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Getting it together...........???

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posted on Apr, 25 2009 @ 04:33 AM
I have recently been inspired by this website and all the wonderful people here to begin my journey towards a sustainable lifestyle.

I have started growing some vegetable seeds, so hope that they will begin to produce something edible for me at some point.

My next move is to begin compiling items in case of emergency.........
Water filter, tarp,blankets, waterproof clothing, first-aid kit etc...

I often think of buying a piece of land somewhere, but will it be worth it if the shtf.
If people are running for cover, will they care that the place they choose belongs to someone else????
Obviously, money will mean nothing so some items of barter are worth collecting also.
Matches,dehydrated foods, seeds,the list goes on...........
This latest poll has really got me thinking that I have a vague idea about what to get together, but haven't really done much at all.
Should I have multiple stash areas??
What are the most important items??
How much will all this cost??

I suppose I should also educate myself as to what is readily available to me in my outdoor environment as far as edibles are concerned, because at the moment I don't know a carrot top from poison ivy!!!!!!!!!!!

I have so many different thoughts going around, I don't quite know where to begin...

I am thinking about maybe getting involved in a survival type group if anyone knows of some inexpensive options for me in London uk please advise.
There must be others out there who would like to be more prepared in time of crisis.

There must also be others that are allready well prepared. I would like to hear how you began, and where you began if you care to spare the time....
Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Bugs

posted on Apr, 25 2009 @ 05:59 AM
Myself my first concern assuming that I could afford land would be the location and accessibility. A location that is to accessible will invite trouble and if your block of land to inaccessible you will have another set of problems on your hands . Also check what your local council building regulations are like . My local council has ensured that its residents are regulated to the hilt . Things are one step away from a person needing a permit to breath . Ten years ago I would have just said keep any building violations out of public view . Modern technology can mean that it is now impossible to dress up the pig .

posted on Apr, 25 2009 @ 06:33 AM
Hi bugs,

Love the avatar. First of all you are in a good place mentally right now. However, don't overwhelm yourself. Start with one avenue of interest and learn a decent amount about it. until you are at least satisfied you could pull it off in a pinch(water filtration, or small farming/cultivation for example) Don't try to be an expert at everything. Then actually practice what you've learned. Buy a good filtration system, and use it on a camping trip. Plant a small garden. Get a field guide to edible plants, and then take a walk in the country, and collect edibles, and learn to prepare them. Take self defense classes, and get physically fit if you aren't already. Do it all one step at a time though. Devote a couple of down hours a day to it, but try not to obsess too much. You will never be prepared for everything.

Prioritize. In survival it's called the rule of 3's. you can live 3 weeks without food, 3 days without water, and 3 minutes without air. So relax and breathe! The air rule actually usually serves to remind you of shelter which is usually #1 priority, with water being very close behind. I would concentrate there first. Shelter, and water. Katydyne makes some really nice portable filtration systems that can turn run off, or stream water into potable water, and they fit in a backpack. When you have your shelter, and water solution look at food procurement/production. Learn to trap, and hunt, and forage for food. Also think about time. Have a 24hr plan, a 72hr plan, a 3 month plan, and a forever plan. I have what are lovingly referred to as B.O.B.s or Bug Out Bags in my vehicles, and at other strategic caches that have everything I would need to support me in most situations for 72hrs. They don't need to be big, expensive or fancy. Some people design them around a good survival knife attached to a sturdy pouch of some kind like an old ammo pouch from a mil-surp store. For 72hrs you need to think mostly shelter, and water. So mine has a water filtration bottle that's good for about 30 gallons, and makes about a gallon an hour, a good hunting knife, emergency blankets, simple first aid kit, a battery-less LED flashlight, stiff mechanics wire, and nylon cord(for traps, fishing, or shelter building), some homemade firestarting stuff, and a small inexpensive .22LR survival gun(for protection, and possible small game) I have a couple of these, and they aren't as expensive to put together as one might think. Without the little .22 you can do it for under $50 not counting the bag. I realize in the UK the firearm probably isn't an option. This is for just 72hrs, without any externally provided shelter, food, or support. Just me versus Situation X. Would it work in all situations? Nope, but in a pinch it's better than a sinking feeling of sheer panic due to total unpreparedness. For instance: were I caught in a sudden winter storm on the side of the road I could conserve body heat with the blankets, and burn my seat covers if I had to in order to stay warm. I could melt, filter, and drink snow, or other precipitation, and were bambi, or thumper to inadvertantly cross my path I'd have dinner!

To prepare for a worse scenario, or for a longer period of time I would need more tools, and resources. If I can stay alive 72hrs I stand a better chance of finding those tools, and resources if caught otherwise unprepared. So I'd start with the 72hr scenario, and build on that. Think critically, and learn, learn, learn. OK, I've made it 3 days, now what will I need. OK, I made it 3 weeks, now what will I need. OK, I made it 3....

and finally...Don't, Oh please don't go to a survivalist equipment sales site on the internet, and spend thousands on a pre-prepared solution that someone else puts together. They might not think like you, or know your situation/environment. Only you know what will work best for you. Mechanic's wire, and nylon cord is very cheap, and has so many uses it boggles the mind. and Duct tape!!!

posted on Apr, 25 2009 @ 03:53 PM
reply to post by xpert11

I think I am going to start looking for a spot not too far away that is slightly off the beaten path and well concealed. I may store some things there, but feel that focusing on a static dwelling thing may not be the way foreward.
I am beginning to feel that buying land in the uk now is crazy, as like you say, building regs here are getting worse and worse but also I really don't think it will matter whose land I find a safe haven in/on.
There are many places nearby that I could probably find shelter in and stay undetected for a while.
I can see a lot of long walks in the woods in my near future.!!!!!!!!!!!

