued from Egypt either dead or dying, it became quite easy for Moses's followers to become imbued with the ideas and teachings of Enlil. Simply speaking, there was little resistance as there was a major shortfall of knowledgeable and experienced people within that group. As any teacher will tell you, it is far easier to indoctrinate the mind of a child than it is to do the same with the mind of an adult. Getting back to the younger population of Moses's followers, it had become a cinch to form another army as they were young and full of vitality. In addition to their youth, the hardening of their physical bodies by living in the desert and the fundamentalist idea that they are following a higher purpose were of great resource towards creating such an army. Unfortunately for their line of thinking that they were the chosen people, Enlil was quite busy with the Phoenicians which became quite the impressive civilization of the time, whom erected a temple known as Ba'alBek at a Lebanese city in Enlil's honor. The Phoenicians had several independent
city-states not limited to the region in question, but also in Europe and the Americas, but I'll save all of that for another thread.

The ruins of Ba'alBek in Lebanon

The loss of ancient Hebrew culture and the rise of the teachings of Moses
1050 BC - 950 BC

After more campaigns and skirmishes against the Philistines and Hebrews of Canaan, the
Israelites (Moses's followers during the Exodus) started gaining and holding territories north of Egypt. Eventually, around 1050 BC, Moses's original campaign to retake Canaan was starting to become successful. A promising new-comer was a man named David, and he led, with the approval of Saul, an army of Israelites from Egypt, and launched a victorious, if not brutal, invasion of Canaan and slaughtered the Philistines which were really a wide variety of ethnicities up to and including the Semitic type [æ , ¥ , 6] which includes the descendants of the 12 Tribes. The region was under full control of David by 1003 BC, and was then proclaimed the Kingdom of Israel. Some of the people living in Canaan at the time were also descendants of the Original 12 Tribes of Israel, who spoke the language of and practiced the Hebrew culture, if not an earlier form of what is practiced today. It was only until 500 years after the initiation of David's kingdom that the vast influx of Israelites from Egypt formed a compromise with surviving Hebrew people who lived in Canaan before that resulted in a fusion of their cultures, giving birth to what we now know as modern Jewish traditions and culture. This gap of time is remarkable when you consider the damage done upon the ancient Hebrew population and their culture which predated what Moses was told by Enlil on Mount Sinai by several millenia. Furthermore, the story of David and Goliath can either be taken metaphorically or realistically as it is likely that there were indeed giants who were roaming the area as seen by archaeologically recovered skeletons and the ancient religious accounts describing such off-shoots from the Human genome during the height of Sumerian civilization.

Canaan under rule of the 12 Hebrew Tribes before the onslaught of King David.
Borders can bee seen, and this is clearly an old map of today's Isreal/Palestine

King David and The Merovingian/Annunaki Connection
1003 BC - 950 BC

It is no coincidence that David was allowed to be a king while being a part of the same
bloodline as Adam, Noah, and, yes, Jesus Herald Christ. Jewish people may tell you that his father, Yishai, came from a royal bloodline of priests dating back to the original 12 tribes [½]. This is quite true with the operative term being 'royal', as it is synonymous with the term 'blue-blooded', which is another term that is thought to be related to the descendants of the Annunaki. This not only again confirms the similarity of the people of the region in question, but also the similarity between the rulers of the region in dispute. Saul, too, was possibly part of this bloodline, and this helps to explain why David married his daughter while becoming heavily enthralled, to put it lightly, with his brother-in-law,
Johnathan[¼ , ¾]. A weird thing that geneticists of modern day will tell you is that people tend to be attracted to those that are of genetic similarity and compatibility, and this story is a great example of that theory. This doesn't mean that people are preordained to lust after their family members, but it does suggest that people are naturally attracted to people that may employ the features of a distant family member. Now, you may be thinking 'it doesn't seem right that David would kill his own people' and you're right, it doesn't. But in my next post, I will illustrate just how this devious kind of parricide took place and still is taking place today. Back to the topic at hand, a cluster of Annunaki descendants known as the Merovingians started to grow in power and influence over the centuries. Armed with knowledge and traditions passed down for generations, predating the start of the Sumerian empire, they accurately claimed that they are the ancestors to King David. They also go as far to proclaim a universal royal right to rulership that would eventually materialize in the form of control over many countries around the world. To date, the Merovingian campaign has been a successful enterprise, for many reasons which are already outlined in many other threads here on ATS.

