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The Thracian rocky sanctuary Belintash and Noah's ark

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posted on Apr, 24 2009 @ 09:59 PM
Never heard of the Thracians before!?
....I gess that was your first thought, right?

well if it's so, here some info about this ancient group of tribes:

But let me move to the point why I started this topic.
The story is really short.

Recently watched a video of this place with photos of UFO, (The video is on the bottom of the page, but it wasn't so good .There you can see the pic of the plateau and the rock fomation of a male head or lion head....)

Then I remembered what one friend told me, a few years ago, when he came back from this place called "Belintash" or "rock of knowledge"- located in Bulgaria (i'm bulgarian too):
"Really weird place, the compass went crazy and there is something, some kind of strong energy you can feel..."

I made a little research and here are the results:

From the Black Sea, the legend takes us a bit further west in Bulgaria – to the rock phenomenon of Belintash – 60 km away from Plovdiv.
Belintahs is a rock plateau, about 800-850 m long and between 20 and 40 meters wide in some parts. It is a cultural as well as a natural phenomenon. The plateau, formed as a result of volcanic and tectonic processes, reveals a 360° panorama to the surrounding mountain tops.
The hands of the compass practically ‘go berserk’ under the influence of the strong magnetic anomaly in the region, and snow melts as soon as it touches the surface of the volcanic rock, which seems to have preserved some of the heat of the molten lava.
Translated from the ancient Turkic languages, Belintash means ‘rock of knowledge’. Here the web of fissures in the rock face and traces of volcanic activity interweave with the millennia-old traces of human activity. Even today you can clearly see the profile of a male head, ‘ring’, caves, wells, canals, etc., as well as numerous traces of ritual constructions which have survived the impact of time.
Legend has it that during the great deluge, this awe-inspiring rock provided shelter to Noah and his Ark. The rings to which Noah moored his Ark can still be seen today in the walls of the rock.

here is the link :

and some more :

"The Stone of Knowledge" According to popular belief, this is what belintash means in the ancient Turkic language
spoken by the Bulgars - the original Bulgarians from Central Asia. However, if you visit the Thracian sanctuary of Belintash, located 30 km, or 18.6 miles, from Asenovgrad in the Rhodope, you'll discover few hard facts but plenty of rumours of mysterious events. Local legends multiply so quickly that whatever kernels of truth may have existed have been lost under layers of fiction. The human love of mystery usually wins out over common sense - even for people like Dilyana. She is in her mid-20's and comes from an atheist family. She grew up in the Socialist pre-fab city of Dimitrovgrad and is now writing her doctoral dissertation in archaeology - but even she isn't immune to superstition. She has been excavating Thracian sanctuaries for several years now, but no amount of intellectual curiosity can convince her to visit the rocky plateau at Belintash: "I know it's very interesting, but I'd rather not go there

here's the link :

and here is the UFO video :

I don't know if the pics are real or hoax,or maybe just some dust issues with the lens, but it's really interesting story...

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