posted on Apr, 25 2009 @ 04:15 PM
reply to post by Binder

Thanks a lot Binder, I have a couple days off work now so will get a water filtration kit as soon as I decide which one....
I did think of keeping a few kits here and there, most deffinately one in the car.
What does your flashlight run off?
Like you said, learning and putting knowledge into practice is key...........I do self-deffence anyway but would love to have a guide for a day to show meedibales and the likes.
I have looked online here in the uk at survival courses, but these things are so expensive..................
Somewhere along the lines I will meet up with some like-minded people whowill be more than happy to show me a few things...........until then I will try find a bit of local info..............shouldn't be too difficult, just need a bit of time that's all.
I do agree about the duct tape, also good is cling film, saran wrap..............I use it for many things.
The blurb about threes was good.
As for the firearms regs here, got that one covered..........Thanks for your input.
Glad you approve of theavatar.
Oh, one last thing......
Why are they called bug-out bags??

posted on May, 1 2009 @ 02:56 AM
Hi Bugs,

They are called bug out bags because that is what you are using them for. To bug out means to get the heck out of here in a hurry. No prep time grab, and go. Like bugs scurrying away from danger fast, and as unnocticed as possible. My flashlight has a hand crank dyno, and a capacitor built in that lights an LED array. you can get them all over the place over here. Most hardware stores carry them. You crank it for 1 minute, and it gives you about 5-6 minutes of light. One of mine even has a FM/weather radio built in that runs off the dyno too.

Saran wrap! yes, excellent idea! I'm going to add that to my bug out bags. You can make a solar water distiller from saran wrap, or collect moisture from trees , a urine distiller or....

The walks in the woods are the best thing you can do on so many levels. Get really back in the woods, and be as still, and quite as possible, and just pay attention to EVERYTHING. You will be astounded at what you notice. Someone very familiar with an area like that will have no problems preparing, and then surviving in that area. Early settlers, and soldiers here used to marvel at how the american indians could so easily track them, and ambush, and then hide. It was easy for them. They knew the land, and disturbances were quite obvious to them.

I'm so glad to hear you already have some self defense training. Hope you never have to use it, but if you do you are already light years ahead of the common joe. I recommend a non competition style. So many Karate, Taekwondo etc.. schools focus on winning tournaments, and having a big popular following, and really don't focus on self defense. I learned from several sources, more than one of which is active, or ex-military. My base style is ryukyu kenpo, but I've picked up a lot of jiu-jitsu, and just plain old bar room brawling tactics from friends. If it works, and I am comfortable with it, I learn it. Over 70% of what I learned even in the traditional kenpo I learned is illegal in tournament, and potentially lethal, then I added on top of that. I still wouldn't want to show up to a gun fight unarmed though. lol Even the best fighter in the universe isn't going to stop a 9mm from 20 feet. but, if they made the mistake of getting too close, mwahahaha! I've only had to use my art in self defense once, and it wasn't very impressive. The guy gave up before I even struck at him. Just held my ground, and a few strong blocks, and he backed off. Of course being 6'2", and weighing 230# at the time might have helped too.

posted on May, 7 2009 @ 01:06 PM
Have to agree with binder here... always prioritize and set yourself into a budget of sorts where you can put away foods and gear a little at a time... not everyone can just waltz down and buy 10 grand worth of goods alll at once...

But keep a budget and in a short period of time you got what you need... always think outside of the box for things you might not think of... if their are ladies with your group... remember snaitary items. They will greatly appreciate that small item...

posted on May, 7 2009 @ 01:56 PM
I wouldn't say I've been "inspired" so much as motivated. I've always contemplated "getting back to nature" but never really took any steps towards becoming self-sufficient. Always dreamed about it but never did anything about it.

This website has changed my views substantially. I wouldn't say that I've gone "nuts" with it but I'm definately taking steps to get there. I've already come to the conclusion that my best bet is to stay put should TSHTF.

Having said that however, I must also take into consideration that I may not be HOME when TSHTF (I'm an OTR truck driver). I've been trying to figure out how I would handle things if TSHTF while I'm on the road and hundreds of miles from home. Because of this thought I strive to ensure that we always have food available in the truck. We also have "duffle bags" that we can use to gather some basic clothing and food/water from the truck and hoof it home if we can't get there using the truck (i.e. no way to get fuel, etc.).

At home we've gathered (so far) enough food to last us about two months. In addition, some of the items we've stocked are items that I believe will have good barter value. #1 item we've stocked TONS of is TOILET PAPER. I don't know about anyone else but I like to be able to wipe! LOL

I've also started a garden and have it set on an automatic timer with a soaker hose to keep it watered while I'm on the road.

We've also begun gathering "informational" books and printing items from the internet that may become of use in a SHTF scenario (and even if TS doesn't HTF!). Self-sustainable living isn't just for when TSHTF but for life in general.

Oh yes, and we've also created B.O.B.'s for the two of us. He gets to carry the heavier stuff (cuz he's stronger than I am) but we're both going to be carrying quite a bit of necessary items. We also have our ammo bags packed and ready to go. One for each of us, packed with ammo for the individual guns we'll be carrying with us. I'm not going to bug out and risk someone stealing my preperations.

Now, while I realize there are still a few items we need to gather still for the home (i.e. water, etc.) I feel we are well on our way. Mainly what I am trying to concentrate on atm is becoming less dependant on "the system". By that I mean the grocery store. I figure if I can start growing my own produce (to start) that will cut a large part of my food budget. Once my produce begins to ... well ... produce
... I am going to start preserving as much as I can via canning, drying, etc.

Now, if I can get my 19 y.o. to get off the computer I may be able to start raising rabbits & fish. That's my next step to sustainablility.

Take one step at a time and eventually you will arrive at your destination!

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