As this was split up from a much larger post, I will list the references used in the next post of mine that further describes the history of the region (I hope no one minds; it just makes it easier on me.). The edits made to this document include a few corrections on Enki and Enlil's involvement, as well as further descriptions on their influence on today's major religions, particularly Enlil's. I also made a few grammatical corrections that would make this an easier read.

For references on how this information was compiled, please refer to the end of the next post

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posted on May, 1 2004 @ 08:37 AM
The more recent events related to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict

The Great War (World War I) and the meetings and treaties leading into the fall of Palestine
1800 AD – 1920 AD

Ok, I have to skip almost three millenia or else this one post will be massively huge and largely off-topic. Trust me, in that time, in regards to the conflict in question, nothing really happens of interest until the late 1800's (AD) when the Ottoman Empire begins to collapse. However, it has to be recognized that people of the Jewish faith were persecuted, admonished, and deported many times over the centuries. This kind of activity, not surprisingly, was the result of Merovingian influence, who again, were the descendants of King David of the Kingdom of Israel. This does sound crazy, but this next paragraph should make their intentions for such actions relatively clear. However, because of the genetic ties of the Jewish, as a people, to the genetic makeup of the Middle East, this does not automatically justify the creation of a Jewish state. It should be noticeable by now that people who follow the Jewish belief-system are not a separate race in and of themselves. Semitic virtues and characteristics apply not only to followers of the Jewish faith, to put it simply, and the post above illustrates this quite clearly, I believe.

Example of genealogical information extracted from a synagogue tapestry in Izmir, Turkey

The Ottoman Empire, with a population that featured a Sephardic extension of semitic races, was one of the only major powers to accept Jewish refugees [§] as they faced persecution and expulsion from Merovingian-controlled countries like England, Spain, France, Hungary, and Russia. I assume they accepted them because they recognized the ancestry that the refugees shared with their population, but the consensus is that they had no such problems because the Ottoman empire was famous for its tolerance of cultures, religions, and traditions foreign to their own [@]. A European, undoubtedly Merovingian invention, civilization-virus known as Nationalism contributed to the destabilization of the Ottoman empire as well, and people started to lose their own cultural identification in exchange for pride in their own country. The effect was not limited to the Middle East, as over time, all continents had been affected in this manner of separation of society. The Palestinians in the area, having called their area Filasteed for centuries, where the only group of Semites, again meaning both Arab and Jewish people, who refused to give up their culture in exchange for a nationality. The term 'Palestine' originated from a Greek guy named Herodetus around 430 BC, by the way [¢].

