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Conspiracy is DeStInY

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posted on Apr, 24 2009 @ 11:15 PM
Surely you must be asking yourself, what the hell does that mean?

I am stating that what we are beholding at this moment, amidst all the injustice we do ever insist exists in our bickerings over our lack of real existence, in the place of dystopia which dreams of utopia - this is evolution taking place. Cells within our bodies underwent a similar phenomenon, a force channel through them which did bring such awe upon - the smaller designs as the conscious mind turned its focus upon a world outside.... and the ancestors lay forgotten to exist on autopilot, their dreams now squelched and their very souls silent, given in to the higher vioelence - and in the end the message was sent that predictability is the bane of free will. Keep that in mind.

Know this, that God has a purpose and that you - as a puppet of sorts through which I purport the light of God manifests.. you have a purpose as well, in which to fulfill or turn down if you choose depending on your predisposition. Vicariously we realize the dream of Gods manifestation inside. And he, or her if you prefer, is the force which inhabits all things... ever the winner and the loser, in a game designed to be rigged. It's all reality, you see, and if you dream - you'll know your place within.

And the Lord approached us through his alter ego to bestow the message upon us: Would you sell your soul to rule the world? And we agreed, so blind to see, the truth within these words. From Gaia's blood which ever does rush through veins so ephemeral forever - extracting the force to fuel the force to conquer all that we did comprehend. In doin this, we saw the bliss of addict attaining his dream - but then to uncover that when it was over we truly had nothing left. For the high always recides in the place of the finite, and I could go on if you gave me in a minute, but seeking not to bore - I shall now pour, the truth of some other reflection.

The world we see is always what it doesn't seem, behold the paradox of life. And the truth it lies amidst a clever guise of that refuse which surely is not you! Silly, and yes, but that's always the jist, as dimension rises in evolution - a force ever creating, if I'm not mistaken - by deconstructing all that it is. A strange thing came, with infinite loop rearranged - giving birth to a strange manifestation. Our destiny incarnate before us, anticlimatic in burtal honesty.

Thanks for reading.

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