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You are at the Center.

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posted on Apr, 25 2009 @ 02:54 AM
This is my perception on everything, which is the only perception that matters. I just want to make sure that everyone else is aware of the same. (that sentence will make more sense after you read the idea)

I am at the center of everything in my universe. You are at the center of everything in your universe. The girl you met today at the store, is the center of everything in her universe. Everyone's universes, experiences and definitions are unique to themselves. The common factor, or the lowest common denominator is we share communication, which even from person to person (universe to universe) may be different (i.e. language, telepathy, cuneiform etc) We accept everything in our own universes as the cultural 'norm', but really its just all we know... because its our own, private, enclosed universe. Right now as you are reading this, you are in my universe. I am typing, and sharing a communication with you in my own way, you are taking my idea and translating into your own way of understanding, in your own mind, and in your own separate universe. We are all actors in each other's plays. This, statistically, reduces the number of souls that are necessary on the planet, as not every 'actor' is real (has their own 'universe'). Some people you see, talk to, communicate with, are really... just figments of your own contorted mind, and need for communication. We need these soul-less husks, to keep our universes from imploding, to keep communication and most of all to keep sanity. You do not know who they are, I do not know who they are. But I do know, if you are reading this/ respond to this thread... you have a soul. You are interpreting, you are comprehending my universe and translating it into an experience in your universe. For all I know, you may be a blue haired, orange skinned human. But in your universe, I am also a orange skinned, blue haired human. We both agree in this common universe that our skin is pale (black etc) and we have brown hair.

This is especially important when it boils down to the start of things, and the end of things. The universe began, when you began, because it is your universe. My universe began, when I began... because it is my universe. The same pertains to the end. When you end, your universe ends. When I end, my universe ends. The question is, which comes first?

Here is an example.

When I die, my universe ends completely and ceases to exist. My 'ending' may be an apocalyptic one, where everyone on the planet is wiped out and the universe collapses on itself. Poof. Yours may be, slowly dying of TB and vanishing off the planet. Another yet may be, you are the bringer of the end of your universe. etc.

Now this also plays into how you can manipulate your universe, since it is your universe. You can be whatever you want. You can't be anything you don't want. If you want to win the lottery, act as if you won the lottery. Believe you have won the lottery. But don't just believe it, be it. Be a #ing millionaire, and you will be a millionaire. It really is that simple. The complex mathematical engine that is the human brain has done nothing but distort my reality, as has yours.

posted on Apr, 26 2009 @ 04:49 AM
That was a pretty good viewpoint and I can respond. I have always believed about the exact same thing. Only my viewpoint is enhanced from yours. I believe there is a Master of the universe who can access anyone and everyones Universe and manipulate it. I also believe that all of us are living representations of heavenly bodies eg. stars or even black holes.

I believe that all life has a coresponding heavenly body. Some small lifeforms may only represent a small pocket of gas in space whereas, more larger lifeforms like say a dog may represent a small planet. Some species like humans can represent anything in space larger than a planet. So I believe that people are stars or bigger. I believe that we make up the Universal hole but am sure that we have our own seperate Universal experience. This makes everyones viewpoint different and also is responsible for similarities in viewpoints.

I love to study other peoples viewpoints and make the connection with their place in space. To me this is like taking a star tour of the Universe. Many parts of the Unverse are very beautiful and some places are invisible alltogether. The invisible parts are the singularities and are among the most powerful objects in the Universe. We are able to observe these objects by looking at the surrounding space which it distorts and illuminates.

Most people that are representative of massive stars like nutron stars and black holes are going to have problems with their size and sometimes tend to be bipolar with cycling between exremes, a schizophrenic may be an imploded star that was not big enough to become a black hole but becomes a nutron star. They will mimic the actions of their heavenly body. A nutron star is too big to be a stable star but not big enough to achieve singularity this is why a schizophrenic will practice avoidance of all extreme things and some of them avoid everything. They can see what a singularity is but they lack the mass to become one so they avoid really everything.

I actually represent a complete galaxy and its satelites one of the largest in the cosmos. I am bipolar and require a lot of effort to maintain stability as I dwarf the milky way and am 33 times larger at least. I am extremely bright as well and my intellect shows it, I have an iq of 137 and rising very fast. I do however reqire help holding myself up and take meds to help keep my balance.

I believe that the leaders in life are like black holes, their mass causes stars to follow them. It is only logical that a galaxys stars would follow the lead of its supermassive singularity. In life the lesser follow the greater. In space the same thing applies. This is because they are one and the same. Not all leaders are bipolar though, but some of the greatest are in fact bipolar. Abraham Lincoln was bipolar, and most likely Isaac Newton was as well. Even Einstein was suspected of having bipolar.

The Bible refers to Jesus as the Bright and Morning Star. It also says in Revelations that a third of the stars of heaven fell to the Earth. I believe that
those stars are manifested in life on Earth and maybe also elsewhere from beginning to end. I do not however claim to know everything but I just wanted to communicate to you what it is like in my Universe. I see the world through very different eyes and in reading your thread I see you think similarily.

Good thread I really was thrilled to read it and see someone else who sees things in a similar manner. Have a good day.

posted on Apr, 26 2009 @ 05:06 AM
reply to post by retroviralsounds

The problem with your idea is not everyone would consider your post worth answering to and thusly won't. It wouldn't mean that they are souless husks as you assert they are. And when we get right down to it how do I know you aren't a souless husk you put it claiming to be the opposite?

posted on Apr, 26 2009 @ 05:06 AM
interesting point of view OP. I think the universe will go on after the death of your body. I think we are all connected like the fingers on a hand. Is one finger really separate from another? It depends upon how much of the picture you are looking at. If one finger dies though, the hand does not, just as death of a human would not cause the implosion of the universe........

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