One should also take special note that before World War I even started, a Merovingian by the name of Rockefeller was making a lot of money with his new oil business which defines the US's covert interests in destabilizing the Ottoman Empire which controlled the vast oil reserves within present-day Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Iran. Meanwhile, yet another Merovingian by the name of Rothschild [$] was busy sending bankers and other infiltrators, such as guys called Colonel House and JP Morgan, into the United States in an attempt to expand their financial influence. The period leading up to the Great War, WWI, saw a lot of upheavals all over Europe and North America. More specifically in the US, in 1913, a central bank called the Fed Reserve was created and Income Tax was claimed to be installed into law (but it was never passed by Congress nor the Senate, thereby never making it into a bill, mind you). This is very important to understand in relation to this topic because it creates a precursor to the financial enterprise that allowed for World Wars I and II, as well as the successful creation of the Israeli state. Before the Federal Reserve, Rothschild had a lot of trouble instilling influence on the US because it still had a decentralized free market at the time. As such, World War I only, and ONLY, took place in 1914, a year after the establishment of the Federal Reserve. I am placing emphasis on this to further establish a tie between Merovingian influence and the demise of the Ottoman empire. As the Ottoman empire fell, the region destabilized and never recovered. Nevertheless, a document called the Balfour Declaration was written by Arthur James Balfour and sent to Rothschild, as a promise to satisfy his newly-formed Zionist movement which had the premise of the creation of a Jewish community in Palestine. It specifically said Jewish community, and not state. Furthermore, it was probably more of a butt-kisser of a document than anything else from a rich guy seeking rewards from an even richer guy. The problem with this Zionist movement however, despite its proclaimed design to be for Jewish people, is that it was covertly designed for even more expulsions and persecution of those of the Jewish religion. Even more problematic of this movement is how it went hand-in-hand with the Fascist movement that was taking place a decade later. Not only did it go hand-in-hand with the Fascists, the Zionist movement helped to justify a need for and thereby created the horrific Nazi empire known as the Third Reich.
Edmund de Rothschild, click on the link for a picture

Although a guy named Herzl is largely credited for the formation of the Zionist movement, he was really just one Merovingian follower amongst many others led by Rothschild, who had now become one of the richest amongst the Merovingians. However, Herzl himself isn't all that innocent, either. He was able to predict the first war between the major powers of the world [#], not because he was smart, but because he was part of the same crew who planned the entire operation in the first place in 1909. The idea, as I stated earlier, was to destabilize the Ottoman empire, and take Palestine once and for all now that they would be up for grabs with the absence of the formerly impressive Ottoman military. Another driving 'need' for WWI was the discovery of precious mineral and gas deposits in the area controlled by the Ottomans [%], with the Dead Sea (nearby west Palestine) containing vast deposits of such previous minerals (as a result of the Annunaki battles during the times of Sumeria and Babylon). So it should be evidently clear by now that the primary ulterior motive for the establishment of a Zionist state in Palestine is because of how much it would fatten the pockets of Rothschild and his loyal followers. In case it is not so obvious, then please allow me to continue.

The Treaty of Versailles, ending World War I, granted the British a mandate to carve up what was formerly under Ottoman control into what we now see as countries of the Middle East. This mandate also granted the British a protectorate for Palestine, amongst other countries in the area. You'll never guess who was at the Paris peace conference that resulted in the formation of this treaty. Why, Colonel House and banker Paul Warburg of course, who were both agents loyal to Rothschilds, hence Merovingian, schemes [^]. Technically, World War I was a stalemate as when it ended, Germany's army was very much intact and still in France despite the recent American entry into the war. Possibly as a way of lending credibility towards the treaty, however, the Germans were ordered to dismantle their armed forces but never did to the extent explained by the treaty (surprise surprise). They were allowed to do so by the Merovingian higher-ups because they needed Germany's military for the planned and upcoming second World War.

The Nazi regime and the Zionist movement's skirmishes with Palestine
1933 AD – 1944 AD

What is often forgotten, or at least glossed-over, in the history books is that Nazi persecution was not limited to those of the Jewish faith and other Semites (including Arabs). Many minorities spanning many different ethnicities and backgrounds were forced to comply by the Fascist state's laws and eventually ended up in the hideous concentration camps. Adolf Hitler's belief in a pure-bred Aryan race is not only similar to the ancient Annunaki ideal of keeping their bloodlines intact, it was the exact same ideal, if only taken to the extreme. Another interesting coincidence is that these concentration camps, which had the auxiliary purpose of human experimentation and genetic engineering, coincided with Averill Harriman's Eugenics movement taking place in the United States which also promoted, wait for it, a pure-bred race of so-called elite human beings. The Merovingian elitists, now being extraordinarily richer than before thanks to newfound taxation and the spoils of war, begin to finance revolutions, governments, and militias in Russia, Germany, England, and the United States simultaneously.

