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My UFO pics just discovered after finding photos from the same event

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posted on Apr, 25 2009 @ 05:17 PM
I could almost slap myself for not finding this before, but I just have not downloaded the pics from this event until tonight.. nearly 6 months later.. dohhhhh

I was at a firework event on Plymouth Hoe, last November 5th 2008. I took several pictures of the lighthouse as it was having its very own little light display that I had never seen before. Rather a pleasant moment.

There was a very large crowd, all waiting for the bonfire to be lit and for the firework display. Meanwhile, there I am, using my mobile phone to click away at the pretty lighthouse. The event finished, I went home, looked at the pics on my phone and thought i'll keep them and sort them out at a later date...well that date has just been forced upon me..

I was doing some research for another UFO thread when I found this web site..

Witness Statement: I was on plymouth hoe 5/11/08 and took 2 pictures that you may be interested in . i sent them to my local radio staion and they did a feature on there news bulletin. i havent heard nothing since as they were being checked out.

Plymouth Hoe UFO pictures
Please visit this page and see the pics posted there..there are two of them.. My pics confirm this event and that the pics in this web site are genuine.

I was stunned.. i thought to myself that this must be light refraction or lense flare or something.. I immediately opened my phone up and loaded my lighthouse pics.

And guess what I found.. I found I got several very similar pics of this very same object moving around the lighthouse.. i am so happy i got them.. i expect that so many other people have got them too and just dont realise they have them.

Well, here are my pics.... They are in sequence...

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