Meanwhile, the Zionist movement had been shipping people to a so-called promised land since at least the 1920's [&]. These poor, innocent people, facing well-orchestrated persecution from rulers that claimed to be their friends, felt that they had no other choice and were doing the right thing for their families. As more and more boats pulled into Palestine's borders, the preexisting population, quite upset already from the gas attacks and tanks from the Allies of World War I, began to voice their opposition for the massive influx of refugees into their newly-established borders. In 1936, the British attempted a diplomatic solution by offering a partition plan that would separate Palestine into an Arab society and a Jewish one. Not surprisingly, the plan was rejected by both the Zionists and the preexisting population of Palestine. Nevertheless, however, the Zionists continued sending these people into the conflict we now know today as the Israelis versus the Palestinians. As a result, in an effort to contain a situation that was bound to explode into all-out conflict, the British performed a naval blockade against the Zionist shipments into Palestine. Another Allied attempt to increase friendship from the middle east was Franklin Delano Roosevelt's promise that no new state or partitioning of Palestine would be created without a mutual consensus between him, his allied counterparts, and similar counterparts from the Middle East. Sadly, he died before he could fulfill such a noble promise, and in fact, it is likely that he was murdered for making such a promise. Supporting such a claim is how Harry Truman suddenly became his vice-president only a year before his death, and it's obvious to the experienced observer that Truman was quite the wonderful Merovingian puppet. This will become apparent in the next section, I assure you.

Truman's legacy in Hiroshima, Japan

The end of World War II and the beginnings of World War III
1944 AD – 1948 AD

With the British naval fleet in shambles and the Americans cleaning up their mess in places like France and Dresden, Germany, the Zionists were now resuming their shipments of refugees into Palestine in full force. The three-million plus population of Palestine, however, vastly out-numbered the people coming in from these boats, so the Zionists began to realize that they would need to take tactically-appropriate measures to even out the odds since they were already in open conflict between the Semites living in Palestine. Because the shipments were considered illegal by the British, they were now detaining and redirecting all such shipments of people by the Zionists. The Zionists were not pleased with this in the slightest, and retribution for such actions manifested in the form of terrorism against British and Palestinian targets. Yes, that's right, the Zionists were practicing organized terrorism long before the Palestinians were. As I stated before, however, one person's terrorist is another person's liberator, and the same rule applies here with the Zionist group known as Irgun
  • which is regarded as a band of heroes in Israel, much like how Hamas is regarded to the Palestinians. These Zionist terrorists bombed hotels in the area and other civilian sites, such as restaurants, where both British and Semites were known to be established. At this point, you are probably asking 'well, who supplied them?'

    Back in the United States, President Truman had just created a cozy little organization called the Central Intelligence Agency with the illicit purpose of interaction and observation in regards to domestic and international affairs. Reaffirming this idea is because a similar organization, Office of Strategic Influence, had already existed therefore placing the CIA as something that was not needed in any shape or form by any means. It was right around this time that 44,000 Zionists were able to withstand attacks from their enemy numbering in the 3,000,000's. You do the math and put the statistical probabilities together from different possible scenarios. As a result of the surge of Zionist terrorist attacks and Merovingian-Zionist political pressure, the British retracted their mandate on Palestine, effectively leaving the area open for the taking once and for all. Not very long after the British withdrawal from the area in 1948, the Zionists declare Israel to be a “state of grace” or “provisional government” despite the ongoing conflict against the Palestinians. Seeking recognition, the Zionists knew they could only become an official state if one of the major powers of the world lent them such a title. A Zionist businessman by the name of Eddie Jacobson [1] convinced Truman to recognize Israel despite Truman's own personal, if not racist, reservations. Truman's problem with this was also because his very own cabinet and State department was very much against the partition plan the newly-created United Nations proposed, as well as the creation of an entirely Jewish state. Not only was the State department opposed to the Zionist goal, but also was the Congress and Senate as they voted against the idea entirely. Nevertheless, defiant as ever, eleven minutes after the failure of Israel's formal recognition in the government of the United States, President Truman publically declares, verbatim to Jacobson's suggestions, Israel “a state of grace under a provisional government.” This is about when the real crap hit the fan and the end of this history of the current conflict between Israel and Palestine.

    The spark that lit the Intifada fire years later, Israeli PM Ariel Sharon with a characteristically-appropriate gesture

    So! In a brief summary of this post:

    1.Adam is the first religious human recognized in both Jewish and Islamic belief-systems. He may have been created as a result of genetic engineering by Enki, an elite member of the Annunaki, and is installed as the first king of the first historically-recognized civilization known as Sumeria.
    2.Adam's 'doctor', Enki, helps Noah escape the wrath of the flood which was designed to ruin Jehova/Allah/Enlil's government.
    3.Abraham, the mutual forefather of the religions of the region in question, flees Sumeria because of governmental overthrow, and is *this* close sacrificing his firstborn son, Isaac but is halted because he is part of the Annunaki bloodline, after all.
    4.Moses, another mutual hero of both religions, saves some slaves from a really mean pharaoh and forms the basis for the monotheistic religions of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.
    5.David, who just might be bisexual [¼], wipes out a lot of Philistines who are essentially Hebrew ancestors of the people within his army and successfully conquers Canaan, which is present-day Israel/Palestine.
    6.David's Israelites gather whats left of the conquered ancient Hebrew culture and fuse it with their belief systems, inspired by Moses, forming the predecessor to modern Jewish faith.
    7.Persians take over the region surrounding and including David's Kingdom of Israel, then the Greeks under Alexander, then the Romans, then the Byzantines under Constantine, then the Ottomans under Suleiman.
    8.The Annunaki descendants change their modus operandi slightly and their operational name to Merovingians and launch a campaign to install their descendants in positions of power across the globe, including England and the United States of America. Notable current descendants of this bloodline are the Rockefeller family, the Windsor/Saxe-Coburg-Gotha family, and the Bauer/Rothschild family.
    9.Bored with controlling the world via currency and international affairs, this collection of elitists start the first World War, also known as 'The Great War'.
    10.Satisfied with the destruction of the Ottoman empire and the resulting vulnerability of the Middle East, borders are carved by the very same Merovingians, thus satisfying a main objective, if not a well-known goal, of World War I.
    11.Hitler comes into power and supports Zionists, despite his mission to eradicate the Jewish religion, amongst other cultures, from the face of the Earth. He does so because his paycheck is signed by Zionist Merovingians, and the Zionists ship refugees to Palestine.
    12.The Zionists get rough in Palestine and perform various terrorist attacks against British and Palestinian targets, such as cafes and hotels, thus encouraging the British to evacuate the area and leave the Palestinians to fend for themselves.
    13.Truman, a submissive pawn of the Merovingian order, is the first and only (for a while) leader of a major power to lend recognition to the newly created state of Israel, despite ongoing conflicts in the area and heavy opposition from all branches of his government, not to mention his own people of the United States.

    In defense of the author
    It won't come as a surprise to me that this material posed here is considered to be controversial. However, I will take offense if you consider me or any of this writing as anti-semitic, because my own genetic makeup partially contains semitic traits amongst other racial backgrounds. As such, I have a lot of respect and admiration towards both Jewish and Arab people (not only because they are one and the same), and have made every effort I could to extend this respect in the form of this document because I would only serve to insult myself if my intentions were of antisemitism. The views and information I have contained here were put together carefully, and was created in an attempt to better educate the average observer of the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians. It is the view of this author that the fighting has to stop and a solution must be obtained immediately. It is also my perspective that this fighting, like almost every war in human history, is stimulated and fought by people for all the wrong reasons. Peace in the Middle East...forever.

    References (some were used for comparison/cross-referencing and were not direct sources of information for this document, which is why they do not feature a symbol denoting their application in this document):

    ¢ =

    £ =

    ¤ =

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    ¿ =

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    Æ =

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    æ =

    ¼ =

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    $ =

    # =

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    ^ =

    & =

    * =

    1 =

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    3 =

    4 =

    5 =

    6 =

    Edits to this post include the division of the original post, a few readability adjustments, one inaccurate latin phrase, and more detailed explanations on certain events.

    [Edited on 5/13/2004 by AlnilamOmega]

  • posted on May, 6 2004 @ 03:55 PM
    Well, that was quick. Why don't we concentrate on pre-biblical history until the time the Israelites took occupation of the area. The info AO provided should be helpful. Let's also get definations of boundries for the given times as well.

    [Edited on 6-5-2004 by intrepid]

    posted on May, 6 2004 @ 06:56 PM
    Agreed, intrepid, and I have made an edition to the format of my submissions which includes more dates. In a later post, I will try to explain the UN's involvement and the wars that happened in the area during the 20th Century. Until then, however, I hope you do not mind if I repost the 'perspective from Hamas' information below. I intend to replace it again when I have gathered enough information for another report that would be more compliant to the chronological format. It's my intention to keep this on a timeline basis, so you can be sure that I will move my post on Hamas again when I have another submission to make that falls in line with your suggestions. With that being said...

    posted on May, 6 2004 @ 07:01 PM
    This post is based on my own observations when I watched a
    collection of videos produced by members of the Hamas organization. Most of the footage is dated between May of 2001 and October of 2001. Curiously, a lot of the footage bears the date stamp of September 5th, 2001. It is possible that due to the US-led War on Terrorism, the weapons listed here are no longer in use because of the boost to Israeli Defense Force's war machine and its success against its opposition, the Palestinian resistance.

    Unfortunately, I have no link for the video as I downloaded it some time ago from a temporary public source, but I am willing to upload the video to ATS servers if requested. Pictures of the video will be found below along with captions to increase this post's authenticity.

    The Hamas was and still may be a crucial part of the Palestinian resistance towards Israeli occupation, commonly known as the Intifada. Although it is known as a terrorist organization in the western world, it is really little more than a heavily-armed resistance cell that targets the IDF. Having this in mind, you all should know that I do not condone nor do I support the use of terrorism, meaning that I am not, in any way, a supporter or a promulgator of this group or any kind of similar group. With all due respect to different perspectives, one person's terrorist is another person's liberator. Like many things, this lies in the eye of the beholder.

    Because Hamas is (or was) one of the front-runners in the Palestinian resistance, this is also why I would like to start by adding this data. In a follow-up post or two, I will include more conventional means of information which will include how the Israelis got there in the first place and how they have remained there. I will also go on to inform people as to what kind of activities have been taken in the United Nations in relation to this conflict, as well as some of the more current events that were overshadowed by certain Western media outlets. Upon reading this, you will find that I am providing information on Hamas that is neither good nor bad, but is only a collection of facts as observed from this video.


    Some of the things I have noticed is that they, like both the Israeli and Arab governments, incorporate a lot of propaganda into their media. Many of the images shot would feature soldiers with weapons or using such armament. On top of this, there were lots of images based on ceremonies and statements made by members of Hamas, similar to the popular Bin Laden videos you all are familiar with. As usual, many of the statements were prepared, and although it is likely that such speeches were prepared by the presenter speaking before the camera, one has to wonder just who is writing their speeches. Another thing is that there were constant reminders as to who were leaders and important figures of the Palestinian liberation movement, but this is to be expected.

    Armament and military performance
    Because the video is rather old in terms of the development of events, I cannot confirm for sure that the weapons I am listing here are still in active duty by the Hamas. To say the least, I was impressed that such a non-governmental militia was able to procure such a wide variety of weaponry outside of the usual AK-47 and nitroglycerin. Some of the weapons I noticed being used were machine guns, short range artillery, unguided missiles, Rocket-propelled Grenades (RPG's), regular grenades, and even “bazookas”. I saw at least one tank under control of the Hamas, as well. They had vehicles which were draped in that familiar 'army green' cloth, and many of such vehicles were similar to Jeeps like the ones used to run supply missions for the Coalition.

    Unguided-missile launches to its target

    Like most well-organized militias, the Hamas appears to conduct training exercises regularly. I witnessed at least one trench-warfare training operation, though honestly, I am not totally sure if it was a practice run or if it was a real skirmish. They also seem to test their weapons regularly, and also appear to be well-trained on how to engage such arms. They also engage in guerrilla tactics, commonly seen wearing camouflage and they are adept at walking though foliage and brush in an attempt to further increase their stealthy approach.

    Political Analysis
    Although it's pretty obvious as to what their driving motivation is created by, it's interesting to see how they are engaged in other forms of expanding their influence. They seem to hold rallies with special guests, and, as mentioned before, they usually have many of their soldiers making televised statements to the public. What's even more interesting is that the Western world considers Palestine to be a non-democratic nation, whereas non-democratic nations almost never have rallies that are not sponsored by an official form of government, if they even have rallies at all. They also consider themselves a part of the wildly-popular Mujahideen [Ý] movement, which was, formerly, a CIA-sanctioned collection of Islamic militants who considered themselves fighting a holy war, or Jihad. Like many of their brethren around them, they do not allow their pride or ambitions to get the best of them in terms of their practicing of the Islamic faith. Many of them would bow themselves to the ground and kiss the earth below their knees before engaging in such military operations, whether it was a training mission or tactical battle. In short, they do not seem to be the cold-blooded killers the western media portrays them, as they still devote a great deal of
    their efforts to their religiously-motivated beliefs.

    Militants observing old religious traditions despite the despair of modern times

    I thought this was incredibly interesting when you consider the premise that Israel publically claims its stake based on religious principles when their opponents appear to be
    far more religiously biased. It would also appear that emotional ties between soldiers and their parents are a lot more fortified than is usually expected.

    Hamas soldier and his mother embracing

    Casualties of the conflict and their treatment
    Aside from propaganda, I noticed a lot of remembrance and respect for fallen comrades. There were pictures everywhere of such people. An organization called PRCS [Ü] , or Palestinian Red Crescent Society, is responsible for rescuing injuries incurred in the skirmishes between the Israelis and the Palestinians. There were also videos and images of casualties, not all of them being armed soldiers. As a skeptic, you can easily speculate that the image below is of a random infant mortality caused by natural influences, but I have other images that clearly go against this kind of idea. I have posted this 'sanitized' image out of understanding for those who aren't necessarily ready to see a baby with a gunshot wound in the back of their head and other similarly horrific images.

    A rather young casualty of war

    Another disturbing item from this video was witnessing how IDF soldiers literally dragged wounded or killed enemy combatants. I believe the consensus amongst civilized democracies is to carry those that are inflicted via stretcher, or at least by a more humane manner.

    IDF soldiers dragging a wounded or dead Palestinian insurgent operative

    Speculation and Intriguing Oddities

    -It would appear that several members have decidedly draped themselves in costumes similar to the Klu Klux Klan at certain ceremonial demonstrations. Because the KKK was founded by the same kind of people who formed portions of the Illuminati, as well as the founders' background on ancient societies and practices, I strongly doubt that such a similarity is coincidental. I say this also because of how these secret societies had many of their origins starting with Babylon, and it's easy to speculate such a similarity because it is highly likely that Babylonian influences have had some roles in modern Middle-Eastern

    -During the video, I heard at least one Ice Cream truck in the background. I know it was such a truck because of familiarity that I have of the kind of sounds that they play and it happened to stop and start up again; typical of an Ice Cream truck making a stop and continuing along its route. This alone isn't all that odd, but the tune played was the musical prelude to the song we all know as “Jingle Bells.” Being filmed in the Gaza Strip, I find that such music is somewhat out of place if not slightly distasteful. But I digress, it is supposed to be a free world after all.

    -This was one of the opening logos that I caught during the start of the video, possibly the official Hamas logo. The dome-shaped object looks quite familiar, doesn't it? But it's not the US Capitol building; it's the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. Personally, I expected to see a masculine phallic structure as opposed to feminine dome-shaped architecture because this video appears to have been shot by men, for men. But apparently, it was made for all eyes to see.

    -Like many in the western world who use this kind of brand, I spotted at least one guy wearing Adidas clothing. They're not so different after all, are they?

    Ü =

    Ý =

    posted on May, 6 2004 @ 08:08 PM
    Before there was a Palestine and Eretz Yisrael and the arrival of the Israelites, the geographical region in question was inhabited by many peoples of semitic origin.

    According to Deuteronomy 7:1, the Bible states that there were seven nations driven out of area before the arrival of the Israelites, the Hittites, Girga#es, Amorites, Canaanites, Perrizzites, Hivites and

    The Hittites empire (1600-717BC) was in control of the area from Mesopotamia to Syria and modern day Palestine from 1600-1200 BC. They were warriors and invented iron to use for weapons. Their empire ended the reign of the Sumerians and ancient Babylon, however they adopted Sumerian laws and customs and spread them throughout the Mediterrean.

    Little is known of the Girga#es, except for their biblical reference.

    The Amorites empire (1800-1530BC) reign was prior to the Hitites. They established their capital in Babylon and were also tied to the Sumerians. The Code of Hammurabi was written during their time which was known as Old Babylonian period.

    The area now known as Palestine and Israel eventually became known as the Land of Canaan and was occupied by Canaanites. Canaanite means belonging to the land of red purple and was a Hebrew term used to describe "merchant traders" from the area. The Canaanites main commodity was a red purple dye. The term Canaanite also refers to the descendants of Canaan, son of Ham from the biblical testaments. Egyptians of the time referred the entire Phoenician coast consisting of most of Syria, Jordan and Lebanon as the Land of Canaan.

    "In the days when the trading Phoenicians held a prominent place, especially among the Canaanites, this word (Kena'ani), and even Canaan (e.g. Is., xxiii, 8), got the signification of "merchant, trader." As the name of the country it occurs under the forms Kinahhi, Kinahni, and Kinahna, as early as two centuries before Moses in the cuneiform letters of Syrian and Palestinian princes to Egyptian Pharaos, found at Tell el-Amarna; and earlier still in Egyptian inscriptions, in the form Ka-n-'-na. The Phoenician town of Laodicea calls itself on coins from the second century B.C. "a mother in Kena'an". In Grecian literature too, evidence remains that the Phoenicians called one of their ancestors, as well as their country, Chna, and even at the time of St. Augustine the Punic country people near Hippo called themselves Chanani, i.e. Canaanites. If the word be of Semitic origin, it should be derived from the root Kana, and mean originally, low, or, in a figurative sense, small, humble, despicable, subjected. Following this derivation in its original sense, "the land of Canaan" has been explained by various scholars as "the low land" -- whether the name may have originally denoted only the flat seashore, or the mountainous country of Western Palestine as well, in opposition to the still higher mountains of the Lebanon and the Hermon. But Biblical tradition rather seems to derive the name of the country from that of the person. It takes the "land of Canaan" as "the border of the Canaanites" (A. V., Gen., x, 19) i.e. of the race of Canaan, Ham's son, and it does not seem advisable to put against this so uncertain a conjecture as the etymology given above. The less so, as the figurative meaning of the word as a synonym of slave or servant, fits in very well with the little we know of Noah's grandson."

    there is much to cover and delve into, so team members feel free to add and fill in the missing parts.

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